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Huangfuda’s face is pale and her eyes are pale.

Ling Xiaoyao doesn’t seem to care about anything. He spilled the residual wine in the white jade cup with his fingertips in his hand, and dyed his fingertips with luster.
ChuChengXuan is nothing more. It’s a good thing for him to marry Ling Yun far away. HuangFuYun naturally won’t care about HuangFuHang’s expression all the time, but Jiang Yu’s smile seemed to please him.
"I don’t know what the emperor means, such as" Tianhong asked again.
The emperor has been unhappy, narrowing her eyes, and is about to say something. Just listen to Jiang Yu’s prayer, and suddenly Yang laughs. "Yu Qi also has one thing that the emperor hopes to answer."
"Let’s hear it, King Qi." The emperor’s eyes narrowed and turned to Jiang Yu Qi.
"Yu Qi wants to marry Princess Gu Chenxi, the daughter of General Gu." Jiang Yu Qi is facing the hall.
The hall was quiet for a long time before I heard that Jiang Yu’s prayer was even more severe. He went directly to the general, who was valued by General Gu Huang and was in charge of the frontier of hundreds of heroic soldiers. He had a daughter who naturally loved to find such a general’s husband. It was really high-minded
Looking at Jiang Yu Qi with a frown, Shuiyun Park was also surprised that he actually hit Gu Chenxi with all his ideas.
"I don’t agree." The emperor didn’t open his mouth. General Gu didn’t open his mouth. Chu Chengxuan jumped out first, with a metal gray face. He couldn’t wait to slap Jiang Yu to death.
Jiang Yu qi looked at Chu Chengxuan and smiled. "What is the identity of Chu Shi’s words? When did Chu Wangfu become an emperor and a general?"
"You fart, you don’t know what you want to do with your little mind. General Huang Shenggu loves his daughter so much that he will never let her marry Nanliang, and you will die." Chu Chengxuan was angry and his eyes were wide open, but he just rolled his sleeves.
"What’s the mind of Wang Zhenxin’s request for marriage? Isn’t it disrespectful for Chu to be so harsh and harsh? Some emperors and General Gu don’t listen to their meaning?" Compared with Chu Chengxuan’s angry Jiang Yuqi, it seems very calm.
"Although I don’t agree with Chu Shike, he has a sentence right. I am eager to love my daughter and won’t marry her far away." General Gu finally spoke in a low voice and was firmly serious
"General Gu is concerned about his daughter’s eagerness. It’s human nature, but Nanliang is not into the badlands. Miss Gu will like people there. Parents also want their daughter to be happy and care about the distance. Moreover, Miss Gu’s age is not very suitable." Jiang Yu’s words are quite emotional and sensible
But they also heard Jiang Yu qi alluding to Gu Chenxi’s older and full capital, even if he couldn’t find a good place to return.
"Jiang Yu, please don’t be eloquent. We won’t agree." ChuChengXuan has walked out of the hall and reprimanded him.
Shuiyunjin listened to Chu Chengxuan’s wording and turned a supercilious look toward the golden wall and bright roof. This will be us again. Just now, it can be called Gu Laotou’s old stuff.
Even the general gu heard these words, and the corners of his mouth were severely whipped.
"It seems that Chu is very concerned about Miss Gu." Jiang Yu qi looked at ChuChengxuan with a smile.
"You don’t know anything, please ask the emperor to marry you now," said Chu Chengxuan, kneeling in the hall. "The emperor and I are well known for the morning light. I can pretend that a person will not marry her in this life, just like Adan."
品茶In the hall, there was a sigh immediately. The oath of marrying a wife in this life would have been dyed, but the generals’ office and Chu Wangfu’s grudges and enmities were all well known. It was normal for Chu Chengxuan to suddenly ask for marriage.
"Chu Shi always has to have a first come, then come." Jiang Yu qi’s mouth smile seems to have answers.
General Gu’s face slightly congealed with him, and he hoped that his daughter would be so begged to marry, so he got up and said, "My daughter, the weak minister, still wants to keep her for two more years, so please forgive me."
"The king heard that General Gu intends to marry his daughter, so he made this request to the emperor. Why did General Gu change his mind when the king came out?" Jiang Yu qi said with a smile.
"That’s just a joke about the Chu world." General Gu looked at Jiang Yu’s eyes with a faint color.
ChuChengXuan heart annoyed corners of the mouth tightly sipping gu old man had a hard time to let go, and now he is forced by Jiang Yu qi to take back those words, and in front of the emperor and all the courtiers, he, he doesn’t know, will have to wait until the year.
Jiang Yuqi’s eyes narrowed and he didn’t look after the general and Chu Chengxuan. He looked at the emperor’s eyes and dyed something firm and heavy. "It’s no joke that Huang Jianyu prayed for thousands of miles and sincerely asked for marriage. My Nanliang has always been friendly with Chang Yong. Yu Qi is more interested in Chang Yong and also invited the emperor."
In the hall, Jiang Yu vowed to be eloquent, and that firmness was never doubted. People had to pay attention to his sincerity. Just then, there was a sudden sound.
