Have you forgotten that humor is my strong point?

Why? Is my sense of humor?
He Lianyin laughed at him. I was touched by your IQ.
… He Lianyin eyebrows nonsense I’m very clever to forget? I am a genius.
He Lianyin shook his head and eyes. The so-called genius and idiot are on the line.
He Lianyin laughed.
Teenagers are not annoyed with Gherardini. I really want to tell you something.
What is it?
Although you have just introduced me to so many fairy tales, I actually know Snow White and Cinderella.
… HeLianYin full head of black line.
The teenager pulled back a game and was in a good mood. Haha, do you feel a lot of expressions at this moment?
He Lianyin’s eyes are instantly cold.
Didn’t anyone tell you never to argue with a woman?
HeLianYin haven’t come to aftertaste this question, I saw HeLianYin holding a white trouser pocket, which took HeLianYin eyes dangling in her hand.
One second
He Lianyin’s waist pajamas fell off.
Get cold.
He Lianyin was frightened to disgrace. His first reaction was to stretch out his hand to cover himself. He Lianyin burst out of his room and locked his door.
He Lianyin quickly wore pants and chased him out.
In the dark
He patted the door of Helian Yin’s room Hey, give me back Xiao Yin’s trouser pocket …
There was a loud snoring at the door later.
That’s even Yoon faking it.
She lay in bed laughing and gave out a series of snores from watching and secretly covered her lips.
He Lianyin …
the next day
He Lianyin looks like nothing has happened. Get up and wash with a flat expression.
In the kitchen.
He Lianyin sat at the table and stared at her while eating breakfast.
Helian yawned and took Song Jie and handed her poached eggs and sausages to eat at the table.
He Lianyin squinted at her very, very dangerously.
Helian turned a blind eye, holding a knife in one hand and bread in the other. She skillfully baked bread and buttered it in her hand. Her left hand could pick up a knife and fork, but she couldn’t pick up a glass.
Are you going to shoot visa photo today? HeLianYin twist a head to hand HeLianYin hand toast fundus as gentle as a star.
He Lianyin one leng also forgot to stare at her. She took the bag from her hand and took a big bite of bread, crispy butter and fragrant. Well, Xiao Yin wiped the bread with her own hands, which is delicious!
Well, don’t tell me you’re not free today?
Why? I mean, do you have any requirements for taking id photos? Like what to wear? And when I went to take my ID photo, my bangs were too long and I was told by the master to cut them. I don’t know if there are any requirements this time.
I didn’t ask you to wear a dark color dress, so the facial outline of the photo will be a little bit thinner.
So that’s it. Then I’ll wear the short-sleeved one like yours?
This one? He Lianyin pointed to his purple shirt. He was born with a clothes rack, tall and white. Everything looks good.
Fine, then I won’t change clothes. Let’s wear the same clothes.
After dinner, they went to the bank to remit 20,000 yuan to their young aunt. By the way, they went to the office to apply for a European visa. In front of the mirror of the office, Helian slowly distributed her long hair and combed it carefully. She stood straight with long hair like satin and eyes like the sea full of light tenderness.
The camera clicked and flashed
Took a stunning view of everyone. visa photo photographer looked at the developed photo with a little surprise. This girl looks so weird that she didn’t feel so beautiful when she wore glasses. She felt calm and wise. I didn’t expect that once she took off those eyes, her whole face was full of indescribable charm, just like a thousand-year-old picture scroll. When she lived, she didn’t feel so far-reaching and amazing, but as the ancient paintings slowly unfolded in the eyes of the world, the majestic extravagance and beauty made people feel ashamed.
She didn’t laugh.

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