The sadness and pain in Jing Zhi’s heart after losing his most beloved father is naturally beyond description!

Since childhood, Yu likes Jing Yun best, but he is the most ashamed of Jing Zhi. He said that Jing Zhi is the Lins’ eldest brother, who will provoke the entire burden of the Lins when he is less than 20 years old. As a father, he has no ability to create better material conditions, and he somewhat blames herself. Before she graduated from college, she learned to be gloomy and sensible at home because Jing Yun was expensive. She ignored our opposition and dropped out of school. Later, she became a person in a’ Qifeng’ company. This agent Mo Chuan disappeared at that time. Although Yu always disliked that child, she knew Jing Zhi very Ok, but we always feel that his city is so deep that we have experienced many personnel. It is difficult for us to see through him. After he disappeared, he was heartbroken and left himself in the house for a whole week without eating or drinking. At that time, she was Ai Mochuan.
Huang Peishan sniffed and remembered that Jing Zhi had left her small bedroom for a whole week without eating or drinking, and her heart ached to death.
For five years, she waited for Mochuan for five years. Although I was worried about my white hair, she didn’t take her marriage as a thing. I know that she was waiting for that ungrateful Mochuan to keep her marriage and force her to go to the right person for a blind date. I am greedy. Maybe you rich people look down on people like us, but we live in the lowest level of society, and we have worked hard to run a shop, but we can’t even afford three children’s education. I hope my daughter can marry into a rich family and live a better life. What’s wrong with that?
Huang Peishan wiped away tears from the corner of her eyes. We are very tired of learning and running around, especially Jing Zhi. She has put a lot of effort into cultivating this sister. Who would have thought that Jing Yun would be ruined like that in the end, but Jing Zhi would be a promise. This is something I was depressed and unpredictable.
This is the true portrayal of the Lins six months ago.
Seeing Jiang Xiao’s gloomy face, Huang Peishan slowly said, You know that sudden marriage is really a blessing to me. No matter what reason you met, Jiang Xiao’s knowing daughter is like a mother. My daughter is the mother who knows best that if she decides to let you go together, she won’t have second thoughts on you. If that child didn’t fall off, I don’t think she would want you to divorce.
Having said so much, I just want to clarify my daughter’s innocence and tell Jiang Xiaojing that her child is a veritable Jiang family. Although she regards it as a villain in everyone’s eyes, she will never allow others to throw dirty water on her daughter.
Knowing her love for Mochuan has become a thing of the past. Jiang Xiao really made her lose her heart. It’s not Mochuan, but she lost the child and the woman whose first love was Xiang. I heard her say that Xiang had given birth to a son. Your mother loved him very much. He is a woman, and it’s even worse. Knowing her personality has always been stubborn and arrogant. If you want to save your marriage again, this child is a great opportunity. Jiang Xiao I hope you can continue to know her.
She gazed at her soninlaw’s eyes with a look forward to it. Jiang Xiao listened silently to her motherinlaw’s words. For the first time, Huang Peishan said so much to him to save this broken marriage, and his heart suddenly turned from dark to sunny.
Mom, I’m sorry. I have a lot of Nai Jiang Haohao, but the child is already there. I told you I don’t want Jiang Haohao, but I can’t live without Jing Zhi. I hope you can help me persuade Jing Zhi to let them come back to me.
Jiang Xiao wants Huang Peishan to be a lobbyist. After all, Jing Zhi has such a mother now, and her words still carry some weight for Jing Zhi.
Do you promise to be kind to Jing Zhi in the future? I will love them all my life, and I will never let them suffer any injustice again. Prosecutor Jiang can swear that there is so much. He has never said such an oath to that woman in his life, and of course, no woman can walk into a rocksolid heart.
After a moment’s hesitation, Huang Peishan’s eyes turned into a crescent moon in the sky. Previously, she had been worried about watching Jiang Xiao’s quiet love. As soon as she was worried, she let go of Jing Zhi, and it was her. The Lin family members had already hooked Jiang Xiao’s quiet mind and returned to Jiang’s home. Jiang Xiaosheng was a white fat boy, so she wouldn’t have to worry about getting rid of Xiang Xue’s mother. Let Su Li like Jing Zhi again and keep Jing Zhi’s position as the mistress of Jiang Jiahao’s family. Since then, she has had a baby with your mother, Jing Zhi
Mom, why don’t you come back? It’s been more than an hour since Jiang Xiao lifted his wrist and looked at a watch. Where has this woman gone? And who is going out?
Don’t worry! Soninlaw, she won’t run away. She should be back soon. Huang Peishan, the soninlaw, shouted with confidence, and the clouds swept away. She picked up her mobile phone and dialed the number of Jingzhihua, but there was a busy tone in the words, and she hung up as soon as Du.
Nothing, please sit down for a while. She should have something to do. I’m going to buy some food. My good soninlaw will have dinner in our house tonight. I’ll cook a meal for you. Hehe chuckled. Huang Peishan turned into the kitchen and went out with a basket of vegetables. Jiang Xiao turned around in the hall alone and walked into Jingzhi’s small bedroom. Although he was elegantly decorated in pink, it gave people a warm and romantic feeling. His narrow bed was covered with white floral sheets, which were folded neatly and pressed by a beige single pillow in the center of the bed.
