We were very unhappy together and made both of us unhappy. I came to apologize, Lankar explained.

We can still remember your yelling attitude a few days ago, and we are talking about this again, Andre sneered. I really have another purpose, Lankar said. What’s the purpose? asked the masked king man. No one from the first team has washed my mine and their target horse is going to point at you. […]

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The shadow slave can naturally continue to play its role, and the biggest advantage of the shadow slave is that it can be used as a scapegoat.

If you want to give him back to his team, it is equivalent to having a limited life, in other words, the whole team’s mistakes have skyrocketed. However, telling people about this is a reassurance, and they will not be extremely vigilant. This is not necessarily a good thing. Without tension, there is no such […]

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My wife untied me from Bai Min and showed me a lot of things, including documents, candid photos and so on.

In one of them, he and his wife conspired to monitor me. I frowned. "Why do you sisters have everything here?" "Our sisters are business spies, and they will find their own way out when they do things. Otherwise, that bastard wants to play with my sister, and I won’t save Samui at that time. […]

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On the night of winning the championship, except for Lu Wenbin and Mourinho, others, including the chairman, were excited to celebrate and couldn’t sleep until late at night.

When I got up early the next morning, most people were wearing a panda eye. Obviously, I didn’t sleep well last night, and many of them probably didn’t sleep all night. Whether you are asleep or not, you have to get up and go back to Italy. There are hundreds of thousands of Inter fans […]

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Old lady Yu "…"

These two children are wearing diapers, not crotch pants. Can you stop acting so grandiose? ! Busy in Yang Xi also went over and said, "Aunt Han, let me have a look." After a while "Oh, that’s true." She looked back at Chang Huanyan and said, "Huanyan, come with me and help the baby change […]

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Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it. Brother, let’s join hands together … A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front […]

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