We were very unhappy together and made both of us unhappy. I came to apologize, Lankar explained.

We can still remember your yelling attitude a few days ago, and we are talking about this again, Andre sneered.
I really have another purpose, Lankar said.
What’s the purpose? asked the masked king man.
No one from the first team has washed my mine and their target horse is going to point at you. You’d better be careful, Lankar said.
Be careful, are you threatening me? Andre asked.
It’s not that I want to threaten you. They did point the finger at you. You’d better be careful, Lankar continued, or you will regret it soon.
You can go. Andre immediately gave the marching orders.
You don’t take me seriously? Yun Han, who has been silent, suddenly spoke.
Who are you and why do you say that? Andre looked at Yun Han angrily.
I’m afraid you haven’t heard of my identity, said Rhyme Cold and walked slowly towards Andre.
Angry at this age, is it possible to become a god? Don’t dream. Andre is unwilling to admit the identity of rhyme cold.
Hum not long eyes guy rhyme cold said suddenly out of the hand a slap Andre body.
Andre screamed and flew out directly, and the whole person was posted on the wall.
And the heavenly king mask man took a step back after seeing the rhyme cold power. Although his face didn’t show the slightest fear, his heart had some unspeakable panic.
You masked guy that face must be very ugly Rhyme cold mocked him.
Ugly, don’t jump to conclusions before you see my true face, said the masked king impatiently.
Believe it or not, I’ll take off your face mask now. Yun Han threatened.
If you think you have something to do, come and pick it. I’ll play along with you to the end, said the masked king.
Rhyme cold quickly stretched out his hand to pick up the pop mask male mask, but the pop mask male stepped back just to avoid her hands.
After the singer mask man stepped back a few steps, the rhyme cold quickly flashed in front of him, and the singer mask man also took this opportunity to fight back.
Rhyme cold to reach out and take off his mask again when pop mask man suddenly reached out and attacked her chest.
Get rid of your pig’s hand Rhyme Cold quickly took the hand back and caught the hands of King Mask Man by the way.
Get out of my way. Rhyme cold force pushed the pop mask man and tried his best to resist it, but pop mask man actually found that this woman was twice as powerful as himself.
Rhyme cold force instant pop mask male directly back several steps and almost fell to the ground.
Don’t fight yet, let’s have something to say. Seeing that the other party has an advantage, the masked king man began to talk about conditions.
品茶Ok, since you are so afraid of us, we will give you a choice. What does Lankar seem to want?
What requirements Andre asked.
You’ve collected Yu Yunhan’s suggestion that you should be the Lord of God, Lankar demanded.
You’re asking too much. What do you want us to do? Andre shouted angrily.
It’s your honor to help me transform the world. Lankar did them a lot of good.
No Andre firmly shook his head directly.
All right, Yun Han, I want to give these two guys some chance to live, but these two guys won’t cooperate with us at all. What should we do? Lankar asked Yun Han.
It’s hard to say Yun Han shook his head and said I think I should get rid of these two guys
Wait a minute and have something to say. The pop mask man stopped Lankar.
What’s the matter? What are you going to say? Your good brother Andre is too uncooperative. Lankar quipped.
I’m at your disposal, said the masked king man. He can choose to bow and scrape in the face of God’s usual prestige.
Listen to my arrangement. Well, that sounds good. Lankar looked at him and nodded.
What about you? Lankar looked at Andre again.
I, I promise your request. See the King Mask Man, there’s nothing more he can do. Andre can lower his head. I’m at your disposal.
Haha, these guys are so funny. Seeing these two big men grovel to themselves has a high sense of accomplishment.
Then do you want to ask anything? Lankar said.
What are you going to do now? Andrea asked.
Your body will be collected by us, Lankar said, looking at Andre.
What on earth are you going to do when you are recruited? Andre asked.
You will be my second transformed life form, and soon you will be able to work for me. According to Lankar’s words, he should have transformed a life form before.
What? Andre was frightened. You’re not taking my life.
Yes, it’s your life, but don’t worry, you can’t die. Lankar looked at him and said.
Hum, how can you be sure if the experiment can’t escape the fate of a narrow escape? Andre asked.
Or I’ll kill you now and cut you off, Lankar asked.
No, no, no Andre shook his head.
Since you have no complaints, I’ll take you there, Lankar said, taking Andre away.

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