The narrow bathroom was cleaned and spotless, and the white lotus hung on its head with a silvergray shower. In the gap, his mind flashed through the scene where he pressed the knowing against the wall and the lotus sprayed water on its head. After they were ignorant of their bodies, they drew a series of watercolored apertures.
The baby was there that night! It seems that he is very good at this trick. If it weren’t for this child, he would know that there would be no turning point in marriage.
桑拿论坛Out of the clean bathroom, he walked out of the small bedroom and crossed the living room. In the narrow courtyard, there was still snow in some places, and the white corner was not washed away after the heavy rain last night. This natural white took out a cigarette and leaned into his lips. He took a sip of his thin lip and spit out the smoke. The white smoke filled the air, and suddenly his eyes crossed a ray of silver light. He found the light and looked at it. He suddenly found a shiny thing. The sun shone very hard. He habitually squinted and walked over and squatted over his knuckles. The snow dug out that dazzling shiny thing and spread it in the palm of his hand. He gave Jing Zhi that the diamond ring was heartshaped and set with green gems. It was expensive. They didn’t have a formal wedding. He also remembered when the ring was put on her knuckles. Why is this thing lying here? Did she throw it away or accidentally leave it behind?
He would rather believe that it was the latter that she accidentally left the only thing he gave her!
Outside the courtyard, there was a joke, and then the door was opened, and the four eyes touched each other and froze in place. Branches and branches of your father’s grave are too cold and cheerless. We should renovate it for him again. If it is not renovated, it is estimated that it will be overgrown in a few months. Yao Junchen is smiling and talking quietly, perhaps because he has noticed something. Looking at the past, he saw the man crouching in the corner. The man’s face was frozen, then his handsome face crossed a ray of haze, and then he slowly got up and stood tall and straight at the bottom of the sun. There are thousands of expressions passing by. Before that, he didn’t expect to see Jing Zhi Yao Junchen and Jing Zhi together. When he saw him, he suddenly turned his face and stepped into the courtyard. Depending on his steps, he stepped into the hall. After Yao Junchen gouged out his one eye, he affectionately called Zhi Zhi and walked into the room with Jing Zhi behind him.
With joy, my heart was instantly covered with yin and cold, and I looked at the shiny diamond ring in my palm. I held it firmly with my five fingers. Although the ring stung his palm, he didn’t care at all. My heart was occupied by the scene just now, but after a month, did this woman have a new love? But what Huang Peishan said just now is not like this. Jiang Xiao has always been conceited and proud. If it was normal, he would have turned his head and gone. But today is different. If he leaves like this, he is really unwilling. Didn’t Huang Peishan say that Jingzhi is pregnant with his child again? Look after the children and give up your dignity. Ask her! Finally, Jiang Xiao obeyed his heart, lost his knuckles and burned his cigarette butts. He strode into the room.
What are you doing here? The voice is very cold, and there is a trace of disgust in my eyes. I know that I am indifferent when I see him!
Know … It suddenly occurred to me that Yao Junchen called her like this just now, and Mo Chuan called her like this. When he stopped, he changed it to Quiet, I’m here to pick you up.
Go home? Jingzhi repeated these two sentences. It’s raining hard, and they’re both divorced. But this man said that he would take her back to Jiang’s house. Was she wrong or was this man out of his mind?
It’s all my fault for being quiet. Forgive me, ok? In front of Yao Junchen, he took Jing Zhi into his arms and poured out his confession.
Let go Jing Zhi didn’t eat his set of hands against his chest, which just separated their intimate contact
Did you hear that Jiang Xiao’s branches told you to let her go? Yao Junchen saw Jiang Xiao’s arrogant heart rising with anger. If Jing Zhi didn’t say this, he would never speak next to him.
Jiang Xiao’s deep black eyes stared at Yao Jun’s lips and shot two cold rays, like two tax and profit arrows, as if he were trying to pierce a few holes in his enchanting face.
Second, this is our husband and wife’s business. I hope you don’t get involved as an outsider.
The cold voice was accompanied by a strong warning, but in just one month, the man got in. He should have thought that his wife was so excellent. There were too many people with ulterior motives who were always eyeing up in the dark. Once he knew what was going on, they would come out of the dark and wreak havoc. What is it that Yao’s second child is so haunted? Even more boring than that man Mochuan.
Jiang Xiao who is your wife? Static know can’t hear this onehanded peel off the overbearing forbidden waist palm one by one to forcibly peel off the cold sound to wake up her exhusband. The fact that they have divorced is that they have already left and will give others the illusion again?
Take a step back and look at his man’s face across the crisscross of blue and white colors. Does this woman have to tear him down like this? Or this month, she really moved on so quickly and took a fancy to Yao’s second child. He deliberately spoke for his lover in front of him so that he could recognize the facts and leave.
