The shadow slave can naturally continue to play its role, and the biggest advantage of the shadow slave is that it can be used as a scapegoat.

If you want to give him back to his team, it is equivalent to having a limited life, in other words, the whole team’s mistakes have skyrocketed.
However, telling people about this is a reassurance, and they will not be extremely vigilant. This is not necessarily a good thing. Without tension, there is no such thing as relaxation and relaxation. What progress can we talk about?
For this reason, he told Qin Xiao alone.
However, the little girl obviously didn’t understand what he meant. What do you want to tell me? Do you want any praise from me?
I just want to tell you. Jun tugged at the corner of his mouth crazily. Just think that I deliberately created a topic to let the two of us have a common secret.
So I became an accomplice passively. The little girl wrinkled her nose.
Yes, but can’t you put it in a more appropriate way? Jun Kuang turned his eyes in his heart. It’s called two people’s secrets.
Smell speech Qin Xiao unceremoniously gouged out his one eye, do you think this time the secret needs romance?
Speaking of it, Jun Kuang also feels that his thoughts are difficult to reach Qin Xiao here, so two people can hear the sound and explain it carefully. Do you remember that every shadow maker can drive the shadow slave, but the shadow slave can replace a certain target to die, although it has no attack power?
That is to say, if you want to make a movie, we will have nine lives like cats. I remembered that the seed made a very realistic performance by shadow slaves. Qin Xiao finally understood the meaning of You are too jumping, so consider me.
That’s really sorry, Jun smiled apologetically. I always thought that you were tied behind your back because you were afraid that you might get hurt and let others worry about you and disrupt the rhythm of the whole team. After a pause, he added, Of course, it doesn’t rule out that I may have been overprotective and didn’t give you the opportunity to fight. After this opportunity, it will become more and more. Your team center should actively participate in the battle.
Yes, your specialty determines that you can cooperate with many people in the team center at the same time and they assign work. Jun Kuang nodded slightly. I think this is a good exercise for you. In the first few years, I will teach you the imperial art, which will be of great help to the whole team.
But the imperial art is not.
You should straighten your position and believe that it can be done easily. I believe Qin Xiao’s ability will become a team leader.
The little girl hubris at you rather inquisitively. You didn’t mean to test me, did you?
Do I have to? Jun picked his eyebrows.
But the shadow makes such an important thing, you tell me that it would be bad if I fall into the hands of any aristocratic clan. The little girl’s eyes turned. Although I don’t like it very much, I still hope to add a ban to your gv 10.
Jun shrugged his shoulders and sighed regretfully. Shadow is not known to everyone and it is not a magic weapon to win. It is the reason for the whole team to keep groping for progress. He raised his hand and touched her head. And I will protect you.
He is confident enough that Qin Xiao will never fall into his hands.
Of course, telling Qin Xiao is not to encourage her to let go of her hands and feet, but to have another purpose
So now I’ll let the shadows enter your shadow, Jun said crazily. At the critical moment, they will definitely appear to save you from danger. At worst, buildings and trees are everywhere, and they will hide in the shadow with you. I want to discuss this with you.
This gentleman is really going further and further around such a big circle. Qin Xiao was also relieved and wanted to express something terrible.
Well, it’s my statement that’s a little detoured. You stand hand wildly.
The aura of heaven and earth around you is flowing rapidly again, and the direction is still the stone room where Jun Qian works.
Let’s take a look at you. The little girl took your crazy sleeve and ran in the direction of the stone room.
Since you call Jun Qian an elder brother, you won’t call me elder brother. Jun crazy always thinks it’s very sad.
What do you say? Qin Xiao turned his head and glared at him angrily. Which brother married his sister? Even if it was a nominal marriage, it was not so outrageous. Qin Xiao also said that he was angry and forced Jun crazy Nai to make this move. If she hadn’t been crazy about Jun, she would have refuted her several times.
Junkuang has many opportunities to refute, but this person has never said anything or done a branch. Many times, he tries his best to guide her and point out the best path for her like a street lamp in life.
She has hardly been separated from Junkuang since she was four years old, and it is clear that no matter what feelings she has, she will eventually generalize her family ties.
