Well, of course, Zhou Zhengqi and others seem to have found this island, and we have to catch the best island in front of them and get rid of them, said the ugly man.

This islander is not easy to mess with. If we go now, they can’t wait to dismember us, especially this time, the blonde is too fierce, and several of us have died at her hands.
Really? I’ll see for myself if she’s as good as them this time. The sailors boarded the island and walked towards the center of the island, but no one noticed them yet.
Deepsea city Li Xiabing Nie Yan stayed at home for several days. Although Zhou Zhengqi was not around, Chen Xiafeng made her a joy every day. Instead, she didn’t feel lonely, but her belly was getting bigger and bigger. She should not be far from giving birth.
Hi, Zhou Zhengqi has been out to sea for so long and hasn’t contacted me once. What the hell is he doing? Li Xiabing muttered.
He should be busy recently, after all, he has been given an army command, and he can’t come if he wants to be idle, Nie Yan speculated.
I wonder where he is now, said Li Xiabing. Let’s get some air. I feel so stuffy here.
Well, I’ll go out with you, said Chen Xiafeng.
And how can I be without me? Nie Yan followed.
I think I should find an opportunity to give him a message to determine his current position, Li Xiabing continued.
I’m afraid I can make normal calls there. Nie Yan told her a sad fact.
French normal call
First, Na Pianhai is far from the land, but there are some strange signals that are not easy to come out, Nie Yan explained
What shall we do?
This statement is also inaccurate and may be related. Nie Yan analyzed another possibility.
Well, I’ll try it with him now. Li Xiabing said and took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhou Zhengqi’s number.
Zheng Qi, your words rang as if it were Xia Bing. Shen Zifeng woke up when he saw Zhou Zheng Qi’s words.
Oh, I saw it, but we are all tied up. Zhou Zhengqi said with difficulty.
You don’t answer the words Xia Bing she must be very worried Shen Zifeng woke up.
I think one Zhou Zhengqi wanted to pour out the mobile phone in his bag, but it was very difficult to move it by himself. He didn’t take it out for a long time.
God, no one answered, Li Xiabing said disappointedly.
No one answered. It must be a bad signal, Nie Yan guessed.
Absolutely not. In that case, his sign should be to answer the phone instead of the call you dialed. If you answer the hearing temporarily, you can still call. Li Xiabing analyzed, But he won’t answer my words.
It may be busy. Nie Yan said this, but she was also worried that she was her only child after all.
Chapter three hundred and twentysix Li Xiabing worry
No, I have to call until I get through. Li Xiabing said and dialed the phone again. Zhou Zhengqi’s cell phone rang again.
Zheng Qi, is your cell phone ringing again or is Xia Bing calling? Shen Zifeng said.
But I can’t answer the phone. Zhou Zhengqi’s expression became very painful, and his cell phone rang wildly.
He still doesn’t answer, Li Xiabing muttered. His mood suddenly became very excited. What?
Xia Bing, you’re a little excited. Don’t do this. Nie Yan urged aside.
I don’t want to get excited, but he is too important to me. Li Xiabing almost began to cry.
You can call back later. Nie Yan continued to persuade him to take Li Xiabing’s mobile phone directly.
But I don’t want to wait. Li Xiabing began to emphasize the words don’t want to wait and I can’t go anywhere
Well, I’ll go to the director. He should be able to locate Zhou Zhengqi. Nie Yan thought of this idea.
Well, I’ll go with you, Li Xiabing pleaded.
I’ll go too, said Chen Xiafeng.
You can’t. Not everyone can go in that place. Nie Yan stopped.
Elder brother, go back first. We should be back soon, said Li Xiabing.
All right, be careful.
品茶Li Xiabing Nie Yan arrived at the National Intelligence Agency anxiously. Fortunately, the director was still in his office.
Xia Bing, long time no see, you have become more beautiful. As soon as we met, Qiu Yongxian began to speak kindly.
Director, don’t talk about the peach blossom robbery. Can you do me a favor? Li Xiabing asked.
What are you busy seeing if I can do it?
Where is Zhou Zhengqi now? Li Xiabing asked.
So you are worried about his safety.
Well, if he doesn’t contact me for such a long time, how can I know if he is safe? Li Xiabing said.
He gives me feedback on his itinerary every day, but there are some anomalies these days, Qiu Yongxian said.
What’s wrong with abnormality?
Since entering Na Pianhai, the whole fleet has lost contact. We can determine their movements and they can also link with us. After all, there is some supernatural power there that can interfere with all the signals around them. It is estimated that they are still in an embarrassing situation. Qiu Yongxian also expressed his ability.
Hearing this, Li Xiabing dared not ring again.
Suddenly she closed her eyes and fell to the ground.
Xia Bing NieYan immediately hold her.
What’s the matter with her?
I don’t know if it is.
Hurry to the hospital!
Zhou Zhengqi, Shen Zifeng, Liang Qian, Linghui and others stared at each other in this humble dark room for a whole day.
I think we are so stupid. Shen Zifeng began to laugh at herself.

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