When you see a doctor, you should hurry to the back to line up, or it will be terrible for Dr. Huang to get angry soon, said the middleaged woman in a low voice

Oh vomitted to stick out tongue sweetly and slipped out quietly. Dead girl, can’t you be quiet for a while? Tell me what you got. Gu Ge looked at her. Little dream yi goodlooking Xin Tian asked 1. What are you doing with Yi? Gu Ge looked at her puzzled. It was a phoenix in […]

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Huangfuda’s face is pale and her eyes are pale.

Ling Xiaoyao doesn’t seem to care about anything. He spilled the residual wine in the white jade cup with his fingertips in his hand, and dyed his fingertips with luster. ChuChengXuan is nothing more. It’s a good thing for him to marry Ling Yun far away. HuangFuYun naturally won’t care about HuangFuHang’s expression all the […]

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The sadness and pain in Jing Zhi’s heart after losing his most beloved father is naturally beyond description!

Since childhood, Yu likes Jing Yun best, but he is the most ashamed of Jing Zhi. He said that Jing Zhi is the Lins’ eldest brother, who will provoke the entire burden of the Lins when he is less than 20 years old. As a father, he has no ability to create better material conditions, […]

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Yu Tingchuan raised his hand to loosen the tie knot and unbutton his shirt. The sound insulation effect of the five-star hotel room is good. He couldn’t hear the ring next door. He sat for a while and got up to pour a cup of cold boiled water.

Just took a sip of the doorbell. -digression– Are you embarrassed to take two evaluation tickets alive and send flowers to beautiful girls’ ‘wing Xiaowen’ and’ ‘zora porcelain cleaning’? (? ω? )? Can say thank you! ☆, Chapter 75 This is the best for you. Yu Tingchuan opened the door and saw Song Qingcheng in […]

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Lu Shasha is a real social gold rose in darling daughter, Lujia. She is sweet, lovely, supple and clever. She is also a lovely girl in the eyes of several men’s dreams and elders. She and her second young master, Lu Jun, have been married to Lujia successfully by giving birth to the twins.

Tonight, Master Lu’s birthday party was held. This granddaughter took great pains to arrange the official appearance of Lu Shasha and her boyfriend Wu Tianyou, who had just returned from studying abroad, and let the guests remember the name Wu Tianyou by the way. The cloud city circle is so big. With the identity of […]

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Gareth Belmeacha scored the first hat-trick in the Champions League, but it was a glorious defeat.

Welsh genius Bell signed Mei Acha hat trick to make Inter fans applaud. With the performance of this game, Bell has gained a lot of new fans in Europe and the world, and their value and fame have skyrocketed. However, to be a real top superstar, Bell has to show continuous outstanding performance. The accidental […]

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