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Section 324

A group of people passed quickly while drinking and chatting until Gao Xiaobai yawned listlessly.
"It’s getting late. The child is sleepy. Let’s go back first." Han Shu got up at once.
They didn’t stay, because the next day was the weekend, and all the schools continued to stay there to drink.
Han Shan took Gao Xiaoxiao with her son to say goodbye to Yu Jinchuan.
Yu Jinchuan touched Gao Xiaobao and sent them all the way to the door before he said sorry. "Just now, everything was just plain and wrong. Don’t worry, I have already told her that this kind of thing will definitely not happen again."
Han Shu nodded. "Then we’ll go back first."
"Good" Yu Jinchuan just turned and left "Please wait a moment"
A sweet beauty came over.
Gao Xiaoxiao looked back and saw that the girl smiled and came over. She was still holding a few pink pig balloons in her hand and waved them at Gao Xiaobai. "This balloon is for you, little friend. I’m really sorry. Don’t be angry."
Gao Xiaobai reached out his little hand and grabbed the balloon strap. His expression was a bit square, but he still politely thanked "Thank you, Sister"
"You’re welcome." The girl left with a reddish face.
Going outside, Gao Xiaobai immediately handed the balloon to Gao Xiaoxiao. "Mommy, give this balloon to you."
Gao Xiaoxiao took it off guard. "Good."
Gao Xiaobai smiled and his eyes narrowed. "This balloon goes well with your temperament."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
What do you mean, the pink pig balloon goes well with her temperament?
Han Yan couldn’t help laughing. "Why did Xiaobai bully her mother again?"
"…" Gao Xiaobai left his mouth and took a nap on his father’s shoulder.
On the other hand, Gu sent Time Pu home to the north and went to the hospital to look after his master and left.
Time Pu didn’t leave him waiting for Gu to leave the north, so he began to cry to Yuxiyuan again. He spoke in detail all the things he hadn’t finished in the previous words, and of course omitted the part that he almost had to start work on Gao Xiaobai …
Finally, she sobbed as she wiped her tears with a paper towel and said, "Mom, you don’t think it’s too much for him to go north? Jing Muchen humiliated me in front of so many people, but what about him? My husband didn’t say a word like a dead man, and my little uncle was also in his eyes. Ye Xiao and that child refused to say a word for me! "
Yu Xiyuan sighed deeply. "I have to say that it’s really something you did wrong. How can you say that Jing Muchen’s daughter doesn’t have a tutor?"
"I didn’t know it was Jing Muchen’s daughter!" Time pu not gas shouted
"You still don’t admit that you are wrong?" Yuxiyuan looked at her daughter, who was unwilling and angry, suddenly as if she didn’t know her.
"It’s all because of that Ye Xiao that those balloons are decorations. It’s simply petty to take the children there and ask for balloons before the party is over. I’ve never seen the world before and I want to take all the junk home!" Time goes by more and more, but she doesn’t realize that she is like the "petty" woman in her mouth at the moment.
She YuXiYuan will be on the same side as herself, but …
"Because of a Gu Bei and Ye Xiao, you have completely lost your mind." Yu Xiyuan said with a frown.
Time pu one leng "mom, how do you say that? It’s her …"
"You listen to mom finish first." Yuxiyuan held her hand. "Guangpu is not what it used to be. I told you earlier that Ye Xiao is your little uncle’s daughter, that is, the Yu family’s granddaughter, and you are just a granddaughter. Don’t say that your little uncle would say that. If your grandmother’s first reaction is to safeguard her mother’s advice, don’t be too impulsive when she does things, especially when there is Ye Xiao’s occasion. Her current status is not something you can afford to make worse. What’s more, is there a mountain in Korea? Of course, I don’t mean to tell you how to avoid her or to be afraid of her. After all, Ye Xiao is a family, and that child’s mind is not bad. You must have such a deep prejudice against her. Let’s live together in peace and be happy. "
Time Pu looked at Yu Xiyuan and suddenly burst into tears. "Mom, you said I know everything, and I don’t want to have a conflict with her, but … but I can’t help myself. As soon as I see her, I will think of things that don’t love me in the north. Every time he sees her, I am still with him, but she doesn’t have me in his eyes … I don’t have me at all! He just looked at her and ignored me. I … I can’t stand it. I really …
I really can’t stand it … "
"…" Yu Xiyuan sighed. "You chose Guangpu North as your husband. At the beginning, your mother also advised you not to get married so rashly, but you refused to listen to everyone’s choice to pay the price. Now that you have chosen this road, you will walk back. If you feel that you really can’t walk, it will end early, otherwise the pain will be yourself in the end."
