If you lose in the semifinal, you lose. It’s not bad to get a semifinal in the end.

Anyway, if they don’t make it to the final, they don’t think too much about the champion. There is still a way out. Once they make it to the final, there is no way out. It must be the champion. Who will compete for the runnerup?
Of course, these two semifinals are not necessarily very big. After all, Zaragoza has not caught anything in the King’s Cup this season, which is their last straw. If they want to appear in the King’s Cup in Europe this season, they must strive for victory.
For a small team like Zaragoza, it is not because of honor that they value the qualification of the King’s Cup and the European Cup, or most of the reasons are not honor.
But the money.
The king’s cup champion has a bonus, but if he can participate in the UEFA Cup that season, he will also get a corresponding bonus in European competitions.
With this money, Spanish small and mediumsized teams can have a better life because of their poor living conditions.
Money is more attractive to football clubs than championship honor.
Therefore, Zaragoza will not lose their fighting spirit in this game, on the contrary, they will have a strong fighting spirit.
This is a difficult aspect.
夜生活But for Hertha after such a season, this kind of difficulty is really too common …
Hertha’s desire for the championship is no less than Zaragoza’s
Hertha is no less eager for money than Zaragoza …
In the face of Zaragoza, winning will not let your team stick to it because the other team is not particularly strong.
Hertha’s counterattack will play an important role in these two games.
Before the game, the winning skills are all offensive skills, namely [sharp counterattack] and [twowinged Qi Fei], just like when playing Atletico Madrid.
He wants to fight back sharply and eliminate Zaragoza. He doesn’t want Zaragoza to have too many waves.
One day later, Hertha played Zaragoza at home in the semifinal of the King’s Cup.
Coliseumalfonso perez was packed again.
Although the economic situation is not very good, Hertha fans have given their team the greatest support.
At this time, the seating rate of home games is very high.
In the semifinal of the King’s Cup, Hertha fans won the championship even though they didn’t think their team could reach the final.
But they still came to the stadium to support their team.
This kind of support and victory or defeat
Maybe they regard this game as a celebration to celebrate the team’s successful promotion to the first division.
This can be seen from the slogans held by the fans that nine times out of ten are aimed at the league.
Not many people really trust the King’s Cup.
Jonathan Megia Lewis is one of these few people.
He was already in front of the camera when the game didn’t start for half an hour.
At this time, he was lying in front of the living room sofa watching the host and invited experts to analyze the starting lineup of the two teams and then analyze the winning percentage of the two teams
Although it is a home game, neither the host nor the guests are optimistic about Hertha.
They also gave good reasons.
… Hertha defeated Atletico Madrid after a fierce battle in the justconcluded league, which is certainly worthy of congratulations, but it has also cast a shadow on Hertha’s King’s Cup competition. This great ecstasy will lead to the players’ lack of motivation and motivation. To put it bluntly, they have obtained the promotion qualification and won the league championship in this season’s league. For them, the great success in the league can make up for everything. Compared with the League, the King’s Cup is just fine.
Psychological lack of motivation is the biggest problem. Besides, physical fatigue is also very obvious. After a long and ups and downs season, the players’ physical fitness will definitely not be too good. Before that, they were able to persist with their teeth, but now? After finishing that tone, the great fatigue will be exhausted, and the players’ physical fitness will plummet as if they were sucked away by something in an instant.
Zaragoza, on the other hand, has been a total failure this season. Last season, the fourth glory of the league has receded. Now they have one King’s Cup left in their hands, and Zaragoza will definitely not miss this excellent opportunity. If they meet Barcelona or Mallorca in the semifinal, they may all raise their hands and surrender, but when they meet a seconddivision team, they will definitely have great ideas … their fighting spirit and desire to win are not weaker than Hertha’s. I think Zaragoza is the dominant team …

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