Chapter 159 Dye Dye You finally really belong to me

Bai Qinying gradually recovered and was discharged from the hospital.
However, she didn’t see Baguio all these days, and she really felt a little strange.
Bei Yao and she have been very good. She is in hospital. It is reasonable to say that Bei Yao will not come to see her.
"Bai Jingnian have you seen Yao elder sister recently? Or did you send something to Sister Yao to do? I haven’t seen Sister Yao recently. "
Bai Jingnian slightly zheng immediately said, "well, she went somewhere else."
"somewhere else?" Bai Qinying curious blinked "don’t where? When will Sister Yao come back? Her birthday is coming, and I bought her a birthday present. "
Speaking of Bei Yao’s birthday present, Bai Qinying wrinkled her forehead. "Well, it seems that the bracelet was dropped on the birthday present for Yao’s sister, but it’s beautiful." She mumbled, "Forget it, I’ll smoke it and buy another one. Yao’s sister will love it."
Bai Jingnian will look at the waves in her heart, and he will never be prepared for people.
She really treats Baguio like this, but Baguio treats her like that! And killed the baby in her belly. How painful it would be if she knew the truth …
"No, she won’t come back after you stop buying her gifts," said Bai Jingnian.
Bai Qinying after listening to his words slightly zheng some not "what do you mean won’t come back? Where did Sister Yao go? "
Bai Jingnian knew that she wouldn’t stop until she gave her an answer, so she just made up an excuse to tell her that Beiyao had been sent to a remote country in the east by him, which happened to have a jy branch there, and then Beiyao would be there.
Bai Qinying’s face showed disappointment after hearing this, but there was no doubt about this statement.
"What a pity! I like Sister Yao very much. Bai Jingnian, why did you send Sister Yao so far away?"
Bai Jingnian spoiled and rubbed her hair and changed the subject.
He doesn’t want everything to turn over again about Baguio.
After Bai Qinying was discharged from the hospital, Liu Wei would still cook some tonic soup from time to time to give her Bai Qinying. Naturally, I don’t know that Liu Wei did this because she just miscarried.
However, because of Bai Qinying’s pregnancy and abortion, Liu Wei thinks that her age with Bai Jing is also on the agenda. "Qin Ying, have you ever thought about when to marry Bai Jingnian? I think you can also consider this."
Bai Qinying choked on the words of pecans, and Yin Anran hurriedly patted her back.
Bai Qinying shook her head shyly. "Don’t worry about it?"
Yin Anran looked at Bai Qinying and chuckled jokingly, "It’s almost the same. I think Bai Jingnian really wants to marry you as soon as possible."
"Little Dye!" Bai Qinying smilingly looked at pecans. "Mom, don’t worry, don’t worry. Bai Jingnian and I are still waiting for my brother and Xiao Ran to get married."
Pecans are easy to say Bai Qinying since there will be no such idea for a while, she naturally won’t force her.
Yin Anran and Meng Yichen stayed for a while after dinner before leaving.
After returning to the villa, Yin Anran practiced the piano with the little guy for a while after washing. After returning to the room, she didn’t see Meng Yichen. She was a little tired and put her headlights on the bed.
Not long after she closed her eyes, she suddenly felt a weight pressing on her body. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a man pressing on her body.
"Chen …"
Meng Yichen kissed her delicate lip, which was gentle as water. Yin An got drunk and unconsciously put her hands around the man’s neck to respond to his kiss.
Just when the temperature of the whole body of the two kisses rose, suddenly she felt that her hands were cold, and when she opened her eyes, she saw that her name had an extra ring!
She is one leng "Chen"
"Dye Dye Marry Me"
His beautiful eyes looked at her with fascination and charm.
Yin Anran smiled, "Aren’t you already going to marry you?" She looked at the ring in her hand and her heart was filled with "Chen, it seems a little late for you to propose."
Meng Yichen held her hand tightly. "Well, it’s my fault that I’m late."
He didn’t tell her because this ring was specially made by a famous Italian ring master to customize the composition and customization office.
Yin Anran was joking, too. She smiled and shook her head. "It’s not too late, Chen. I like it very much."
When she finished, she offered her lips.
Some clumsiness kissed him lightly.
Even after kissing so many times, he was as clumsy as the first time, but that’s how she made him fall in love!
In the end, someone can only bear it. The Lord kissed her bullying. "Little fool, this is a kiss."
He took practical actions to teach her.
One room blurred
next day
Meng Yichen was playing with the little guy at home when she received an urgent message from Liu Wei. Liu Wei cried and cried and said something. She received a long text message from Meng Yijie. Every word of it revealed suicidal tendencies. More importantly, some time ago, she noticed that Meng Yijie was depressed. Was she not too interested at that time or was there something wrong with her job?
I didn’t expect that she didn’t show up these days. It was such a short message!
Meng Yichen hurriedly appeased pecans and told her to look for Meng Yijie’s apartment first, and he also rushed there immediately.
品茶Section 25
"What’s the matter?" Yin An dyed to see him look worried and asked
Meng Yichen hastily dressed herself. "Little Gem’s mother is very anxious now. I’ll go to her apartment to look for her."
"I’ll go with you."
They hurried out of the door together.
Liu Wei hadn’t arrived when they arrived at Meng Yijie’s apartment.
Meng Yichen did have the key to her apartment. When she opened the door, the curtains in the room were pulled and the lights were not turned on. It was very dark.
They saw Meng Yijie sitting on the sofa at a glance, "Xiaojie!"
Just as they were about to walk over, Meng Yijie got up and had an extra knife in her hand!
Yin An dyed a tingle. She looked at Meng Yijie because it was daytime. Although the curtain room was dark, she could still see people clearly. Meng Yijie’s expression at the moment was that she had never seen it before, and she looked a little infiltrated.
"Brother, you’re here."
Meng Yichen frowned. "Well, I’m here, Xiaojie. Let’s talk about something if you put the knife first."
Meng Yijie shook her head and immediately looked at Yin Anran. She suddenly laughed. "You said that you left my brother and why did you want to come back?" Didn’t you give up on him? What will come back? !”
Yin anran felt strange listening to Meng Yijie’s words, but she was afraid to jump to conclusions
"Little gem! Put the knife first! " Meng Yichen yelled at one.
At this time, the apartment door was opened again and Liu Wei and Meng Lingyun came in. When Liu Wei saw the knife in Meng Yijie’s hand, the whole person turned pale with fear. She quickly shouted, "Little Jie! You … what are you doing? You have something to say. Put the knife away and don’t hurt yourself! "
Meng Yijie’s eyes always fall on Meng Yichen’s body, and her eyes are full of infatuation!
She put her hand on her wrist. "This way, it will be free!"

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