Pearl Krabs followed and asked, "Do you want to go to the company, Little Lady?"

"Why go to the company? What if I go to the company to defend myself and get angry? " It’s unkind to prevent a little girl from chasing her husband.
Pearl Krabs saw that I wasn’t too happy, and suddenly he said, "Little Lady, are you angry, young master, who is haunted by that instrument? I just don’t want to take care of it, but young master didn’t pay attention to it. Young lady is sincere to little lady. You must not let that instrument rob young master."
What’s all this about?
I laughed and said, "Now all living beings in a civilized society are equal and have the right to choose their spouses. Li, the official instrument, likes Wei Qingkui, but it can also be rude. After all, Wei Qingkui is so excellent. Although he is my husband, I can’t care so much. After all, there is no emotion, no entanglement …"
"Little lady, you don’t like master? What’s wrong with young lady and young master? What don’t you like about young master? Young master is sincere to you, otherwise he wouldn’t have married your young master. How could he have liked that little lady with a little ceremony again if he married you? Your attitude towards cool thin is too chilling. "
Pearl Krabs’s eyes were red, and she accused me of opening my mouth, trying to refute a few words, but she was speechless.
Yeah, it’s cool thin.
Since I want to repay Wei for helping me so much.
Since he doesn’t like the official ceremony, I think it’s not a great beauty. It’s not a good thing for his wife to be entangled in this rotten peach blossom. I’m going to come forward for a while so that this person can clean up this peach blossom for him and make him feel comfortable.
Pearl Krabs also wronged the beloved young master for her family. I sighed and stretched out my hand and patted her on the shoulder. I just said, "Pearl Krabs, you’re right. I really feel uncomfortable when you say this. This official gesture is too dismissive of me. She doesn’t know that your young master is married. We will go to this official gesture for a while so that she can know that not everyone can covet your young master."
Pearl Krabs was told by me that he immediately shook his sleeve avenue. "That’s right, Madam Shao, you finally know that you are jealous. Brother said that Gongyi Wei is now in the company and we will go now."
I zheng people have been Pearl Krabs pulled out.
The little girl really said that wind is rain.
Let’s get rid of this ceremonial micro as soon as possible, which can also be regarded as helping Wei Qingxiang solve an annoyance.
The car went straight to the equilibrium group. I haven’t been to the equilibrium group since Tina’s case ended.
Things on the left and right sides don’t matter to me either. Things on this side are shallow, so I didn’t come to avoid suspicion.
However, I am divorced from Qingyang. Although the news of divorce has not been officially announced, the past few months have been forgotten before the family lover, and few people will remember me as a wealthy and bitter kannika nimtragol.
Section 11
Pearl Krabs with heroism foaming at the mouth.
I raised my hand with a handful of forehead not cold sweat followed her into the stairs.
It is said that Gongyi Wei is now pestering Wei Qingyi’s office to discuss things, but after the discussion, she is unwilling to leave, which is very powerful.
I guess if your young master isn’t good, will she be able to bully him with a hard bow and despise him?
When I thought about it, I jumped out of my mind. The poor little fellow who had his hands and feet tied was really … seductive!
No2 I’m proud I can’t give you 2 Chapter 22 Emotional unbearable.
I shake a shake hurriedly put aside the delicate and charming scene.
"Little lady, your face is so red. Are you uncomfortable?" Pearl Krabs exclaimed.
I shook my hand and covered my face before I felt that my cheeks were really hot and enthusiastic. "It’s too hot. It’s a little stuffy in this ladder."
Pearl Krabs: Oh, the ladder door opened in time.
I’m a little hesitant. Pearl Krabs took me by the hand and said, "Little lady, if you hurry up and slow down, something will happen to the young master."
I said, "Your master is not a fragile woman. Maybe it’s true …"
The office door was pushed open and the view really surprised me …
In that big black sofa, Wei Qingkui moves strangely against the sofa, and his body is hanging with a claw octopus.
Because the octopus has his back to what I can’t see, but his figure is very good. It’s a stunner to look at his figure end to end.
Who light embarrassing face is very cold is trying to give the octopus to Bala.
When he saw me, his expression was first stupefied and then angry.
I saw that his face was angry for no reason, and his heart cooled. He felt that my appearance ruined his hard-to-get play.
My heart suddenly turned away as if I had gambled for a sigh of relief.
Pearl Krabs has already grabbed the octopus and pulled it.
Octopus had to fight with Pearl Krabs. I smiled and said, "Excuse me, I’ll go first."
"Live" and guard against embarrassment.
It’s not that I don’t step on my feet, and it’s not that I stop and step out.
When it was embarrassing, Wei Qingyi directly shouted, "Somebody get her out of here."
I was cold in my heart, thinking, I’m leaving in the end, so don’t let me go by myself. Do I have to be kicked out?
桑拿会所Two bodyguards came in and walked right past me and started to frame the octopus.
Pearl Krabs angrily and proudly said to the octopus, "Hum, no matter who you are, our young master already has a young lady. I advise you to die before it is too late. Don’t pester our young master."
The octopus was held by two people and shouted that it was embarrassing for her to twist her head to look at me when she passed by.
At first glance, I finally saw the true face of octopus.
Come here, the octopus will be a flower or a Cui Hua or even a morning glory.
But I don’t want to. It’s not even this gongyiwei. It’s still a pretty girl. It’s not beautiful, but it’s also a small jasper.
With this appearance, it’s embarrassing to look at it. Well, it’s a man
I was so angry at the ceremony that two bodyguards were so powerful that I immediately got people out of the door.
I turned around and suddenly heard Wei Qingkui’s angry voice turn over to Pearl Krabs.
"What do you want to bring little lady to come over? Don’t let her have a good rest at home but let her be seen by the public. Are you not worried about the safety of the young lady? "

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