"…" Time spent crying and putting on makeup. When I heard this, the whole person was almost horrified and shook, and then he looked up and suddenly looked at Yu Xiyuan. "Mom, what do you mean?"
"Now that you know that there is no you in your heart to the north, you have two ways to go, or you can endure and continue. Even if you know that his love is Ye Xiao, you should treat it as if you don’t know this fact, and don’t conflict with him or Ye Xiao; Either … divorce him so that you won’t be so careless about Ye Xiao, "said Yuxi Yuan Shen."
Look at her daughter with a face of disbelief, Yu Xiyuan held her hand and continued to earnestly advise, "Mom certainly doesn’t want you to divorce, but it’s even worse to see you in such pain. Ye Xiao is your cousin, and I also received your uncle’s words just now. Tonight, after she officially recognized her return to Yu’s home, the family looked up and didn’t look down to see you. If you can’t control your temper, your uncle and grandmother will suffer sooner or later. Why don’t you like her? Isn’t it because Gu likes her to the north? If Gu Bei is not your husband, it’s called it, isn’t it? "
"But mom, I … I’m pregnant with his child." Time Pu was in a mess. She touched her belly and her face was full of fragility and confusion.
She also hates being a dissatisfied housewife, but how can she let go so easily after nearly a year of affection?
If it was so easy to let go, she wouldn’t have been single for so many years.
"The most important thing for a child to be born is that you should be as cheerful, sunny and confident as before. I don’t want my daughter to ruin herself step by step because of a man," Yu Xiyuan said earnestly.
Time Pu suddenly shook his head and muttered, "No … No … I won’t divorce Gu Bei. He is me. He is me!"
Then I got up from the sofa and strode towards the building.
约茶Yu Xiyuan didn’t expect her daughter’s obsession to be so deep. She sat on the sofa and finally sighed.
Yu Yuting drinks a little too much tonight, but it doesn’t hinder driving and she can find her company address accurately.
Because the private detective Jidu is out on a case, it is convenient for him to rent. It is a high-class commercial and residential apartment. The suite covers a large area. In addition to the living room and his own office, he also includes kitchen hygiene, bedroom gym … all office and living facilities are available, and You Xiaoqiao has slept here every day since he joined the company three years ago.
After taking out the key and opening the door, the whole room was dark
He turned on the light and shouted "Little Joe?"
No one answered.
Yu Yuting took out his mobile phone and dialed the number while walking to Youxiaoqiao’s bedroom and knocked on the door. He tried to twist the doorknob and turned on the light. After that, the room was cleaned up.
At the same time, the words were also connected. You Xiaoqiao came over with a clear voice. "Hello boss?"
Yu Yuting frowned. "Why don’t you work in the company?"
"Ah?" YouXiaoQiao first leng a immediately surprised the head cried, "the boss you back to the company? Oh, my god, boss, you’re back in the company. Is there a case to investigate? Oh, but I’m busy now. I’ve been busy recently, boss. I may not be able to take this case. Oh, you see … "
"Stop" Yu Yuting pinched her forehead and had a headache. "Where are you now?"
"I am with Cui Hua in the hospital. Your brother is really handsome and generous. Give me 30 thousand yuan a month to accompany Cui Hua!" You Xiaoqiao said triumphantly.
"…" Yu Yuting held the mobile phone hand and held it tightly. "Just thirty thousand dollars bought you off?"
"Well, boss, you can’t say that. After all, there are old and small people in my family who want to eat. The detective agency has nothing to do. You don’t go to the company every day. I can’t find a way to earn extra money by myself. And …"
"All right, you’re fired from now on!" Yu Yuting just hung up before she finished this malicious sentence.
Outside the vip ward of the hospital

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