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"Why do you have a problem?"

"It’s not appropriate to be alone, is it?"
"What are you thinking? I’m not that kind of person."
"I can see that you love your wife very much, and I believe you won’t cheat on your wife."
"See you on the long-distance bus that night."
"Ok, let’s make it five o’clock. If I leave early, I’m afraid your wife will notice and startle me."
"Okay, that’s settled."
After clearing the WeChat chat, I clenched a mobile phone and vowed to give a good look to the person who hurt me.
The body of the Chapter 19 【 share a room 】
Huang Zhu and I took two days off to find a colleague to cover for us, and our salary was deducted. Although the meat hurts, the family works are small.
At five o’clock in the evening, I met Liu Ying by car, and the car went to Jiangzhou City. It was already night, and we found a hotel at random.
桑拿会所Open the room to get an ID card, but Liu Ying took the initiative to take out the ID card to register. "You are a married man. | Divorce will suffer after a bad room record."
I don’t know what she meant. The room records will be used as evidence of cheating. I’m afraid that my wife will bite back and compete with me for property. It’s unnecessary. I have thought it over for a long time. If there is a divorce, I won’t fight for these things, because they are given by my wife and don’t belong to me. I won’t want a point.
Liu Ying asked us to open a double condom, which made me feel very uncomfortable when I saw a bedside table and two beds.
"Why don’t I get another room?"
"I’m not afraid of what you are afraid of."
"I’m a man and you’re not married yet. Is it appropriate to share a room with me?"
Section 31
"Right, just to test whether you really love your wife."
I rolled my eyes. I really can’t do anything about this woman
Liu Ying put her bag and took out her pajamas to take a shower. I lay in bed and wondered what my wife was doing at the moment. Was she arched by Chen Zheyu’s pig bed or was she drinking with guests or …
My mind is in a mess and I am determined to make a phone call and ask my wife.
It took me a while to get through to "Did my husband miss me?"
"Well, how is everything outside?" I asked.
"Well, the big bed in the hotel is soft and comfortable, but it’s a pity that my husband is not with me."
"Hehe, do you want me to give you a surprise?"
"Yeah, I’d better not. You’re the busiest in class on weekends. Don’t let me delay work … ouch, it’s itchy. Don’t touch me there."
Doodle rang and suddenly hung up.
My brain seems to have been caught in a doorknob. What does my wife mean by the phrase "Don’t touch my place when it itches to death"? Maybe she is talking to me and doing shameful things with that bastard Chen Zheyu.
Damn it, they’re just so scared, can’t they wait?
The words suddenly came back, and I hurried through.
"Honey, I’m sorry. I just got disconnected."
I asked in a cold voice, "What tickles me to death? Who touched you?"
"It’s Li Jie. She tickled me and giggled again. My husband stopped talking. I’m going to teach this bad hoof a lesson."
I hung up in a hurry again. Although my wife explained the reason, I have to doubt the truth of this statement.
Is it really such a coincidence that Li Jie knew that our husband and wife had problems, but she didn’t care enough to aggravate our contradiction at this time. Did she get kicked in the head by a donkey?
Bathroom door opened the shower and Liu Ying came out. She wore a suspender, purple nightgown, short legs, and long legs. But this is not the most charming place. The most charming thing is that the collarbone is full of white rabbits. I can see two small spots because I don’t wear a bra.

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