But Tang poetry didn’t give him the chance to avoid it. She bent forward on high heels and tapped on his window.

Lin Mo-chen shook the window Lengyi’s side face was outlined by the faint moonlight and the lines were as perfect as plastic.
Tang poetry can’t beat faster when watching his heartbeat. "Mo Chen, you are back. You see how beautiful the moon is today."
She glanced at the dawn, the moon is now in the middle of the month, the moon is particularly round, and it’s so angry here that the stars are still naughty and blinking.
"How did you get here?" Lin Mo-chen’s micro-side eyes are bright with her eyes.
"I’m waiting for you here." Tang poetry has a soft tone and a beautiful face with a smile.
"Wait for me?" Lin Mo Chen calmly held the steering wheel line in one hand. "What shall I do? It’s so late. You’re a girl and you’re not comfortable outside. Go back to rest early. "
Tang poetry heard Lin Mochen say that she was alone outside, and her eyes fluctuated with joy. "Do you care about me?"
"You should not think too much about being your brother’s heart." Lin Mo-chen said this kind of heart composition.
He stressed that she is her sister, and his heart for her is also out of brother and sister’s concern for her.
The eyes of Tang poetry shook because of injury, and she endured the pain.
She didn’t act like she was still smiling. "Do you know? I have never regarded you as my brother, and please don’t treat me as my sister. You can treat me as a Miss Tang, a Tang poet, or he is fine but definitely not a sister. I won’t accept it and I won’t need your charity. My name is Tang, and your name is Lin. How can you be a brother and sister? I have a brother. His name is Tang Ci, and he has long since died. "
She calmly stated her thoughts and her views.
Even if he doesn’t regard her as his fiancee, he can’t be his sister, which is a disgrace to her.
"Well, since you don’t accept such brotherly feelings, you are a stranger." Lin Mo Chen ignored the red eyes of Tang poetry and didn’t look at her injured eyes. "Don’t come to my house after Miss Tang’s invitation. I don’t want my wife to see his woman appear at our door."
Since you want to be a stranger, be cold and thorough. Maybe Tang poetry will give up.
Long pain is better than short pain, and he is not a man who plays ambiguous with others.
Once he decides, things will be decisive and neat.
If you don’t give others hope, you can make yourself feel safe without so much trouble.
For women, he has never been romantic. Unlike Gu Nanqing, he just likes different beauty, but that kind of love is only temporary and superficial, but it seems that he has become interested in Su Man, and it should be able to toss and turn for a while.
Seeing Gu Nanqing’s attitude towards Su Manke, he actually felt frank from his heart.
"Mo Chen, do you have to draw a clear line with me?" Tang poetry felt as if his chest had been crushed.
Every time she tasted pain from him, he was just like the way she robbed her.
She has many choices, but she insists on hanging this tree.
"This is not your request? Is it wrong for me to just do what you say? " Lin Mo-chen asked her how sharp her eyes were!
Tang poetry’s chest was suffocating and painful, and she evoked a cold smile on her lips. It seems that she lifted a rock and hit her own foot.
"Good" Tang poetry nodded with laughter.
Lin Mochen said nothing more about indifference and rolled up the window to isolate her from him.
Tang poetry looked at the slowly rising glass window and looked at his cold side. He felt that it was a glass, and the distance was far away from them. He was like the ends of the earth in front of him.
Lin Mochen pushed the button to open the carved door, and he started the car to move forward.
Tang poetry watched his car accelerate in situ, and a tear rolled out of the corner of his eye.
Even though she was so hurt, she still had deep feelings and no regrets.
Suddenly Tang poetry took a deep breath and bit his teeth. The whole person rushed to the front of Lin Mo Chen’s car and blocked his car’s way forward.
Lin Mo-chen stepped on the brakes immediately when he saw a flash of a figure, but he still inevitably knocked down the Tang poetry.
He was very calm. He parked the car, pushed the door and walked a few steps to Tang poetry.
The car lights showed clearly that the Tang poetry was pale, the hair was scattered, and the blood flowed across her cheeks on her forehead, which seemed so brilliant and strange in the night.
桑拿The skin on her knees is also bloody. Pian Yu’s white skin looks so eye-catching.

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