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Holy blade! A white light suddenly turned into a sharp sword and chopped it head-on at Ling Feiyang!

Ling Feiyang doesn’t dodge but stimulates the energy field to form a shield in vitro, blocking the light blade!
The holy light is chaotic! At the same time, more than a dozen white lights were shot from the ball of light in the church and turned into more than a dozen sharp swords to cut Ling Feiyang’s body everywhere!
"Flash shields!" Ling Feiyang drank a lot and actually used Gonzalez to teach him more than a dozen flashes of thunder magic to accurately split these light blades and eliminate them at the same time!
At this moment, Ling Feiyang has rushed to five meters in front of Camilo, and a palm "Kang Long has regrets" took a picture of Camilo!
spa会所Ling Feiyang, however, suddenly found that the air flow in front of the palm changed a lot, just like an ordinary person who can’t fight martial arts, holding it in the palm of his hand but not sending out power!
Camilo actually made the magic of light transform the true qi from Ling Feiyang’s dragon’s 20 palms into ordinary qi!
Because Camilo was distracted to deal with Ling Feiyang, the light around Grioni and Gonzalez was greatly weakened, but their energy fields were exhausted and they all fell to the ground because of exhaustion!
Princess Natalya and Frederick II have been blinded by strong light, and then they regained their sight, so one holding the red agate sword and the other holding the king’s sabre came to Camelot!
"You are an oriental, and there are some things that are not only good at martial arts, but also learned a little about our western magic! But I don’t understand why you came to our country of Jesus Christ not far from Wan Li. " Camilo suddenly asked Ling Feiyang
"This Mr. Ling comes from the distant Song Dynasty and is the peace messenger sent by the Emperor of Song Dynasty to our holy Roman Empire! The so-called pope you follow has reached an agreement with the Mongolian Khan Genghis Khan to plunge our beautiful Roman empire into the abyss and become a Satan country! Bishop Camilo, stop being stubborn! " Frederick II suddenly shouted
"King, since you insult the Holy Father like this, I won’t be merciful!" Camilo said coldly, although his eyes are still not open, his heart has already moved. to be continued
Chapter 413 Angel of Light
Camilo, Archbishop of Virgo in Saint Kyle’s Cathedral in Venetian City, is too lazy to open his eyes while facing three enemies, including Ling Feiyang!
Camilo’s eyes are always closed not only to show his coldness and lofty, but also to accumulate energy field more effectively by taking this way without external interference!
However, when he opened his eyes, he said that his energy field had reached the peak and his mana would be greatly increased!
Grignon and Gonzalez have both said that Camilo’s strength is second to none among the twelve cardinal archbishops, and even the Pope Farabian respects him for three points!
Now he still doesn’t open his eyes and says that he didn’t put the three people in front of him at ease!
Suddenly, the big ball of light in the church shone brightly again, and a small ball of light suddenly split from the big ball of light and flew towards Frederick II!
Frederick II’s eyes were stung by strong light, but he was not afraid to raise the king’s sword with both hands and split it at the ball of light!
This treasure knife, which has been inherited by the western Roman royal family for more than ten generations, was buried as soon as it touched the ball of light, and instantly melted into a pool of molten iron!
However, this ball of light has not changed, and it is about to melt Frederick II’s body!
At this critical juncture, a looming airflow layer suddenly appeared in front of Frederick II’s body. Originally, Ling Feiyang released his own energy field to block this small ball of light for him!
At the same time, Princess Natalya attacked!
Natalya’s body is spinning at high speed, and her erratic dance steps are winding towards Camilo!
However, the big ball of light in the church once again split into a small ball of light to meet Natalya!
Natalya slipped aside and narrowly escaped the ball of light, but the ball of light turned a corner and continued to chase Natalya!
Seeing that Natalya couldn’t hide from this little ball of light, she suddenly fell down and split it! It turns out that Gonzalez, who fell to the ground, has recovered some energy fields and used the "flash shield" to save Natalia!
Natalia’s body continues to rotate forward, and Camilo is less than two meters away. Camilo suddenly feels her feet loose and sinks in!
It turns out that Grioni’s physical strength has also improved, which makes the unearthed "mire technique" Camilo’s feet create a mire and trap Camilo’s feet!
Natalia’s dance steps have slipped in front of Camilo, and the red agate sword in her hand has stabbed Camilo’s heart!
However, Natalya’s sword just stabbed out of her heart but hesitated!
"This Virgo Camelot is not a bad person, but is blinded by the Pope!" Thought of here, Natalia changed the direction of her sword and stabbed Camilo’s left shoulder!
However, before the tip of Natalia’s sword touched Camilo’s robe, a white light suddenly appeared on Camilo’s left shoulder. This sword pierced into the white light and immediately began to melt!
Holy light armor!
Natalia came here for nothing. Camilo’s body has already been protected by this holy light armor. Even if she really stabbed the sword into his heart, she would stab him!
At this time, another figure rushed over quickly than the ground. It was Ling Feiyang!
Light thunder! Ling Feiyang left hand to a recruit a flash straight to Camilo’s head!
Holy helmet!
Camelot’s head immediately appeared a piece of white light to melt this flash into it!
Shock thyme!
Ling Feiyang’s hands pushed forward at the same time and violently attacked Camilo’s chest!
Camilo’s chest white light flashing, but the palm force to push the body is still flying out! Natalya took the opportunity to withdraw the sword and found that it had been melted to the second half!
Camilo flew back five meters away and landed firmly. Although she was slapped by Ling Feiyang, the armor protection of the holy light was not damaged at all!
"You five hit me? Then let me give you all an end! " Camilo’s tone is still very gentle, but she finally opened her eyes!
Those pale blue eyes, like a clear lake, reflect the figure of five people in front of them and the hanging ball of light!
The big ball of light suddenly flew towards Camilo and sent out rays of light at the same time. The ball of light gradually disintegrated, but the middle energy merged into Camilo’s eyes!
When Camilo opens his eyes, it means that he is about to make his ultimate magic!
"Everyone be careful!" Ling Feiyang had a premonition of danger and immediately shouted, but Camilo’s eyes suddenly emitted a light brighter than the sun. This light filled the church hall and gradually turned into several little angels with wings and bows and arrows!
Angel of light!
These little angels filled the whole church hall with five people, including Ling Feiyang, who dodged at the root. The little angels aimed their arrows at the five people and shot them out!
Grioni and Gonzalez have been difficult to move since they came, and they were immediately hit by a light arrow and fell to the ground, not knowing life and death!

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