However, there is a passionate feeling in the family that she wants to spend the rest of her life. This feeling has long been rooted in her heart and she has never noticed it.
It seems that I underestimated the strength of your little brother and sister-in-law. Jun pushed open Shimen and saw that the whole typhoon did not shrink, but it expanded a lot more than before. The aura of heaven and earth was constantly lost before the typhoon surged, and the aura of heaven and earth had been absorbed, while Jun Qian’s momentum was constantly rising. It was two grades before.
As Xiaorui absorbs the blood from the stone and approaches the tail, Junqian’s strength has also been further improved, even if he is about to step into the realm.
Jun Qian’s brother was promoted so fast Qin Xiao looked at with envy.
It’s not necessarily a good thing. Jun frowned without a trace. I seem to have said more than once that I hope your little brother won’t make such a low-level mistake.
I believe in your humble brother, the little girl envied and turned to should I close it, too?
When your little brother comes out, you assign a stone room. I’ll help you with the cloth now.
Segmented reading 36
Buy a jun crazy very happy to see Qin Xiaojin even if the reality is not practice, but he doesn’t want to dispel each other’s enthusiasm.
Speaking, he has thrown out a few pieces of spar towards the typhoon, the size of a fist.
Chapter one hundred Queen Rui
The wind ball, the aura of heaven and earth flows rapidly, and the spar is immediately wrapped up when it comes into contact, and it is constantly cut into pieces by aura and quickly absorbed.
It doesn’t seem to be enough. Qin Xiao looked at the typhoon with concern.
Add a few more pieces. Jun Kuang doesn’t mean to consume his own equipment. Take me to your appointed stone room and I’ll arrange a law for you. Then he handed a piece of traditional Xuan Jing to a Qin Xiao little girl and observed it carefully and found that the surface was engraved with a green rune law.
桑拿会所Can help you gather the aura of heaven and earth to guide the flow of Xuanli Jun Kuang said unequivocally.
Do I also have a chance to be like Jun Qian’s brother? A sphere with a radius of one person high will envelop the whole person. The aura content in China and the world is amazing, and it can constantly absorb spar from the outside to expand the sphere energy, which is an eye-opener for her.
Wen Yan Jun’s madness slightly evokes the corners of his mouth. If you work hard, it will happen soon.
Jun Qian, if he doesn’t converge, the aura of the whole wind ball world is enough for him to absorb to the degree of half a step emperor, but it may not be stable to repair the foundation and it may not be solid, which will easily lead to the restriction of subsequent growth.
He estimated that if the situation is better, Jun Qian will probably suppress the realm back to the early stage of Zunjing, so it is an extraordinary achievement to grow up to a big realm.
Jun poked at the typhoon and was dragged to a nearby stone room by Qin Xiao without warning.
The arrangement process of array method is not as complicated as that of array method. The only difference is that Jun Kuang contributed several spars. After all, Jun Fengfeng Ball has been absorbing the aura of heaven and earth. The amount of aura in the abode of fairies is limited. If Jun Qian’s typhoon ball is affected by array method, it will not be worth the loss.
You stop here, but you don’t need to pursue a breakthrough. It’s good to be concise and see if there is an epiphany opportunity. Jun patted her on the shoulder. You are not very advanced in enlightenment. After all, from experience, you are much worse than those who are hundreds of years old. It doesn’t hurt you to work hard in this respect.
White little girl smiled wittily. You’d better go back and look at Jun Qian’s brother. He’s giving me a good face.
It’s very kind of you to say that? Jun laughed wildly and agreed with her in his heart.
When I went back to Jun Qian’s stone chamber, I was not surprised to find that the whole wind ball expanded a little, but the strength of the wind wall was not as good as before. I found that Jun Qian was absorbing the aura of heaven and earth at a very fast speed.
And the original breath around Jun Qian has become very obvious now.
There is no doubt that this is Xiaorui. He can judge Xiaorui by his breath. Even if it is not shine on you, it can be on a par with Shi Xiu.
It is said that many times chance dominates a person’s future.

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