Liuzhuang lotus stare big eyes turned out to be her misunderstanding.

Manager Luo, you may have misunderstood me. I didn’t disrespect you. My friend was in a bad mood recently, so I took her. Liu Zhuanghe hurriedly explained to Rowling that she hoped she wouldn’t misunderstand again.
Really? Rowling returned to her former position and smiled coldly. Liu Zhuanghe has always supported you, but please be white. You are from Chenyang.
Liuzhuang lotus looks a little pale. I didn’t expect that she wanted to help Ye Wei, but she offended Rowling. How much she would think about it.
Manager Luo, I’m sorry, but I didn’t disrespect you. Ye Wei is my best friend. I can’t allow others to say that about her, even if you are our company.
Liu Zhuanghe didn’t say the last sentence. She was afraid that the misunderstanding of Compass would deepen after she said it.
Well, I hope this will be the last time. Rowling got up and went to her desk to press the line. Xiao Zhang informed everyone in the design department that there would be a meeting in the conference room in ten minutes.
Rowling turned around and said to Liu Zhuanghe, Get ready for a meeting in the conference room and announce your promotion to deputy manager.
Thank you, Manager Luo
Don’t thank me for thanking General Manager Gu. Rowling sat down in the leather chair and looked at the file without looking at Liuzhuang Lotus.
After Liuzhuang Lotus left, Rowling fell to the ground with anger. The Liuzhuang Lotus just got promoted and gave herself a facetoface confrontation last night.
It made her even more angry. When she reported to the face, she admired her talent and valued her in the future. But now she is an assistant manager. If she is promoted again, she will take her place as manager.
By that time, Chenyang Design Department will still have its own position.
Rowling’s eyes flashed cold, and she would never allow such a thing to happen.
At the meeting, Rowling really announced that she was promoted to the position of deputy manager of the design department of Liuzhuang Lotus.
Everyone in the meeting room has different expressions.
Although I have heard about it for a long time, when I really heard the news released by the company, many people were jealous of the red eyes of the furnace. Why can Liuzhuang Lotus go beyond the team leader and be promoted directly to the deputy manager? Isn’t that their company?
Once an equal colleague suddenly became his own company, many people accepted it.
What’s more, she directly dropped the file on the table, and Liu Zhuanghe turned a blind eye. She was able to speak with her achievements.
If she gets angry on the spot now, it will be even more criticized that she has just been promoted and put on a leadership position.
Xiaomin Lu got angry. How many shifts did Sister Zhuang work? Even though she was pregnant, she didn’t pay attention to rest. She fainted more that night, wasn’t she tired?
But none of these people have done anything. Why not?
品茶Liuzhuang lotus pulls Xiaomin Lu and shakes her head according to her seat, indicating that she should not say anything now.
Xiaomin Lu wanted to defend her for a few words, but she looked so angry that she had to bite her teeth hard to avoid scolding these people.
After coming out of the meeting room, Xiaomin Lu took Liuzhuang lotus and asked in a hurry, Sister Zhuang, why didn’t you let me talk just now?
Liuzhuang Lotus took a look at her and patted her on the shoulder. Mandy, you are still too impulsive and want us to come up with better grades to speak. Isn’t this more persuasive and you will talk to them?
But you are not very wronged. Xiaomin Lu looked at Liuzhuang Lotus lovingly.
The bigger grievance is that these Liuzhuang lotus bowed their heads and didn’t speak.
Sister Zhuang, don’t be angry with me, and then I will listen to you. Xiaomin Lu can’t hide her. Since she fainted and was discharged from the hospital, future generations have changed a lot. She often jokes with them and is more silent.
I saw her husband come to take her class before, but I haven’t seen her recently. Maybe they quarreled, or Sister Zhuang wouldn’t be so depressed.
But that man is really Zhuang Jie is pregnant, so he can’t let her go.
Okay, let’s go to work.
Liuzhuang Lotus returned to her seat and picked up her mobile phone. There were five missed calls from Jiang Ta.
Think of the time he came to see her. What’s the matter this time? Is it still the same thing?
Hao Mu morning money, she won’t take it
Jiang Tuo called Liu Zhuanghe for several times in a row, but no one answered. He was afraid to go back to the company and come to the coffee shop with her several times to sit and wait.
Liuzhuanghe always wants to eat at noon, right? He’s just waiting for him.
When the words sounded, Jiang Tuo was so happy that he almost called out. It was not easy for his wife to finally give him a reply.
hello, madam
Liu Zhuanghe held the mobile phone and frowned. Don’t call me Mrs. Later. I have divorced Wu Muchen. Just call me Liu Zhuanghe.
Uh, Liujie, can I call you that? Jiang Ta was a little nervous. How could she ask for the money later? She refused completely.
Liuzhuang lotus body shook a shake, thinking that a man of one meter called her elder sister or a man older than her got goose bumps all over the floor.
You seem to be older than me. Call me by my name.
Uhoh, whatever your name is. Miss Liu, do you have the time? I’m in the coffee shop when we meet now. Jiang Ta held her mobile phone tightly. What should she do if she refused? How can she tell Mr. Wu? Today, he was called to the company early in the morning, which shows that he attaches great importance to this matter. Will he deduct his yearend bonus in case he does anything again?
Liu Zhuanghe glanced at the right corner of the brain. You wait for me for half an hour and we will have dinner together.
Okay, I’ll sit by the window and see me at your door.
See you later
After hanging up, Liu Zhuanghe didn’t move for a long time. If she didn’t guess wrong, it was because of something.
Is it because I saw her yesterday and felt pity again? Is it compensation or compensation?
It’s more compensation, because he was married and cheated, and now he’s married to mistress
Liu Zhuanghe doesn’t want to see Jiang Ta, but she doesn’t want to be difficult to Jiang Ta.

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