Fang Relan looked at Du Hua with a face of panic, probably because he was afraid that after Li Zhenyu left, Du Hua would stop talking to his own hands and quickly slipped away. Everyone knew that Du Hua liked to vent his anger on people’s atmosphere and didn’t dare to breathe. He quickly cleaned up the mess. Manager Xu had people move a tray of boxwood bonsai, replace the pot of white pine and left after it was done.

In a blink of an eye, Xia Xue and Du Hua looked at each other
品茶论坛  title="Fang Ruolan, that bitch, deliberately acted in front of Jin Woo to provoke me and Jin Woo’s mother!" Du Hua choked with a runny nose and tears. "Jin Woo actually believes that she doesn’t believe in my own mother!"
"What’s the matter!" Xia Xue never knew what had happened. "What’s so fierce!"
Du Hua took Xia Xue and told her what she had been wronged again, crying and complaining, "I didn’t hit her at all. She hit the pine tree herself and deliberately performed that show in front of Jin Woo, which made her love Yuxuan so much … it’s a risks! Jin Woo actually believed her. That bitch scolded me in public. I’m ashamed of my own mother! "
More say more sad Du Hua couldn’t help crying.
Xia Xue is incredible. "Is that all?"
When the chicken flies and the dog jumps, the sky is falling. I can’t help but try to sweat. The mother and son are getting more and more capable.
Looking at Xia Xue with a surprised face, Du Hua couldn’t help but be speechless. She couldn’t tell her that she had remitted the money to foreign countries mainly because she sold the company’s stock privately. As a result, Li Zhenyu was furious!
"Mom, you feel relieved first! Jin Woo is your own child. Do you still have too much suspicion with him? Maybe because Yuxuan was almost injured, he was excited and said something too much. When his anger subsided, I asked him to come and apologize to you! And aunt Fang, she is a gentle person who is not good at arguing. Maybe you have a misunderstanding with aunt Fang, but talk slowly and don’t start work, okay? We are all literati … "
"Shut up!" Du Hua immediately great anger discontentedly stare at Xia Xue "when it’s your turn to teach me a lesson! I see you like Jin Woo are fascinated by Fang Relan that bitch. She is a good person … "
"On whether Fang Yi is a good person or not, she never deliberately looked for you or hurt Yuxuan …"
"Have I ever hurt Yuxuan!" Du Hua was so angry that she went crazy again. When Xia Xue was pregnant, she seemed to have pushed her down. This grounding almost caused Yuxuan to be injured, so she has already met with fear and dissatisfaction from her son and daughter-in-law. "I am Yuxuan’s grandmother! How can you hurt him! You don’t want to think Fang Relan that bitch … "
"Mom can’t casual personal attacks! Fang Yi is not a bitch. She has never done anything mean! " Xia Xue can’t bear to be so arrogant. It’s no wonder that Li Zhenyu hates Du Hua. "Shouldn’t you and Jin Woo find their own reasons for getting to this point … ugh!"
"pa!" Du Hua slapped LUN past ruthlessly blocked Xia Xue received words "bitch you and Fang Relan a nostril to get out! You are the daughter-in-law of the Li family! It’s because of your blessing that he gets drunk and tortures himself every day. He’s going to be destroyed by you! What? I’m both confused by you, you fox! "
Xia Xue clutching his face was surprised to see a full face of anger, Du Hua felt that this woman was a little extreme in communication.
Du Hua suppressed her belly full of grievances and anger, and was planning to take Xia Xue’s evil spirit and suddenly see Li Zhenyu return and come straight at her with angry faces.
Oh,no. Xia Xue’s face still has her own slap print. Maybe she is sure of Xia Xue’s sex. Even if she gets slapped, she won’t tell on Li Zhenyu, but she didn’t expect it to go back.
Xia Xue heard footsteps turned away just to Li Zhenyu again surprised again angry and distressed eyes.
"Who beat you!" Li Zhenyu almost vomited blood. His mouth asked Xia Xue bloodthirsty eyes, but he looked at Du Hua closely.
Nonsense, in this family, except Du Hua, who dares to beat Xia Xue and who has the heart to beat her! Only his own mother can do this heinous animal behavior.
