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With Lyon and Cologne teaching them a lot of defensive preparations for this game.

From those people keeping a close eye on Lu Wenbin to Lu Wenbin, which position is defended by who and who grabs those delays, they are all properly arranged.
They also successfully defended Lu Wenbin 3 minutes before the game.
However, I didn’t expect Lu Wenbin’s dribbling skills to be so superb that people in the closed area could control the ball so accurately that four people even scored it.
Very depressed
How can there be such a tough player in this world?
Fast speed, good physical fitness, good dribbling and accurate shooting. What else can’t Lu Wenbin do?
There are probably defenses and goalkeepers, but Lu Wenbin won’t.
Dortmund players are depressed and the game starts again.
Dortmund’s defense in this game was really good. Lu Wenbin’s full dribbling also helped him break through again and again.
Sometimes a person who breaks through the grab will be taken by the second person to break the ball.
Sometimes if you break through two people, the ball will be broken by a third person.
Without breaking through the 3-meter forbidden area where players from both sides piled up in Dortmund’s goal, there were many figures in the area. Lu Wenbin’s long-range roots couldn’t fly to the goal, so he was blocked by people or cleared by stretching his legs.
Of course, Lu Wenbin couldn’t score, and Dortmund isolated striker barrios and failed to score.
One minute after stoppage time, the two sides entered the halftime with a score of 1. Hoffenheim took the lead temporarily.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
After the intermission, Dortmund’s defensive counterattack was adjusted and played more steadily and hierarchically.
On the other hand, Hoffenheim has no outstanding dribbling ability except Lu Wenbin and Eduardo.
Faced with a bus, Dortmund Hoffenheim couldn’t come up with many ways to give the ball to Lu Wenbin as far as possible to break through Dortmund’s defense.
With the continuous breakthrough of Lu Wenbin and Dortmund’s defense confrontation, more and more people have become accustomed to think that Lu Wenbin will break through the shot with the ball.
So in the 6th minute, when Lu Wenbin once again broke through a player and entered the forbidden area, four Dortmund players surrounded him to finish the players who ignored him.
But Lu Wenbin did not ignore it.
Lu Wenbin didn’t hesitate to kick the ball to the other side of the forbidden area after discovering that he was about to be besieged and the shooting route was blocked.
Dortmund players were frightened to death and turned around to see someone defending Hoffenheim captain Salihovic into the forbidden area and volleyed directly without stopping.
The ball went into the goal like a sharp arrow. The goalkeeper Weidenler turned his head and watched the ball go into the goal without even making a reaction.
Just now, Lu Wenbin’s fans in Dortmund suddenly fell silent and went to the whole Westfalun Stadium as silent as death. A few Hoffenheim fans and various TV commentators shouted wildly.
桑拿论坛Hoffenheim scored the second goal at the stadium, and Salihovic rushed to Lu Wenbin with excitement and gave him a big hug.
Salihovic said, "Lou, we are going to win."
Lu Wenbin laughed. "Good champion is coming."
His teammates also gathered around to celebrate.
Although it is far from the end of the game, this goal is already a sealed victory.
Because of the situation of the game, opponents dare not fight back. If Dortmund fights back, Dortmund will score more goals.
This is also the case.
After being scored two goals, Dortmund really had no choice but to strengthen the counterattack and attack.
But in that case, the number of defenders in the backcourt dropped by 7 minutes, and Lu Wenbin scored a long-range shot outside the forbidden area.
Lu Wenbin scored twice, Hoffenheim led Dortmund 3, and this game has been won.
Thousands of Hoffenheim fans stand holding models of Bundesliga champion salad plates and singing and dancing regardless of Dortmund fans’ feelings.
Many Dortmund fans have already left before the start and are too lazy to watch Hoffenheim celebrate.
The lure of winning the championship before the lead makes the Hofenheim players in the stadium seem a little distracted.
In the last 5 minutes, Dortmund finally scored a goal to save face in an absent-minded way.
But it is no longer economical.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the final whistle of the game. Hoffenheim won the first three rounds of the 1921 German League with Lu Wenbin’s two shots, one away game and 31 victory over Dortmund.
Lu Wenbin got one assist, 52 goals, 20,000 wins, 20,000 total experiences, 450,000 rewards, and the experience increased by 1 level, 751,000.
As soon as the game was over, the commentator Sikorster and his TV commentator all roared to congratulate Hoffenheim on winning the championship.
Hoffenheim Village, Rheinkar County, Sinsheim City, Germany, Europe, and several fans of Hoffenheim and Lu Wenbin in the world all gave great cheers.
Chapter 366 Dynasty
After the game, Dortmund players and fans left the stadium one after another, leaving only the former champion Hoffenheim players and fans to celebrate at the Westfalen Stadium.
After all, the atmosphere of the away championship celebration is not as strong as that at home.
More than 2 minutes later, the German Football Association Hoffenheim held a brief award ceremony.
We are the captain of the champion background song. On behalf of Hoffenheim, Salihovic lifted the blue-and-white confetti podium of the 1921 German Football League Championship.
Hoffenheim won the Bundesliga title in 1921 in the first three rounds and successfully defended his title. He dominated the Bundesliga for two consecutive years. All Hoffenheim players and fans were so excited that some fans even left tears of excitement.
Four years ago, when they were still struggling in the German-Chinese League, who could have imagined that they had such a beautiful scenery today?
Lu Wenbin, the team’s former champion, also completed the defending Bundesliga championship, gaining 10,000 experience and one skill point. The experience increased by one level and the balance of 51,000 skill points was 11.
One game is the first leg of Bayern Munich Champions League semi-final, which is not difficult.
Although Hoffenheim has won more and lost less against Bayern Munich in the last two seasons, Bayern is not fighting back.
Bayern Munich’s background, strength and willpower should not be underestimated.
Especially in Bayern, there are more powerful stars than Hoffenheim.
If they play the extreme 541 defensive counter-attack like Lyon and limit the number of people in the backcourt, it is not impossible for Lu Wenbin to beat Hoffenheim by relying on one or two superstars in the frontcourt.
Therefore, if the striker has extra skill points, Lu Wenbin will continue to strengthen the basic skills of the striker who can help him score goals.

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