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On the night of winning the championship, except for Lu Wenbin and Mourinho, others, including the chairman, were excited to celebrate and couldn’t sleep until late at night.

When I got up early the next morning, most people were wearing a panda eye. Obviously, I didn’t sleep well last night, and many of them probably didn’t sleep all night.
Whether you are asleep or not, you have to get up and go back to Italy.
There are hundreds of thousands of Inter fans in Milan, Italy, waiting for them to bring back this 46-year-old Champions League trophy for everyone to see.
When the plane landed at Milan Lienert International Airport, the hatch was opened, and Sadie and Moratti appeared at the hatch with big ear cups together. When they had to enter the airport to pick up the plane, hundreds of Inter fans immediately gave warm applause and cheers.
Dozens of reporters also rushed to the trophy and followed the plane Lu Wenbin and others.
This is a small scene
When everyone comes out of the airport by the team parade bus, the real carnival will be the hundreds of thousands of fans who are looking forward to the Nerazzurri.
Crowded fans are everywhere from the airport to the city square.
"coming, coming"
"Wow, big ear cups"
"Champions League"
"Inter Milan is the champion"
"Long live the Nerazzurri"
"Long live President Moratti"
"Long live Lu Wenbin"
A grandfather’s family accompanied the roof of a roadside building, wearing a blue and black jersey and holding a team scarf.
Seeing the Inter Milan parade bus coming slowly, the Champions League trophy came and went, but it was always shining with silver brilliance and dazzling.
Grandpa suddenly choked with excitement. "I didn’t expect to live to see the team win the third Champions League trophy. Thank you, Emperor, President Moratti and Lu."
Obviously, this is an old fan who has experienced Moratti’s father’s first big international era and witnessed Inter Milan’s first two Champions League victories.
He hasn’t touched the Champions League for 46 years, so he will never see Inter win the third Champions League in his lifetime.
Unexpectedly, President Moratti invested more than 100 million euros in gambling to introduce Lu Wenbin last year, and this year Lu Wenbin brought Inter Milan the third Champions League.
品茶Let him feel particularly surprised and particularly moved.
Similarly, even those new fans who haven’t experienced the first big international era but haven’t seen the Champions League since they became Inter fans are very excited now.
Morse and Beatrice are classmates and friends of Milan University, but one likes Inter Milan and the other likes A Milan.
When we don’t discuss football, it’s okay that they are good brothers, but when we discuss football, they have to stand up.
Today is the Happy Day of Inter Milan fan Morse. A Milan fan Biliz accompanied Morse to watch the Inter Milan bus parade.
When the bus passed by them, Morse jumped up and shouted the words Inter Milan, Champion and Lu Wenbin with great excitement.
Rival fans are a little more annoying than Leeds.
So when the bus passed, the crowd quieted down a little. Beatrice hugged Morse in his ear and said, "We are so excited about the third Champions League, but Milan got seven more than twice as many as you. Why are you so excited?"
Morse wasn’t angry either. "I’m happy, I’m glad you won seven Champions League titles, but have you won the Triple Crown? Now we have not only won the Champions League, but in two days, we will become the first triple crown team in Italy."
Beatrice suddenly choked for two seconds and then insisted, "Hum, don’t win Palermo so well. Your team just went to England to play a Champions League and came back to celebrate it so much. It’s still not in the state for two days, but it’s unknown whether it can win Palermo. Don’t be too happy."
Morse hey hey smiled and didn’t argue with his friends. "It’s hard for others to say, but it’s enough to have Lu Wenbin."
It’s not as good as Liz to hear Morse say that.
How could Inter Milan lose to Palermo, a mid-stream team, if there were Lu Wenbin?
Lu Wenbin’s stability and his record of winning the championship if he wants to participate in the competition are not boasted.
Neither Barcelona nor Manchester United can stop Inter Milan from counting on a small team like Palermo to attack Inter Milan.
It’s wishful thinking to ask for a monthly pass
Chapter 4 Italian Cup Final for Monthly Pass
Although winning the Champions League makes Inter Milan very excited, after all, the Italian Cup final is close at hand and there is an unprecedented triple crown in Italian football waiting for them.
Therefore, the inter Milan Milan city bus parade is from the airport to the city square, and then the city square displays the trophy, and everyone sings the team song together. The city square celebrates for more than an hour and then breaks up.
Although the fans have been reluctant to leave for a long time, they can celebrate by themselves. The players must go back and have a good rest to prepare for the final.
On May 3, Inter Milan held the last day of recovery training at its own training base to calm down the players who just won the Champions League.
On the training ground, teammates found that Lu Wenbin’s theory of breakthrough, ball and shot was decisive and concise.
Sometimes the defensive player who is in charge of keeping a close eye on Lu Wenbin has already thrown the ball out or shot directly without posting it to Lu Wenbin, and the opponent can’t even interfere.
Watching Lu Wenbin play football has a simplified feeling.
Moreover, this change of avant-garde Lu Wenbin has made the main players’ offensive efficiency much higher.
Former Lu Wenbin is a bit self-reliant, fast-paced, dribbling and fond of personal breakthrough, and often has several performances of scoring goals.
But in fact, many times it is unnecessary for Lu Wenbin to pass people, and a simple ball can tear open the opponent’s defense line when surfing.

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