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Section 327

Looking at his nervous face, Lin Ya couldn’t help laughing. "It’s rare to see grandpa’s face nervous. I’m not tired. Grandpa, don’t worry."
The old lady couldn’t help saying "yes"
"Cough!" Master is embarrassed and coughs.
Lin Ya was still held by the old lady and waited for the stool. Did you listen to them talking about Muyan?
Instead, the master and Muchuan discussed the matter of children.
She couldn’t help but say, "What are you going to do about Mu Yan?"
The old lady just eased up and her face sank again!
"In the final analysis, she is still confused!" The old lady couldn’t help complaining about a sentence
Hearing her words, Lin Yasong was relieved. The old lady didn’t seem to have to let Zhao Jiamo marry Muyan.
Master sighed, "Contact Zhao Jiamo first and ask him what he thinks."
"What if he is determined not to marry?" Lin Ya tempted to ask a sentence.
Sooner or later, she and Zhao Jiamo will be longed for by their families to know that if it is too stiff, she will not be well caught, and then advise everyone to be suspected of favoritism.
She thinks it’s better to sound out one or two old opinions first about all things.
Master hummed, "I’m afraid he doesn’t even want this child."
"What are you going to do if that happens?" Lin Ya couldn’t help but ask a sentence again.
The old lady sighed a long sigh, "I didn’t expect MuYan to follow in her mother’s footsteps."
Lin Ya Zheng Mu Jia has always said that Mu Yan is an orphan. I didn’t expect that there would be such a paragraph.
Master calmly said, "If you don’t marry, don’t marry. It’s two of a kind’s thing to have a child or a marriage. We can’t always force people to marry her with children."
Lin Ya didn’t speak again. Mu Jia’s parents are always reasonable. Things are still uncertain for the time being, and it is not necessarily what Mu Yan said.
Eavesdropping outside the house for half a day, MuYan was very angry!
Sure enough, she is not a granddaughter. She and Mu Xiao are different after all! It seems that if you want to be happy, you have to fight for it yourself!
Fang Linya skipped this topic and asked, "Where is it raining?"
Mrs. Mu Xiao sighed again, "I was picked up by your uncle!"
Lin Ya was surprised and then knew.
Asked, "What are the grandchildren going to do with the marriage between Mu Xiao and Sun Tianlang? Have you been urged by the Sun family recently? "
"There is no rush, but it’s also because of your uncle’s trouble that you have opinions."
Lin Ya nodded his head. After all, there are many bamboo slips whose parents will have opinions. It is normal.
"Mu Xiao went to see Sun Tianlang once. It seems that the two children have had a conflict again, and the child has an idea."
Lin Ya frowned. "I’m afraid it’s not Sun Tianlang who has his own ideas, but the saying parents have estranged themselves from Xiao Xiao because of this matter, and this marriage will not be married for the time being."
When she analyzed this, the old lady complained about her unfilial son again!
"It’s all MuWeiFeng much! Delayed happiness! "
Lin Ya shook the old lady’s hand and smiled. "Don’t worry about Sun Tianlang. If you can’t even handle this kind of thing, you won’t want to marry Xiao Xiao."
Old Mrs. Mu was relieved to hear her say this. "That’s true!"
When a group of people went out of the room, Mu Weifeng outside the gate was walking angrily, clutching his raining hand.
Lin Ya frowned and looked at the man next to him, thinking that this is really speaking of the devil!
I saw Mu Xiao crying with red eyes from afar, and the old lady was distressed.
"Hey, what’s going on?"
桑拿会所Mu Weifeng threw Xiaoxiao aside, raised his hand and pointed at her and ordered, "Today, I want you to promise me in front of the mu family that you will never associate with that young man named Sun again!"
"What are you doing!" The old lady walked over and slapped his hand angrily and said, "It’s none of your business!"
MuWeifeng looked at her and cried, "Don’t worry about it after mom is raining! Their family can’t bear the share, but they don’t value her! People don’t care about her, and she is still rushing to post my daughter Mu Weifeng. How difficult it is to marry! "
Mu Xiao’s tears pattered away when he heard this.
"All right, all right!" The old lady shouted at MuWeifeng and walked over to hug MuXiao. "My granddaughter is going to stop crying."
Master is even more angry and won’t say a word.
Sofa MuYan process is low head turn over the magazine for there seems not smell.
Mu Weifeng said to himself, "If they don’t give me shares, they can’t marry my daughter back!"
The old lady completely lost patience, let go of Mu Xiao and roared, "Get out of here. Our family is not as greedy as you are!"
"Hum!" MuWeifeng hum turned and strode away.
The old lady longed for MuXiao to sit on the sofa and MuYan consciously turned aside.
The old lady persuaded Mu Xiao to cry even harder.
Mu Yan felt upset and started to go to the room. When she passed the kitchen, she shouted "Call me at dinner".
"Go home?"
Sofa edge Muchuan LanLan arms little woman asked.
Lin Yayi looked up at him and smiled. "How about staying here for a few days?"

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