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"It’s not difficult to wash the marrow," Jun said crazily, "but it’s still a while before I can really burn Jingxue. After that, I will share your powerful blood. "

He is not generous, but a large number of people gave it to one of them to let others know that it was not bad, so it would be fairer.
He’s just his own blood, strong veins, dragon base and the essence of god burn, not JingXie body, so don’t worry about any losses.
"Anyway, this time we all meet to say hello to each other." You are crazy to cough a little. "There are two treasures hidden in the ruins of Shenhuang, and the other treasure is said to be the formula for rejuvenating light and fire."
An unheard-of name has taken root in everyone’s heart; Thousands of tapestries are known before, and how many advantages are known.
But since you are crazy, they can be sure that 99% of you are crazy and want them to have a chance to watch, but that doesn’t mean they have a chance to get their hands on it.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Pledge
"Let’s say that I won’t monopolize the tactic of burning light and rejuvenating fire, but whether there is anything to master depends on you." You look at everyone’s faces with a light cough. "Since it is hidden in the temple of burning fire, it is obviously better for most of them to burn with God. It is not that I want to monopolize it."
The implication is that this is caused by chance. If another chance takes advantage, others will be resigned after they have obtained the previous chance.
It’s not necessarily nice to say that you are crazy, but it’s always more urgent and safe than saying it in your mouth. Everyone knows this well, and you are crazy and never intentionally give them pictures without getting a pie, which is why they spontaneously admire the leader of you.
This is probably the so-called Ren Huang charm.
"We mainly have a long experience," said the Qingyun Taoist. "Even if we can’t get the baby, we still have so many competitors."
"When you learn from each other, you can also take some fun." Qing Lin’s arch eyebrows looked at you with a smile. "We will soon be banned by the machine, and we can really go to the innermost part. I am afraid that there are a few people who are taken. Don’t think too much about us."
These two people mean nothing to everyone.
Even if you can’t get into the Burning Fire Temple, there are many teams along the way. These families and sects can’t have a reputation and are poor, so you can make a lot of money by robbing each other.
"Where did you learn to be feiqi?" Jun laughed wildly.
"Master, I look at everyone doing this." It is not uncommon that Tailai was originally responsible for guarding the entrance of the ice sheet in Yushao Forest.
There was a conflict in the ice sheet, and he deliberately ambushed the latecomers and plundered them. He had seen how many monarchies liberated him from fierceness, and he seriously wanted to be a good man.
But it is obvious that he can’t tell the difference between jokes and serious words.
"The Lord is joking with us." Road flyover Qingyun laughed. "I think the Lord wants us to rob this group of people."
"You are also Bai Jun. He is not only Ren Huang, but also the owner of this god burn relic." Qin Xiao echoed that "Isn’t everything in the god burn relic supposed to belong to you? It’s wrong for you to give it to whoever you like?"
"Of course," Jun Qian took the lead in echoing.
They also began to follow suit and plausibly began to plan to see Huo Jiujian dumbfounded.
"Is this really good?"
品茶Xiao Ji stole a glance at everyone’s expression "probably half joking and half really wanting to do it"
"Is, after all, there is no need to show mercy to the opponent." Huo Jiujian nodded vaguely. "But if you hurt these people’s lives, you have to make an enemy with the family or clan." This is what he is most worried about.
Although it is very good to get good goods, it is not necessarily a good thing to make enemies everywhere and make it difficult to move.
Wen Yan Jun smiled modestly and nervously. "What do you think is going on here?"
"Of course, it is to supervise the actions of the families and the ancestral gods to ensure fair competition conditions to explore." Huo Jiujian picked his eyebrows
"Silly!" Jun Qian looked at him with a face of regret. "Isn’t it white? Since you are fair and just here, we want you to make a ruling. It must be fair and just." He paused and said, "It’s like the previous two families, Shenyang, escaped from them, but they collided with you and despised Xuanzong. Even now you have thrown them into the unknown place."
"From god burn ruins inside send out location is fixed is not every round.
Section reading 37
The same round is woodland. "
"That is to say, it’s still a small forest that is convenient for doing things." Jun Qian smiled more and more hostile. "Do you know that the cripple you saw earlier was caught by these two small families because he was sent into the forest and searched for souls, which directly invalidated the consciousness?"
There are always some unwilling clans and aristocratic families who have been waiting outside for a long time, and they can’t be cleaned up when they are helpful. This group of people are all holding some Xiang Xiao. If it is a big door or a big family team, they can’t provoke it, but if they want to do this, the small family will be carved up immediately.
What’s more, the two families are more likely to be their targets because they are still keepsakes.
"If it’s a token," Xiao Ji spread out his hand and lay a coin made of two metals, one blue and one green.
"Where are you from?" Huo Jiujian looked at him curiously.
"After the two families were taken away, they fell into the corner. I think they probably did. I picked them up while you were talking to the half-dead man." He handed two coins to Huo Jiujian. "Lord, please see if this thing is a token."
I haven’t seen the specific pledge’ Huo Jiujian shrugged his shoulders without pity’ The pledge held by Xuanzong is that the jade brand of the elder contains the meaning of God’s burning blood gas, so it can enter smoothly; It is said that the tokens given to various clans and families are different, and we may not recognize them even if they are placed in front of us. "
"It’s a one-time scroll for the four universities. We can’t just leave when we come in." Jun Qian frowned without a trace
Judging from the pledge level, the four colleges really didn’t suffer much. He also felt how glorious it was to be admitted to the four colleges. It turned out that the four colleges really sent talents to all major doors and families
Jun Kuang saw at a glance that he disliked and turned to smile and looked at him. "It’s not necessarily a bad thing to enter the four universities." He paused and said, "Most of the clan families like intrigue and vegetarian food, and there are not a few people who really want to talk about achievements. Most of them are academic."
"But after all, it’s just that there is no deep accumulation of the family and it’s just that it supplies the students every year."
"You are not short of" Jun threw two eye knives in the past and turned to Huo Jiujian and said, "Did Xiao Ji go to monitor his clan and family?"
"No, I told him that he had sent all the bluebirds." Huo Jiujian smiled. Xiao Ji’s earnest work has always been very solid, and he will throw it to others than someone who is sexually mistaken.
Why do I feel that this product is like condescension? My gentleman is squinting at Huo Jiujian.
They exchanged pleasantries for a while, and finally decided that the three brothers and sisters should act together with Huo Jiujian. The three spirit beasts should stay in the abode of fairies and immortals and continue to cultivate the cards of Taoist Qingyun and others. Don’t show up for the time being and try to avoid others and protect their strength.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Total
In the end, Junkuang once again emphasized their goal: "It’s not convenient for everyone to hide their strength as much as possible to rob and earn a ticket later. That’s just a side effect. We keep a low profile and don’t startle Tombs of Tibetan Kings’s pitsu and her associates."
After all, even the king’s tomb and the temple of burning fire have not really been explored by the monarch. Relatively speaking, a group of people who are the first to enter the pity have great terrain advantages. If they are prepared for the terrain or hide, it is a big trouble for the monarch.

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