In Gu Tianqi and Qing Li’s honeymoon, we didn’t deliberately hide it from all the powerful reporters and the media. Today is their return plane day!

When the early news was exposed, these journalists and media had already rushed to the airport!
All news by plane is isolated from the world!
Gu Tianqi and Qing Li came out from the hatch after the plane. Both of them were wearing local tourist clothes, which were refreshing and beautiful!
Except for them, he came from this plane, and most of them did.
桑拿会所Qing Li smiles and wears Gu Tianqi’s accessories for her. It looks especially spring breeze! There was a marked contrast before the honeymoon!
At this time, Qing Li seems to be getting more moist and happier!
Even Gu Tianqi’s face and corners of his mouth have always been slightly raised since he got off the plane!
It is said that honeymoon is the most beautiful time after marriage! You’re absolutely right! Seven days a week, not only Li Qinglian but also Gu Tianqi have subtle changes!
Come here! I saw Gu Tianqi and Zhou Qing!
The reporters who hurried here happened to see Gu Tianqi and Qing Li coming out from the inside!
The original has been running pace to see Gu Tianqi after they run more diligently!
Hand in hand with fingers clasped Gu Tianqi holding Qing Li one wearing sunglasses and one wearing a hat doesn’t seem to notice what they are about to face!
From this flight, people were all smiling. However, with waves of people blocking the road in front of them, Gu Tianqi and others were as surprised by this unexpected event as those people.
Hello, Mr. Gu …
Gu Xian …
It’s just a rush. None of these reporters who are desperately trying to grab the front can finish a sentence completely at first, and they are turbulent because of the influx of people! Keep your feet steady!
Because of the incident, Rosh, the general manager, suddenly knew the seriousness of the matter and told him to go to the airport to meet Gu Tianqi and them!
One step slower than these reporters is just a small step!
I happened to see Gu Tianqi and them coming out when I looked around, and then these reporters surrounded the scene!
With three or four guarantors, they jumped directly over the guardrail next to them. These reporters didn’t make too much move before they blocked the front to prevent these reporters from having too much contact with Gu Tianqi and Li Qingyou!
Master Qi, come with me.
Who day stretched out his hand to protect the Gu Tianqi Gu Tianqi stretched out his hand and took Qing Li and then who day next to Gu Tianqi and Qing Li guides!
It was only a short time before the reporters met Gu Tianqi and Zhou Qing, and they were stopped by someone who suddenly appeared in front of them, so they could watch the interviewee go further and further!
The airport is full of reporters blocking the door. In order to avoid trouble, Gu Tianqi and others will be taken to the other side of the airport and then leave here by private helicopter!
In the body, these guarantees confirmed that after leaving with Master Qi and Lady Shao, they immediately stopped and went back by car!
When Gu Tianqi questioned the helicopter, it probably explained that Gu Tianqi and Qing Li were about white!
After returning to the villa, Gu Tianqi reached back and picked up Qing Li from the airport, and then the two men walked slowly towards the castle with strong winds!
Because the helicopter is powerful, everything nearby is blown away, and the family usually rarely lets the helicopter fall into the house! Unless it is a special case!
Watching and playing Gu Tianqi hurried away under the protection of his family. Rilpo slowly shook the picture with red wine in his hand! Like enjoying a beautiful scene and enjoying one’s own art, Lipper’s mouth can’t help but rise!
Gu Tianqi, do you also have today?
Coldly said these words, Rilpo turned the seat and looked at the passive Nuo Nuo next to him!
It’s your time to play! How can I say no?
As soon as the other party hears Rilpo’s words, they bow and then bow!
In vain! I can say whatever you want if you are willing to let me go!
Smell speech Li Erbo immediately evoked a sneer at the corner of his mouth and walked to the front of the man and patted him on the cheek and said
I don’t want what you say, just tell me the truth!
After that, Lipper drank a glass of wine in one gulp, and then his eyes couldn’t hide his joy! But more is sneer!
Gu Tianqi! Gu Tianqi! After all, you are just a toad in a gorgeous appearance! There will never be a chance to be a high king!
Zhou family and family sat in the living room and waited until Gu Tianqi and Qing Li came in and they got up immediately.
When the Zhou family came back, Gu Minhua and Lan Yin seldom asked what was going on!
However, the Zhou family didn’t care more about Qing Li than the news reports!
When they came in from the gate, they were blocked by some reporters!
Mr. Zhou has always thought that your soninlaw is a family member, but now he is not. How do you feel?
Section 245
Are you disappointed in this soninlaw?
Because it’s not royalty, it’s even more noble. These reporters will block Zhou Xing’s step and refuse to let him!
For such a scene, even if the temperament is good, Zhou Xing can’t help but get more angry!
He raised his eyes and looked at these reporters with some displeasure and said
My woman married a man called Gu Tianqi instead of a blood vessel called Gu Tianqi! There is also trouble for you reporters to remember one thing clearly. It is not your turn for my soninlaw to comment!
Maybe it’s that Zhou Xing’s face and tone of voice are too scary, and the reporters around him are stuck for a while!
Then Gu Jiabao drove out and stopped these annoying reporters! Let the Zhou family go in by car!
These reporters in the family didn’t dare to go in, but the family didn’t drive them away at the door!

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