"Ahem, ahem," everyone was listening to the song and was suddenly interrupted. Suddenly, Qi Qi looked up to see that Shuiyunjin’s face was reddish and his handkerchief covered his lips and coughed a few times.
"What’s wrong with Yunxi?" The emperor looked back at Shuiyunxi.
"Just some distracted wine to drink some nasty" ShuiYunXi cough again.
Father-in-law Gan hurriedly handed a cup of tea.
"But it’s better." The emperor’s face was condensed and dispersed, and the smile on her mouth was meaningful.
Shuiyunjin took a sip of water before saying, "It’s all right."
Jiang Yu qi is still there with a little smile in his eyes at the moment. It’s time to come out and disturb him when he is in the right attitude
Still kneeling there, Chu Chengxuan was relieved. If Jiang Yuqi had just finished, what would happen to the emperor? He really couldn’t say for sure.
Look at General Gu and secretly sigh.
Huangfuda seems to be hooked at the corner of her mouth, and her eyes are more gentle and watery.
Ling Xiaoyao’s face was moist and light, and the wine in the cup seemed to be in a good mood.
HuangFuYun is pie mouth staring at ShuiYunJin this woman has a lot of thoughts. She just coughs a little and makes it look like a relief.
Huangfuheng’s gloomy eyes fell into the water, and she was trick or two, so she could defuse a storm. This idea is better than everyone in this temple.
"Well, let’s talk about it later, please, Princess Light Moon." The emperor raised his hand and smiled, and that girl solved the problem for him. Naturally, his eyes touched the desire to get up and ChuChengXuan’s face and smile dispersed, and Gu Fu and Chu Fu’s heart dispersed. Although he didn’t value it, he didn’t want to add any more difficulties. Let them deal with it themselves.
A moment later, I saw a young woman in a pale pink dress led by the imperial secretary. She slightly lowered her head to reveal a graceful neck and clearly visible collarbone eyebrows. There was a faint wind and a clear breath. Zhu Chai’s ring matched the whole person with a gentle and luxurious adopted daughter. She walked into the center of the hall and saluted slightly. "I have seen the emperor in the light moon."
"Get up, I heard that the princesses of the Northern Jin Dynasty were all versatile, and they couldn’t get through the piano, chess and painting. Today, it was just a view." The emperor Lang Lang laughed and all the ministers echoed.
Princess Light Moon saluted again. After a while, she moved her handmaid gently behind her and put the piano on the table gently. Princess Light Moon slowly walked to the console table and sat gracefully and dignified.
Shuiyunjin can see clearly that the princess’s mouth smile is bitter just now. It seems that she is also being persecuted.
Melodious and tactfully, the water clouds and hibiscus floating in the piano hall suddenly recovered her mind and saw Princess Light Moon sitting in front of the piano frame. Sandy touched the strings with her fingers, and a beautiful tune slowly flowed out from her fingertips. She never looked up. It seems that everything in this hall is not painful, and the beautiful tune has a faint sadness and sadness, but it is still melodious and beautiful. Everyone in the temple nodded and praised it.
At the end of the song, there was a moment of silence in the hall.
Then she was replaced by several dancers dressed in white gauze and excited and cheerful piano sounds. She looked up at the outside of the temple and saw a woman dressed in a crescent-colored gauze dance dress. Her face was covered with a white veil, leaving a pair of glittering and translucent eyes, smiling and charming eyebrows. It was very delicate.
She was surrounded by several dancers, and the glittering hall suddenly became soft and soft because of their long white yarn and graceful figure, as if it were a piece of spring scenery, and people couldn’t help but blink at first sight.
Shuiyunjin looked at those eyes, and her pupils shrank and she felt deja vu. It turned out to be a bigger surprise and surprise here.
It was very quiet in the temple, and all eyes were on the woman. Her long sleeves were flowing like water, and her skirt was clear, and her waist was dancing like fluorescence, and her waist was smart, and she looked back and smiled, and she leaned forward and danced like a moon fairy. The snow-white skin and small silver bells adorned the skirt, looking around, and the ringing bells floated away, which made people lose their minds.
Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow and looked at Huangfuda. He saw that he was also looking at himself. Shuiyunjin’s mouth was so charming and charming that he kept staring at himself without looking at it. I have to say that he was really a little reckless, but she liked it.
There is no need to say more about the affection in the eyes of two people when they smile at each other.
Although everyone is obsessed with it, there are always a few people who don’t buy it. Huangfuda’s eyes have never been able to put water clouds and hibiscus. Ling Xiaoyao’s lightness and innate dignity will naturally not be seen.
Chu Chengxuan, not to mention that my heart is on fire. How can I spare time to watch such affairs? Huang Fude is a face of disdain. He always thinks that coquetting women are the ugliest and most disgusting.
It is Jiang Yu qi who always looks at the corners of his mouth with a smile, but it can be concluded that it is by no means to appreciate Huangfuhang’s face, and it is light to look at his eyes occasionally, but there is not much emotion. It is fascinating that such dancing is rare.
"People are really partial to beautiful things, and beauty is even more noticeable. It is really graceful and charming to have such a beautiful dance." Shui Yun-jin suddenly said in the cheerful piano music, "This is not like your girl’s sex." The emperor smiled at Shui Yun-jin.

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