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"eh? Soft are you going to eat with him? "

Soft ~ ~
I shook my hand, and he took it.
Soft is the nickname. I grew up with a person who used to shit like this.
That’s me kissing my mother’s adult
Because when I was a child, I was soft and cute, which my mother said was soft and white flour steamed bread, so I was given a vivid nickname.
It’s embarrassing to hear this nickname that she can call like this, but now it’s really embarrassing to hear it from Wei Qingkui.
He took my hand in peace and walked out. I quickly broke away from his hand and kept a little distance from the back.
He didn’t care much about cars either.
I also opened the car door and sat down. I felt that every time I faced Wei Qingyi, there was a feeling of falling off the wind. No matter what he did, I would resist.
This feeling is very bad, but I don’t know how to crack it. It’s sad to frown for a while.
He turned to look at me and took me to a restaurant without saying a word. While driving, I introduced that "the food here is good and should be to your taste"
I smiled and thought to myself that I was pregnant, and this taste hasn’t changed!
No1 I’m proud I can’t give you Chapter 20 Arrogance
This restaurant is decorated very well. I followed Wei Qing into a glass box and sat down.
Look at the recipe. I’m a little big
Section 5
To be honest, this is the first time for me to eat in this high-end restaurant.
Who is ashamed to see me slow to ask "what’s the matter? Don’t like to eat? "
It’s not that I don’t know what to eat. It’s painful for people with difficulty in choosing, especially for eating. I really hope there is a’ casual’ dish in this world.
He reached out and took away the menu in my hand and said to the waiter, "I’ll have a hand-torn chicken, a filet mignon and a black chicken soup."
The waiter answered.
I asked with a smile, "Isn’t this a western restaurant? Why is there black chicken soup? Combination of Chinese and Western? "
A restaurant probably runs a recipe, western style, Chinese style and Korean style.
But there are still shredded chicken and black-bone chicken soup here. It doesn’t look like a western restaurant.
"This shop has a menu for all kinds of food, including Chinese and Western, as well as French, Japanese and Korean restaurants. You can eat whatever you want."
Is it so amazing? How busy is a restaurant with so many styles?
I suddenly want to go to the kitchen, but it’s just a thought.
He conveniently poured me tea, and I took a sip of my glass and took out my mobile phone to search for some information.
He sat next to me and looked pleasing to the eye. He actually reached out and took my mobile phone away.
He raised his eyebrows when he saw the recruitment information. "Do you want to find a job?"
Well, shouldn’t all this be about finding a job? Besides, I don’t find a job to support my family and pay back the money?
"Of course, what do I eat if I want to find a job or not?" I tried to get my phone back, but he avoided it.
I’m a little annoyed that a pair of eyes are scraping him to "give me back"
"Can’t I keep you alive?" He was silent for a few eyes and secretly looked at me.
I was surprised for a long time before I raised my eyebrows. "You said you wanted to marry me, but you didn’t need me to help you deal with the fact that you didn’t want to get married?"
His face froze. He put his hand on his forehead and stared at me. He grabbed my hand and put my cell phone in my hand. "You fed your IQ to the dog."
I looked at him with grief and indignation. "Why do you attack me when you talk?"
"If you want to come to me, your eyes are not normal."
I really want to tell his eldest brother that you are right!
But look at his face. It’s not easy to twist this tiger hair. He smiled quickly.
Well, at this time, the balcony door opened from the outside, and two waiters pushed the dining car in and set the table one by one.
Someone got involved in this trance and the embarrassment disappeared.
And the belly rang at the right time. I quickly took chopsticks and put a piece of shredded chicken in my mouth, regardless of Wei.
At that moment, I was born with a feeling of how happy people are to be born.
The mouth is fragrant and tender, and the chicken tastes delicious.
I continued to eat and pushed a bowl of rice in front of me. I turned my head and thanked Wei. "It’s delicious!" "
桑拿网He took a sip of tea and cut steak with a knife and fork.
At first glance, the food on the table is an ordinary home-cooked dish, garlic, coriander seedlings, black chicken soup, chicken steak, ribs and a steamed fish.
Ordinary people can cook food, but I have to say that the difference between chefs and ordinary people is that the same ingredients are much more delicious.
I almost got stuck in my throat with a fishbone because I was in such a hurry that I coughed a little red in the face.
When a glass of water appeared in front of me, I raised my glass and finally felt alive.
He pushed the cut steak in front of me and said, "Eat slowly, no one will grab it with you." I vaguely heard a trace of indulgence and nai.
Probably life is too good to be imagined!
This meal, when I eat a little, I feel bloated and more bloated.
Because Wei Qingkui said that he would go to Longhua Temple in the afternoon, he drove there after eating.
It takes an hour and a half to drive from the city to the west hill of Longhua Temple, and it’s just a good time to digest it.
I don’t know what button he pressed, but the back of the chair slowly pressed against me, and my face was very comfortable.
"I’ll call you when I squint."
Oh, I didn’t even know I was asleep when I was lying down listening to lyric music and playing a minor.
The person who was awakened by Wei Qingxiang has reached the parking lot halfway up the hill in Xishan.
"Let’s go in Zhuxiang!"
He untied the seat belt and helped me untie it.
I rubbed my hair and frowned at the car. I always felt as if it was going to rain.
It was sultry and sultry, and soon I broke out in a sweat.
I turned to look at the front of the archway, and the word "main entrance" was written in the square.
I took a nap, and I came over and took my hand and walked in. The gloomy clouds came behind me.
Section 51
Looking up at the sky, I still feel uneasy

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