Lin Ya chuckled, "tear it down and arrange it."

As soon as Zhang Yang heard her say this, she seemed relieved. "As long as you say this, I know that Sister-in-law is a person with deep righteousness!"
Lin Ya smiled and said nothing, but Mu Chuan glanced at him and said, "Don’t kiss up!"
"Ha ha" Zhang Yang two quick laugh.
Looked up and saw the front was surrounded by people grunted and laughed "yo, your sister’s good thing and Zhao’s ink? After this, it will become your sister-in-law, and Kyoto will not be embraced by your family? "
Lin Ya turned around and saw MuYan holding Zhao Jiamo in the doorway.
Muchuan glanced at the light tone and answered, "Do you think so?"
Zhang Yang pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled. Zhao Jiamo suddenly entered Kyoto, and it was sweeping. Kyoto made great efforts. Needless to say, such a person would choose a foster daughter. It’s a wonderful thing
After a little meditation, I patted Muchuan on the shoulder and gloated, "Anyway, there is nothing that stumbles you. I believe in your ability."
Muchuan glanced at him and shouted a word "get out!"
Zhang Yang smiled and looked at Lin Yadao. "Sister-in-law has fun and I’ll go to other places to see."
"You are busy"
Zhao Jiamo’s appearance caused a stir. For a company that suddenly entered Kyoto and its strength was not underestimated, it caused a lot of pressure on local enterprises in Kyoto.
Kyoto enterprises are extremely exclusive. Lin Ya has heard liuyan say several times that it seems that several companies have reached an alliance to compete with Zhao Jiamo.
However, as far as she knows, this alliance seems to have little effect, and Zhao Jiamo is still unstoppable and has a firm foothold in Kyoto.
He moves quickly and catches the right time. Such a man who knows how to assess the situation is really an opponent.
Soon someone went to Muchuan and talked for a few words, then began to test Muchuan’s meaning.
桑拿会所Lin Ya listened to a few words and made excuses to leave.
When she came out of health, she accidentally bumped into Zhao Jiamo at the door.
He looked at her and said "Miss Lin" calmly.
Look at him. He doesn’t seem to want to go to health. He seems to be waiting for her here.
But Lin Yashi can’t figure out why he wants to stay here and wait for her.
"Hello, Mr. Zhao." She put away all her doubts and greeted her politely.
Section 34
Zhao Jiamo stared at her face, and her eyes made her feel oppressed.
But his eyes are so calm that naturally she can’t find a place for the ceremony!
☆, 137 license!
Lin Ya secretly took a deep breath and the corners of her mouth overflowed with a smile as always. "Mr. Zhao specially waited for me here for something?"
Hearing this, the man chuckled, "Prove that I am waiting for you?"
Lin Ya slightly stunned and then quickly affirmed her thoughts. "What do you want to tell me?"
But men just chuckle and hand out something "My business card is linked"
Lin Ya took one look and looked up again when the man had entered the crowd.
Watching him drift away, her doubts deepened.
Taking advantage of Mu’s chaos, Mu Chuan went to Kyoto to choose an office building and a place in Mu Chuan. Are these coincidences too outrageous?
However, no matter what his purpose is, neither she nor Muchuan care that the man can stand in Kyoto for so long not by luck but by strength.

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