Well, of course, Zhou Zhengqi and others seem to have found this island, and we have to catch the best island in front of them and get rid of them, said the ugly man.

This islander is not easy to mess with. If we go now, they can’t wait to dismember us, especially this time, the blonde is too fierce, and several of us have died at her hands. Really? I’ll see for myself if she’s as good as them this time. The sailors boarded the island and walked […]

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With Lyon and Cologne teaching them a lot of defensive preparations for this game.

From those people keeping a close eye on Lu Wenbin to Lu Wenbin, which position is defended by who and who grabs those delays, they are all properly arranged. They also successfully defended Lu Wenbin 3 minutes before the game. However, I didn’t expect Lu Wenbin’s dribbling skills to be so superb that people in […]

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If you lose in the semifinal, you lose. It’s not bad to get a semifinal in the end.

Anyway, if they don’t make it to the final, they don’t think too much about the champion. There is still a way out. Once they make it to the final, there is no way out. It must be the champion. Who will compete for the runnerup? Of course, these two semifinals are not necessarily very […]

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Section 324

A group of people passed quickly while drinking and chatting until Gao Xiaobai yawned listlessly. "It’s getting late. The child is sleepy. Let’s go back first." Han Shu got up at once. They didn’t stay, because the next day was the weekend, and all the schools continued to stay there to drink. Han Shan took […]

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Section 327

Looking at his nervous face, Lin Ya couldn’t help laughing. "It’s rare to see grandpa’s face nervous. I’m not tired. Grandpa, don’t worry." The old lady couldn’t help saying "yes" "Cough!" Master is embarrassed and coughs. Lin Ya was still held by the old lady and waited for the stool. Did you listen to them […]

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Being his wife is definitely not an ordinary woman.

This morning, Song Qingcheng didn’t sleep as a sofa. Not long after being carried back to bed, she didn’t know how to start. After all, she did it. The quality of the bed is not good, and it rings when it is in a flash. Grandma’s room is separated from her by a hall. It […]

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Two people happen to coincide nodded and looked at the chairman’s office.

"Aunt Ji" said hello to Meixi’s intimacy. "Oh, Meixi, you’re here. Sit down quickly." Jiyun bypassed the desk and walked to the sofa and sat next to Meixi. "Aunt, your office is very big and beautiful, and there are more places than my father." "You are too talkative, and the idea of a good family […]

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