Therefore, in this game, the team has always sent the strongest fighting force and paid full attention to the opponent from the tactical point of view, and made the most detailed and meticulous arrangements with one goal, that is, winning.

win a convincing
A game to tell AC Milan that you played in other countries’ leagues. Go outside and play in the Champions League. It’s a pity that Kaka is in such a good state and doesn’t defend against and abuse European teams.
In view of AC Milan’s old and injured defense line.
Lazio picked up the pace from the first second of the game and kept accelerating during the game.
Constant victory means that all the young people in your team are physically strong and can run and bully AC Milan. The total age is 139, and the average age is 34.75.
Cafu, paolo maldini, Starr and a young Lazio player from Favali are in a terrible shock.
Starr’s injury when the team tried to win a league title was definitely a heavy blow to AC Milan.
Carlo Ancelotti watched the fallen Stalazio people celebrating their goal. Stasta was like a worthless background …
He shook his head.
It is too difficult for AC Milan to compete for the league title …
Try your best in the league and it is very likely that you will still draw water in the end.
In that case, what are you going to do for the league title?
This season is the first season after the scandal. It is necessary to let the whole of Italy and even the whole of Europe know that AC Milan has not been defeated by the scandal.
Despite the unfavorable situation, AC Milan must come up with something to prove itself.
There’s no point in winning the Italian Cup, so there’s only one Champions League left in the end.
Ancelotti finally made a decision in front of the visiting coach’s seat at the Rome Olympic Stadiumgiving up the league power to compete for the Champions League.
Anyway, Kaka’s season is surprisingly good, and his characteristics are just right for defensive counterattack.
And the defensive counterattack in the cup can often get miraculous results.
All the conditions are met … It is destiny takes a hand that AC Milan should win the Champions League.
Starr was just carried on a stretcher.
Twentyyearold Kaladze took over.
The average age of AC Milan’s defence has finally been reduced to five years …
This is meaningless to AC Milan.
Lazio also continue to mercilessly bully this defense line whose average age has dropped from 34.75 to 34.25.
At halftime, with the physical fitness of AC Milan players, their resistance became weaker.
In the end, Lazio beat AC Milan 3 at home and got a complete victory as expected.
After the game, Ancelotti admitted that it was impossible for AC Milan to compete for the league title.
He didn’t say that the team’s focus shifted to the Champions League, but everyone could guess.
AC Milan, the giants, can never admit that losing them in the national league will definitely double their earnings in the Champions League.
When February is coming, the strategic focus of AC Milan’s season has completely shifted to the Champions League.
However, Changsheng cleared the obstacle of AC Milan through this game.
Now there is only one defeated Inter Milan.
Chapter one hundred and thirtyfour Same multiplechoice questions
Lazio beat AC Milan 30 at home in the 20th round of the league.
After the game, no media was surprised to say anything incredible or unpopular.
Although Lazio players don’t look famous enough, this team as a whole is really super strong.
It is normal for them to double kill such an AC Milan team this season.
In the same round, Inter Milan beat Florence at home 31.
Although it lost to Lazio, the Inter Milan’s selfadjustment ability was excellent, and a quick victory solved the crisis.
桑拿按摩Inter Milan continue to bite Lazio by two points in the standings.
I have fallen behind in Rome for a long time, and I am far from the second place in the league, Inter Milan, and the first place, Lazio, by as much as ten points.
Look at this rhythm. Lazio and Inter Milan will compete for the league title in the next season.
The twopoint difference is not too much. Every team has a chance.

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