Summer snow see zhen-yu li spirit dizzy don’t want to stimulate his mood, she was a little surprised that zhen-yu li should go "Jin Woo you calm down! I’m okay … "
Li Zhenyu dragged Xia Xue into his arms and gently caressed her with his big hand. Her cheeks were red and swollen, and her black eyes were more bloodthirsty. He suddenly turned and pointed to Du Hua and roared, "Get out!"
He’s too lazy to care about everything she does with Fang Relan, and he can forgive her for hurting him again and again, but he can’t stand that she actually started to kill his son and wife!
I can’t imagine what a thrilling scene it would be if Fang Ruolan didn’t try his best to protect Xiao Yuxuan’s pink face and crashed into the sharp needles. What’s more, I accept that his beloved wife is wantonly beaten and scolded by her, and all his bottom lines are provoked by his own mother’s attitude as if he were doomed. He can’t do anything with her!
Take a deep breath, he decided to cut the gordian knot and completely remove this cancer that endangers the personal safety of his wife and children and affects family harmony. "Go! I never want to see you again! Go now! Otherwise, when I let someone drive you away, you will be embarrassed! "
Du Hua completely panicked. She knew how overbearing this child was (leaving her genes) and decided that things rarely changed. Even if she was his own mother, if she touched his bottom line, it wouldn’t be good. "I’m not leaving! I’m not leaving! You’re not afraid of being sent away by heaven! "
Li Zhenyu looked coldly at Du Hua’s black eyes. There was no temperature at all. This woman claimed to be his own mother and did many things to hurt him. Now she is hurting his wife and children. How can he continue to take her for a long time? He said coldly, "You can continue to live here, but you can’t go near Xia Xue and Yuxuan again. I won’t give you another chance to hurt them!"
Then he pulled Xia Xue and left without looking at Du Hua again.
"Jin Woo, what happened to you and your mother!" Xia Xue never found out what had happened. She believed that Du Hua would not intentionally hurt Yuxuan. If she accidentally almost accidentally injured Yuxuan Lizhenyu, she would not lose such a big temper. Maybe she didn’t know the secret.
Li Zhenyu doesn’t want to say anything more. He wants to quickly pull Xia Xue away from his dangerous and horrible mother.
Du Hua slouches there with tearful eyes. Her son hates her so much that he doesn’t allow her to go near Xia Xue’s mother and son. He is afraid that she will hurt them again!
Xia Xue also just anyway, she doesn’t want to get close to her, but Yuxuan is her beloved little golden grandchild. Wouldn’t it drive her crazy not to let her get close?
"Jin Woo, how can you do this to mom! You know how sad my mother is … "Du Hua was heartbroken and sobbed, and she appealed to others if she was sad and crying.
The main reason is that Du Hua has a bad temper and always scolds the servants at will. When she is in a bad mood, getting together is tantamount to finding a scolding and no one wants to touch bad luck.
For a long time, Du Hua raised her face only to find that Fang Relan was not far away and looked at her in a dark way.
"Bitch!" Du Hua cursed again in her mouth, but her heart couldn’t help shivering. Somehow she suddenly gave birth to an indescribable fear for her. At present, this woman, who had always been looked down upon by her, seemed to be unfathomable, cunning as a fox, cruel as a jackal. She could always see the right time to give her a fatal blow. "You … What do you want …" She said with a trembling lip, which revealed her arrogance.
Fang Relan slowly approached Du Hua unexpectedly consciously repeatedly retreat Fang Relan stopped suddenly smiled very gently "elder sister, don’t be afraid I mean no harm! I’m afraid you’ll hurt Xia Xuesuo and let Jin Woo come and take her away! I didn’t expect him to see you slap Xia Xue … "Speaking of which, I paused and sighed." I can’t blame Jin Woo for being so angry with you. He always loved Xia Xue. You beat Xia Xue ten times more seriously than him. Of course he can’t accept it … "
"You … are you let him come back for Xia Xue! What a mean bitch! " Du Hua almost gas crooked nose can raise your hand again, but looking at Fang Relan with a face of weakness and fright, she was afraid to have a cow again. She suddenly got scared and didn’t dare to start work on her again!
See Du Huayang slap but dare not fall Fang Relan unexpectedly in stitches "sloped" laughed "elder sister you now look … so funny! Why can’t you bear to hit me? I knew that my sister was still distressed that I was willing to fight seriously! "
"Fuck off!" Du Hua suddenly stepped back a few steps out of control and shouted, "Get out of here and don’t come near me!" " Shouting, he turned and fled.

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