"I have already revealed that it is impossible to betray her if the employer gives it to you. Otherwise, how can I get along when I go out?"

He Lianyin didn’t force him to ask lightly, "What is the reason why she wants to kill me? Is it because I prevented Hanlos from winning the championship? "
"That’s right, this champion will be settled. You cut off Mrs. Hu Ruan halfway and you don’t like it."
"She can kill me if she doesn’t like me?" He Lianyin coldly asked.
Before the two big men could understand what she said, there was a commotion at the gate and they heard "Bang-!" As soon as the dilapidated warehouse door was dented, the warehouse door was suddenly knocked open, and several cars galloped from the warehouse!
They blurred the faces of two big men in the warehouse with dazzling searchlights.
The two big men can stretch out their hands to block their eyes.
Just then HeLianYin a spin kick neatly put two big fellow down when they come back to the reaction that long watermelon Dao has been HeLianYin shake hands, she put the knife on their neck with an easy grace "thank you for your cooperation".
Two people one leng.
Eldest brother nu way "how dare you play me?
Angry, "How dare you play us?"
"How can you get the evidence without playing with you?" He Lianyin smiled cunningly, and several people immediately grabbed the two big fellow and tied them with thick hemp rope to seal their mouths. He Lianyin said with a smile, "Don’t worry, I want to deal with people who are not what you want. We won’t hurt you if you don’t move."
The two big guys hummed a few times and were dragged away.
"Give them to the police." There was a low voice at the end of the searchlight.
after that
A slender figure emerged from the bright light and shadow.
He Lianyin came over and there was a little tension and shortness in his indifferent eyes. "Xiao Yin, aren’t you hurt?"
"No, brother, did you record the pictures and conversations just now?"
"Recorded" He Lianyin’s cold eyes "This time there is finally evidence"
"Then let’s hurry to the live broadcast. It’s already 6: 30, and the championship night will be broadcast in half an hour. Go, go, go."
"What to attend? Let’s go to the hospital. You were drugged by them just now. This kind of thing hurts the brain nerve. Let’s go to the hospital for examination. "He Lianyin said while looking at his face.
"No" He Lianyin is very clear. "I didn’t get drugged with earplugs when I went out at night. I was pretending to be in a coma."
"really?" HeLianYin track stretched out his hand and touched her cheek and touched her nose "you didn’t lie to me?"
"If I were really ecstatic, how did I get off the rope just now? How did you make those two big men? " She dragged his solid arm and her eyes lit up. "Let’s go. The live horse has started. I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Let’s go, let’s go."
He Lianyin’s heart suddenly fell silent.
She went out of the warehouse together and got into the car. He Lianyin drove in the front seat and took off his shoes in the back seat. "Brother, did you bring my stage for me?"
"I brought it and put it in the seat pocket."
He Lianyin bowed his head and flipped through and said to He Lianyin, "Brother, I want to change my clothes when you put the heat shield on."
He Lianyin put the heat shield in accordance with the words. The rearview mirror is cold and beautiful. "Your hand is hurt."
"It’s okay, just put some band-aid on the skin injury," she said casually, changing clothes quickly, and then began to wear makeup tools and draw eyeliner while saying, "It’s 6: 50, brother, drive faster."
He Lianyin stopped the car.
He was so tense that his eyes flashed with anger and his face was so cold that he opened the door and went to buy her medicine.
He Lianyin didn’t stop him from continuing to draw eyeliner. The horse is about to start. She can draw simple makeup first and wait for the first scene. The first performance is that all the tutors sing with the singer, then the tutors sing alone, and finally the singer champion final.
So she went to finish singing the chorus with simple makeup and went back backstage to find a makeup artist to make up her makeup.
In a short time, He Lianyin came back with the medicine. He Lianyin stopped him from moving in the back seat. "I’ll wipe my brother with the medicine myself. Don’t delay. Drive quickly."
He Lianyin’s eyes seemed to freeze.
桑拿网He closed his eyes, opened the driver’s door and got in.
Ferrari flashed across the neon street.
Yuan Xi and Jiang Chenxi walked around in the background of the live broadcast. Ah Yin has not come to the live broadcast yet. His mobile phone is a mobile phone.
An ominous thought flashed through their hearts.
O Yin and Xiao Yin-
Something happened, didn’t it? !

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