Isn’t my wife pregnant with my son? “
She wondered why this man came to her house for no reason. It turned out that she would lower herself to take her home when she knew she was pregnant. Everything was a child, but she would never allow her marriage to be a simple responsibility. If he loved her, she would not treat her like that. At the moment when her first child left her, she swore to herself that Xiang Xuexin had given birth to a son. This is the truth. Suli hurt Jiang Haohao into the bone marrow. According to the degree of her happiness, it seems that the property of Jiang’s family will all belong to that pulse, which makes her even more sad. It’s this man’s indecisive attitude. He keeps saying that he hasn’t touched Xiang Xuexin, but Xiang Xuexin gave birth to his son. Even if the woman is malicious, if he doesn’t give her a close chance, her plot will never succeed.
The most unforgettable thing for her is the night when she lost her first child. The hatred is unforgettable. She saw Xiangxuexin hugging Jiang Xiao through the slightly opened door outside the house with her own eyes, but the man didn’t push her away. Maybe she was eating a bowl and watching the pot was always a man’s deep heart. He enjoyed his first love and returned to him alone to pester his vanity. This said that he was very attractive, didn’t it? If she goes back to Jiang’s house again, he will never solve Jiang Haohao’s big trouble. He doesn’t want the tragedy to repeat itself. Jiang Xiao doesn’t have that great charm, but he has to drill hard to get out of his painful siege. Now she wants to have this baby and live a quiet day with him.
This sentence also made Yao Junchen stunned that Jing Zhi Jiang Xiao was divorced, but she was pregnant with his child again. This is really new. If Jing Zhi is pregnant with this man again, what reason does he have to stop people from reuniting with three people here? Jing Zhi was a onceinalifetime opportunity, but I didn’t expect to draw water with a bamboo basket again.
Just at this moment, there was a slight footstep outside the door. A moment later, Huang Peishan appeared in the courtyard with the vegetable basket figure and walked into the hall. She saw the tense scene in the living room. She hurriedly let go of the Chinese vegetable basket and went to her daughter to deliberately depress the bass gently. I told Jiang Xiaolai that you wouldn’t tell him about the pregnancy. I’ll inform him. I know that the child can’t live without a father. Even though you are separated from the child, go to remarry! “
She glanced at Yao Junchen not far away and called an aunt with an embarrassed smile at her. She didn’t make trouble. It was stingy. If it weren’t for this little girl, Jing Yun couldn’t have run away from home again. Even her father died and refused to show up. She always didn’t like this demonlooking man. You said that this man is fine and more beautiful than a woman. There is an indescribable seductive smell. Look at his slender peach eyes. Jiang Xiao is always a philanderer and exudes expensive male charm.
What are you doing here? Aunt, I’m sorry. I’m sorry when my uncle had an accident.
No, I’m sorry, you’re not our Lins. It’s none of your business if anyone has an accident.
In one word, Yao Junchen left the Lins far away. Yao Junchen was able to cough up from there and never said anything else, which was humiliating.
I’m pregnant. So what? Static know don’t want to tangle with this man to tell him this fact directly, Jiang Xiao smell speech joy avalanche and personally heard static know admitted that he was pregnant, his whole heart thumped. Should he thank God? Let him have a second child so soon. Wife … He shouted and trembled uncontrollably, showing that he was excited in his heart.
I should call my exwife. Jing Zhi smiled and corrected the slender jade finger stroking her flat little belly. It was only more than two months before she finished forming. She could not feel the fetal movement.
I am pregnant, but mom, when did I tell you that the child’s father is Jiang Xiao? “
Her sudden words caused everyone in the room to be caught like a bomb thrown into the wind, wandering the still lake, and then a calm lake set off a huge wave, surging with terrible waves
What do you mean? The man’s black eyes flashed sharply and he gritted his teeth and asked Yes! Do you know who this child’s father is? This daughter brain disease! Her motherinlaw threw dirty water on her, and she was willing to let people throw dirty water on her. Who is the father who is not Jiang Xiao? She knows her daughter and there is absolutely no other man besides Jiang Xiao. Oh, my God! You can’t admit it indiscriminately.
Thought of this, Huang Peishan’s face floated over several dark clouds, and she angrily denounced her daughter with a cold face. This is a nonsense. You don’t even know that Jiang Xiao really loves you. When I told him the news, he almost drove over. Don’t be dissatisfied.
Huang Peishan kindly wakes up her daughter not to know when she is blessed.
However, Jing Zhi didn’t consider her mother’s words at all. She sneered and stared at Jiang Xiao’s face and eyes, which was alien.
Jiang Xiao child is not you
Every word cut his hard chest like a sharp knife. He heard his chest crack. This sentence was enough to destroy all his pride and conceit. He had just returned to heaven to enjoy the highest joy in the world, and then he fell into hell and was devastated by the most severe whipping.
Who’s that? Black eyes shot several times beautiful cold light with Yin crime like death from hell Satan.
He still knows that raising my hand points to Yao Junchen Jiang Xiao’s forehead veins standing out two meters away. He looks at Yao Junchen’s eyes stained with red blood as if the African cheetah wanted to swallow the man in one gulp when his life was threatened.
Section 77

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