Yu Tingchuan raised his hand to loosen the tie knot and unbutton his shirt. The sound insulation effect of the five-star hotel room is good. He couldn’t hear the ring next door. He sat for a while and got up to pour a cup of cold boiled water.

Just took a sip of the doorbell.
Are you embarrassed to take two evaluation tickets alive and send flowers to beautiful girls’ ‘wing Xiaowen’ and’ ‘zora porcelain cleaning’? (? ω? )? Can say thank you!
☆, Chapter 75 This is the best for you.
Yu Tingchuan opened the door and saw Song Qingcheng in a bathrobe.
Hands in the air, a girl holding a towel wrapped in wet hair, showed a large section of her slender arm from the robe sleeve. It was a hotel disposable slipper. Her face was hesitant, but after the door opened, she changed to a shallow smile. "I came to try it."
夜网论坛Then she bit her lip and hesitated to speak. "Can I borrow your hair dryer if it is broken?"
There are drops of water dripping from the tip of my hair and sliding across my white cheeks and heels.
I really can’t see what I should do and I shouldn’t have any bad ideas.
Just then the phone room rang.
Yu Tingchuan came to take the door, put his hand back and turned into the room to answer the words. He went to the window glass at the table and reflected his straight and fuzzy figure. His voice was hoarse but more mature and sexy. "… I recently came to Harbin … wait a few days … Hongtai Securities, you should pay attention to it first …"
Outside the whole song dynasty, I’m not sure whether his attitude just now is acquiescence or refusal.
However, the hesitation was that she finally chose to enter the room.
Hotel bathroom is full of luxury. No wonder it costs 1,700 yuan to stay for one night. There is no bathroom door in the Song Dynasty, and you can blow your hair carefully in front of the washroom with one hand and wet hair.
The skin of a girl in her early twenties is so good that her fingers can be broken. When she is blowing, her fair skin gives off a faint blush.
There is still a faint sound of Yutingchuan outside.
This call is a little long.
The whole song dynasty started to blow her head and gradually became absent-minded. Looking at her eyebrows in the mirror, she knows better than anyone that she looks like a gorgeous girl, and she doesn’t want to frown like a handsome woman, which can cause men to pity themselves, which is more likely to fall into a man’s plaything …
This is a bit like the difference between long-term holding stocks and short-term selling stocks.
Ge Wenjuan obviously also regarded her as a considerable short-term selling stock …
Song whole line of sight was suddenly attracted by the glass shelf on the wall next to the washstand.
In addition to washing, there are also two boxes of family planning, which have not been opened.
Many successful people will recruit senior ladies when they are on business trips. Song Qingcheng can’t help but guess and wonder if Yu Tingchuan’s Harbin party will also find other women these days.
Although she is not a man, she knows something about men’s needs
Especially a man in his thirties.
Ten men have nine colors and one is color blind.
This kind of talk is not a basis.
Even if he doesn’t go out to find local partners or employees, he won’t be ready for a woman to curry favor with him
Yutingchuan didn’t know what Song Qingcheng was thinking outside, but when he closed his eyes, he saw a slender and graceful shadow shaking from the bathroom door.
Put the phone back on the table. He took the cigarette case and lighter and went to the window.
Outside the window is the Songhua River winding to the distance.
Yu Tingchuan leaned against the edge of the windowsill and bowed his head and lit a cigarette. He was free and easy but not half elegant.
After a while, he lit a cigarette outside the window and his thoughts went further and further.
At the moment when the train saw Song Qingcheng sitting on her face with a frank smile, he thought it was a simple girl, even if she was rebellious occasionally, but she was obedient on the whole. However, the idea just came out and another problem that had been bothering her for days followed.
It’s such a little girl that he has an affair with her.
Because he lost control, many things went back to the original point.
Yutingchuan felt that it might be because he didn’t have a woman for a long time that he was stuck by a poor means. He naturally knew that his words and deeds in the hotel parking lot were out of line that night.
34-year-old and 22-year-old cross, they stop because age brings a generation gap.
I have already passed the age of such casual behavior.
Song Qingcheng came out of the bathroom and saw Yutingchuan with his hands on the windowsill overlooking the night scene in the distance. She approached softly and stretched out her hand and slowly hugged Yutingchuan’s cheek with his shirt behind him.
Just like the train, this hug will soon end.
Yu Tingchuan took away her hands in front of her and turned to ask, "Are you done?"
"Well," Song Qingcheng bent his lip angle.
She is thinking about how to organize the language so that she can stay here tonight. Yu Tingchuan will start to catch her first. "Go back and rest. I’ll have you sent to the airport one day."
Song Qingcheng didn’t expect him to be this arrangement, let alone stay overnight, even for one more day.

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