This wave of Lin Tian looked at the screen and bit his teeth.

Chapter one hundred and thirteen Four for three
Lin Tian and others thought this wave could be won, but they forgot one person.
Tian Ning’s previous performances can’t be said to be brilliant, but this one is not in Lin Tian’s opponent, and everything else is in an. If he doesn’t pay attention to his situation once, he has already made up for his development.
When Lin Tian didn’t go to LSPL, everyone thought that the strongest AC of LSPL was Tian Ning.
After the return of Lin Tian, we all know that Lin Tian’s note on Tian Ning is getting lower and lower.
Now, even the explanation can’t blow Tian Ning. At most, it’s Lin Tianhe and vegetarian dishes
But of course, this does not mean that Tian Ning’s strength is still there.
At this time, Tian Ning came out with one hand, and Jin Kesi did a lot of damage. Several people in the Z team didn’t pay much attention to him until the crocodile was destroyed by more than half of the blood, and several people found that the damage was so high.
Kill Jinks At this time, someone said.
However, it seems that the position is somewhat backward, and there is a hammer stone to protect it. It is very difficult for a blind monk with residual blood and a crocodile in poor condition to kill this Jin Kesi.
At this time, Ge Yudao said, I will come!
When I came to Geyuchang, I was a little timid, but this time Geyu was not timid but flashed in the past!
桑拿论坛Before he flashed, AQA hit and hurt the other side. Jin Kesi was immediately knocked out of a lot of blood.
Ge Yu flashed forward to play with the other party, Jin Kesi Imperial City P, which was also quite good. After several draws, the other party, Jin Kesi, lost a lot of blood.
But before Ge Yu, he also embarrassed his position. Compared with the demon Ji, he immediately struck Ge Yu with a skill and Jin Kesi’s big move.
But at this time, Xingyu Lin manipulated crocodiles and finally rushed to Jin Kesi. A red anger skill directly knocked out a lot of blood for Jinks.
At the same time, Lin Tian also directly has a Q skill.
Jin Kesi was stunned by crocodiles, and he couldn’t move Lin Tian’s Q skill, but it was very easy to scratch the other Jin Kesi.
Jin Kesi’s blood volume immediately dropped a lot. At this time, Hai Tiansheng also quickly killed the other party Jin Kesi before QQ, but at the same time, the other party Dreius had the effect of blood anger. At this time, A killed a blind monk and immediately beheaded him with a big move!
Dreius’s injury to meat looks a little low.
But there is still a lot of blood in the five layers of bleeding! Hai was born to control the blind monk and died without even humming!
Then Dreiser ping A crocodile with a Q skill is another big move!
The first big move of Dreius is like a fiend, which directly kills the blind monk, and the second big move kills the crocodile that is not in good condition!
Take off two heads directly!
Z team suddenly lost four generals!
Fat GeYuHai born Xingyu Lin these four people were killed directly!
And the other side is currently killed two.
When Lin Tian just saw Jin Kesi’s injury, he actually expected such a result.
He has a tight frown.
At this time, the Z team left Lin Tian with a card.
He surrendered his skills and killed the other demon Ji.
Vegetarian demon Ji is very elegant, but there are also mistakes at this time. Lin Tian found the opportunity to take away the demon Ji directly with a Q skill.
But the other Dreiser Lin God knows he can’t take it away.
The other hammer Shi Qian stretched out a jadelike green hook, but Lin Tian directly took a walk to escape.
A team people don’t continue to chase.
I really can’t chase this card.
Now the situation is that neither side can kill the other.
This wave of Z team is a fourforthree loss.
This result is somewhat unexpected to Z team.

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