If you try again, I’ll get your pajamas. Ji Weiyan escaped and washed his hands, and then bang it was over. The door of washing hands had known it was so uncomfortable that he had better not move back, but the little woman looked at it and he thought about it and moved back.

Soon the cartoon straight pajamas came to his hand, and Ji Weiyan went backwards to the bathroom door with his back to the direction of Yu color, and returned his hand to push the bathroom open a gap small enough for him to pass the pajamas forward. Color pajamas are for you.
Yu Se is busy zipping. I’m a little annoyed that this dress was bought for her by Ji Weiyan. She doesn’t want to tear it. She looked up and glanced at Ji Weiyan’s pajamas. I don’t want this one. Just bring me in the handbag and pass it to me. She wants to wear it when she buys it. Anyway, she wants to try him tonight. If he is still not tempted by her, then he is really abnormal and has a problem.
Ji Weiyan took back his old pajamas and turned to sweep to the door. Sure enough, he saw a handbag and walked over and picked it up. It was very light and very light. Let him take it in and give it to her at this time. So it must be pajamas?
She bought it new?
Curiosity drove him to open his handbag involuntarily. At first glance, he almost sprayed a nosebleed and hurried to close it. Then he went to the front of washing his hands and gave you color
Yu Se reached for the handbag and the other hand was busy with the zipper, but she still couldn’t open it. Dye, please help me pull it. I can’t get this broken zipper open anyway.
Her voice was soft and gentle, Ji Weiyan’s Adam’s apple surged quickly again, thinking about her and annoyed him before. He decided not to go against her again. He stretched out his hand and pushed the door and walked into the bathroom. He was playing with the zipper with his back to him in the mirror. Seeing him come in the sidewalk, It’s so uncomfortable to get close.
Pound a drop of nosebleeds. Ji Weiyan is also wet with a little white shirt, and it is enchanting if it is plum blossom.
Chapter 565 Fanwai Dye Combination (93)
Dye, what’s wrong with you? Why is there a nosebleed? Yu color impatient small plate moved to JiWei yan close to look at him it doesn’t matter? Is there any discomfort? Shall I take you to the hospital?
He is not comfortable.
Very uncomfortable
It’s even more uncomfortable to look at the innocent little woman in front of you.
You … you go out
夜网论坛Go out? How can she be wet and not washed? If you want to go out, you go out.
I … Ji Weiyan couldn’t get out.
Sniffing the breath of the little woman in front of him, he couldn’t help it any longer. As soon as he hugged his long arm, Yu Se fell into his arms.
Both of them were wet and wet, and Yu color woke her up in an instant. Her little face was slightly upturned and she looked at Ji Weiyan. Does your nose hurt?
It doesn’t hurt anymore. My head leaned down and my lips fell in the mirror, and my eyes turned to metonymy. Intuition saw golden flowers, and my pajamas handbag fell in my hand. The newly bought pajamas were washed into the corner by running water, and it was overwhelming and overbearing. Yu color could no longer control the initiative in washing hands.
The flowers burst into sound quietly.
The grass grows quietly.
Everything started quietly.
It all ended quietly.
Yu color fell asleep with a little face still glowing pink in the darkness, listening to her steady breathing. Ji Weiyan’s cigarette in his hand didn’t know how many times it turned, but he still couldn’t bear to look away.
He never expected to come to this step.
He didn’t control himself after all.
Turn it on high or low, but he is still afraid that she is cold. She gently tucks in the sheets, and then slowly turns her eyes away, gets up and walks to the small balcony, lights the cigarette, and slowly takes one mouthful after another.
Yu Se won’t blame him, but he will blame himself.
Always afraid that I will hurt her.
But now that everything has happened, it is impossible to change it.
Recalling the time when Yu’s face turned white with pain, his heart ached.
This is her first time.
What about him?
But he didn’t know.
Section 39
Ever since Mr. Wen Jian shot in front of the coffee shop that day, vague images have always flashed through his mind, such as Xiao Yi and many people he once knew, but he can’t think of them.
One cigarette after another soon, the ashtray on the small balcony was full of cigarette butts.
It’s dawn, and when I look back at the house, Yu Yu is still asleep. As quiet as a cat, he can’t get enough of it from a distance.
He didn’t sleep all night, but he was still not sleepy at all. His mind was a little confused and he began to wonder how he would face Yu Se if she woke up.
He was flustered at the thought that this has always been allpowerful.
He wants to escape, but he thinks how can he escape alone?
Has it already happened or happened before marriage, then he will be responsible for her.
He can’t leave. He has to face Yu Se. When she wakes up, he will have a long talk with her. She is already him or he should marry her.
This is the truth.
I got up and went back to my room to see that there was nothing in the ingredients in the refrigerator. He took the wallet and went downstairs to buy some nourishing things to come back. Yuce must have hurt badly last night. I don’t know if it will hurt after waking up. I feel distressed when I think about her pain.
Uncle and aunt who bought vegetables in the morning market crowded together. He stood out from the crowd when he met aunt who lived in a small building. When she looked at him, she smiled kindly. Your daughterinlaw is so happy that she slept in and asked you to be a big man to buy food.
Ji Weiyan scratched his head and was embarrassed. She is not well.
How uncomfortable is it? Does it matter? I don’t want him to casually say that my neighbor’s aunt is serious
This ….. Ji Weiyan doesn’t know how to say it. I can’t say that he didn’t resist hurting her last night.
Ha ha, don’t say it, don’t say it, wife. I get it. Hurry up and buy food and go back to take care of your daughterinlaw, so maybe there will be children to play in our small building soon. My old man and I can also have leisure time to have fun.
Ji Weiyan blushed. A big man blushed like a pig. He hurriedly bought something and started walking back as if someone was chasing him behind him.
When he returned to the small building and reached the door, he took a deep breath and thought that the bed was still asleep. He put his hands and feet down gently, took out the key and opened the door. When he quietly walked in, there was silence and sleep.
Ji Weiyan cooked chicken soup and prepared several dishes. He was so quiet that he didn’t wake Yu Se at all.
As a result, the soup has been boiled for more than four hours, and the dishes have been cut and left for half a day. Yu Yu is still sleeping.
Ji Weiyan took a leave of absence today. He couldn’t’ have an accident’ and then fled. He panicked last night. That metaphor will definitely not adapt when he wakes up.
Whether she hits him or not, he has to suffer.
He can’t do anything until she wakes up. He sits quietly in the room, and the smell of chicken soup wafts around him, but he can’t wake her up. She sleeps soundly and deeply, and her face changes various expressions from time to time, laughing, angry, worried and happy, just like dreaming all the time.

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