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Being his wife is definitely not an ordinary woman.

This morning, Song Qingcheng didn’t sleep as a sofa.
Not long after being carried back to bed, she didn’t know how to start. After all, she did it.
The quality of the bed is not good, and it rings when it is in a flash.
Grandma’s room is separated from her by a hall.
It is when the chicken doesn’t bark or the dog doesn’t bark that the whole courtyard can hear it clearly.
Later, Yu Tingchuan asked her to sit by herself, and she leaned against the head of the bed and took out a cigarette lighter just now. At this time, she was a little sloppy and black.
I don’t know how long it’s been-
喝茶约茶He turned the cigarette butt over against the cigarette case with his backhand and pressed her to the bottom.
Song Qingcheng woke up first.
There is the sound of well water washing pots and pans in the courtyard.
Looking at the sleeping man next to him didn’t wake him up to prevent grandma from coming over and asking her to see this scene. Song Qingcheng didn’t continue to sleep, got dressed and left the room first.
"Get up?" Grandma looked up and saw her.
Song Qingcheng walked over and wanted to help, but he was first driven to brush his teeth and wash his face.
She kept Yu Tingchuan’s share at breakfast.
The old lady noticed that someone was coming to eat at home, so she knew exactly who she was, but she didn’t tell her face to face. However, when she saw Yu Tingchuan coming out of the Song Qingcheng room, she was still taken aback. I don’t know when he came and saw him again. What’s not white about it?
Yutingchuan opened the door and didn’t expect to meet the old man.
Needless to say, I was embarrassed for a while.
☆, Chapter 17 Really don’t go together?
Song city came back from buying vegetables and just entered the hospital to see two people who didn’t talk at the door of their house, which seemed to have a small eye posture.
When I saw Song Qingcheng, "Grandma didn’t have whitebait in the market today, so I bought a bamboo shoot and scrambled eggs."
Yu Tingchuan at the door looked over first when he heard the sound.
The whole Song Dynasty wore a casual velvet suit and long hair tied up in a ponytail. The whole person was very relaxed, carrying a few white plastic bags filled with fresh vegetables and fish, and still looked at him.
Some gaze seem immobile, but they have the magic to make people’s hearts beat faster.
Think of what happened just before dawn
He just sat himself in front of him, which was not as serious as it looks now.
Song city bowed their heads slightly to hide their emotions and then went to the well to wash the dishes.
At this time, grandma confessed, "Take the tofu to the kitchen."
With that, I walked towards the kitchen first.
When Song Qingcheng entered the kitchen, grandma had steamed the steamed bread with a knife, and the faint milky smell lingered in the room. The old lady took the box of tofu in her hand and said, "When did he come over last night?"
Last night, Song Qingcheng and Yu Tingchuan went to eat midnight snack without informing their grandmother beforehand.
Now see grandma asked about the whole song to tell the truth, including sending her back too late for Yutingchuan to rest here.
The old lady didn’t criticize her for leaving a man for the night without authorization, even if she felt that it shouldn’t be so, but thinking that people would soon go to Nancheng wouldn’t care too much, but there were still some uneasy sighs. "I’m afraid that he can’t hold back two people quarreling after you, and his temper may not be willing to let you."
Song Qingcheng washed his hands and then added, "It’s good that it’s not noisy."
"Husband and wife don’t quarrel." Grandma disagreed with her and said, "Your grandfather and I sometimes fight a few words." The old lady added, "I have secretly observed him these times and never seen him show any emotions. If you suddenly find out that you are young, where is his opponent?"
Song Qingcheng also knows that grandma is no longer opposed to it, which doesn’t mean that she has no opinion on Yutingchuan.
So she turned the tap and said slowly, "When he is so busy at work, how can he quarrel with me? I don’t know what you are worried about. As far as I know, the boss likes to go out and have a good time, but if there was a problem, I wouldn’t have called him."
"Whatever," the old lady sighed.
Say, open the steamer cover, take out the steamed bread and put it on the dish, and then hand it to the whole Song Dynasty. "It will take several hours for lunch. Those fried dough sticks are so cold that send this to people."
See grandma is a knife mouth tofu heart Song Qingcheng faint smile "good".
Song Qingcheng found Yutingchuan in his own room.

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