It’s really bad for my sister to be passive because she lacks information!

But the appearance of the agent finally gave him one more choice.
At present, the agent of pastor beauty feels good to him. She is also an alien agent, and it is not too difficult to make a deal with her in exchange for something he is interested in.
It is a good choice to deal with an agent if there is no better choice.
Of course, it was this priest who told the truth.
If the pastor is telling the truth, she should have a lot of things on the earth, and there are no magical things. In that case, what should he change?
Pure wealth Chen Mo doesn’t pay too much attention to it when the money reaches a certain level, that is, a number is staring at the money, which is the stupidest miracle fragment. He got such a piece, and perhaps he got the only piece of the whole earth. It would be foolish not to take the opportunity to get something with alien languages.
At present, I don’t know how many levels the alien language technology is higher than the earth. It is definitely not a problem for Chen Mo to change some black technology.
Changing black technology seems to be a good choice, but when you think about it carefully, Chen Mo feels very painful
He can’t control much of earth technology, even if it falls into his hands, it will not be handed over to others in the end, unless the agent can exchange it so that he can understand, master and transport black technology without learning.
But that’s almost equivalent to instilling memories. Chen Mo is a little resistant when he thinks about it
While Chen Mo was meditating, a group of people quickly gathered around him.
The second is more to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Trading
You are silent?
There are six people in all, and thousands of knives are among them.
Who are you? Chen Mo indifferently looked at myriad knives.
He vaguely felt that thousands of knives and six people came, but the attitude of these six people was much worse than that of the former pastor.
My name is Wanqiandao. Don’t talk nonsense. We want your miracle fragments. Make a price.
How much are you going to pay?
Now Chen Mo is too lazy to think about how these people found him.
Ten million Chinese coins!
Ten million Chinese coins!
This miracle fragment is really of great value!
Thousands of knives are so readily priced that Chen Mo believes that ten million is afraid that it is less than one percent worth of miracle fragments!
I’ll think about it. I don’t know the specific price of the miracle pieces. Of course, Chen Mo won’t sell the miracle pieces at this price
Don’t make a toast and get 10 million. You have to laugh. Our family has been very careful in doing things. If others can get 1 million, it will be good!
See Chen Mo is not enough to want to sell the miracle pieces at a higher price, and one person around him can not but cold way.
Are you going to buy it? Chen Momei raised her eyebrows.
Buy? Hey, hey, if you want more money for a 10 million transaction, you have to see if you have the life to enjoy it! This person cold way
You mean to threaten me to find the reality if I don’t trade? Chen Mo asked coldly.
Chen Mo is not a fool. Several people read between the lines. He heard it as soon as he heard it.
Hey hey!
A few people are sneer at silence by default.
品茶论坛I’ll give you ten minutes to decide, said Wandao without doubt.
Sister threatened me, right? I hate it when someone threatens him!
What can you get for me if I trade with you? Chen Mo ignored thousands of knives and others and turned to the agent
What do you want? The agent was not surprised that Chen Mo contacted her so quickly. She asked with a smile.
Money can make me master black technology quickly, and the most important thing is that there are drugs that can make people quickly and powerfully strengthen sequelae. Chen Mo said quickly.
First of all, I don’t have any money and I don’t talk much, but you do want to strengthen the medicine, and the effect will exceed your expectations, the agent replied
Beyond my expectations, how powerful can I become? How long will it take to take effect? Chen Mo listened to cannot help but ask.
It can make your body resist ordinary bombs, or you won’t die if you are hit by a nuclear bomb. It will produce a half effect in an hour and the final effect will be about a week, the agent replied seriously
really? The silence can’t help but move.

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