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Old lady Yu "…"

These two children are wearing diapers, not crotch pants. Can you stop acting so grandiose? !
Busy in Yang Xi also went over and said, "Aunt Han, let me have a look."
After a while
"Oh, that’s true." She looked back at Chang Huanyan and said, "Huanyan, come with me and help the baby change a diaper."
"Good" is always smiling and pressing my heart, smiling and picking up my daughter with a puzzled face.
Except for the episode before the opening, the full moon wine went well.
Probably because of Yu Yu’s long identity, I came here today because the elders of the big family gave enough face to the Yu family
夜网论坛There are a few young players here, but often Huan Yan doesn’t know them well, and she has been busy taking care of two children, so she didn’t pay much attention.
At two o’clock in the afternoon, the guests left red envelopes and gradually dispersed after eating and drinking.
The old people were tired of tossing and turning, and the two children were so tired that they fell asleep with their eyes closed.
Yang Xi and Yueyue went back to Chang Huan Yan with a child in their arms, and told the old lady Yu that she wanted to go to the hospital to see Gao Xiaoxiao.
Chang Huan-yan had already finished her month, so the old lady readily agreed.
Just sitting in a depressed car, a cell phone rang.
Yu Yu reached for it and didn’t shy away from it. Chang Huan Yan directly answered it and put it in his ear.
"It’s over"
"Well, wait a little longer."
Chang Huanyan guessed that it should be a work matter. When he hung up, he said, "If you are busy with the police, go there first. It’s the same for me to go alone."
Yu gave her a faint look and threw the phone back. "I’ll take you there first."
Chang Huanyan looked at him calmly, and the tie reminded her of what the old lady Yan said in the front lounge.
A woman’s heart is sensitive, and worse, she had a guess before. If a man is not married in his thirties, he is either physically ill or has someone in his heart.
Yu Yu should belong to the latter, right
After all, there is nothing wrong with his health … Ahem.
The car slowly entered the traffic and often sat there smiling and scratching his heart and lungs but didn’t know how to ask.
The two have taken a big step now, but he hasn’t confessed yet. Is it not good to ask questions to his ex-girlfriend at this time?
Chang Huanyan thinks she has love experience, but she has never been so entangled until the car stops at the gate of Angel Maternal and Child Private Hospital.
Yu Yu parked the car with one hand on the steering wheel and turned around and looked at her "here"
"Oh," Chang Huanyan untied the seat belt and loosened it in front of him.
Slowly stretched out his hand and pushed open the car door and heard Yu Yu say, "I’ll come and pick you up after the meeting."
"…" She turned her head with a slight blush.
"What’s the matter?" Yu Yu looked at her gently.
Maybe he didn’t even realize that his eyes were soft and smiling, and his mouth was hung with a smile. When he looked at people for a moment, he was easy to appear "affectionate" because of his profundity.
"Pro walks again and again" often blurts out with a smile.
Yu Yu "…"
There are no pedestrians on the roadside except the traffic.
He looked at her and actually untied her seat belt, then leaned over her thin lips and she kissed her cheek.
Chang Huan Yan immediately got up and opened the door, dressed in a red figure, and walked towards the hospital.
It was not until she was out of sight that Yu Yu started the car and drove out.
Writing really is just a hobby. I have my own serious job, and everyone who knows me well knows that I am still a middle-level salary in the company, and Beijing can support itself.
I started writing purely out of interest and impulse, and I have always felt that this thing is more simple than work, and I don’t need to deal with people. I remember that I couldn’t collect it at the first time. Some readers suggested that I should meet friends of the Great God, saying that it would help digression, but I didn’t feel at ease at that time … until the second ending, I still couldn’t meet a few friends.
I don’t mean anything by saying these words. The main point I want to express is that we can get to today’s Ministry thanks to your support.
Without you, I can’t get all my spare time code words every day. Thank you for your letter and support today …
Today, it’s rare to be melodramatic, and there is a reason for it, which has somewhat affected my mood.
☆, 436 skin white and beautiful long legs
In vip ward 61
"Husband, come and look at this post," Gao Xiaoxiao shouted, lying in a soft, comfortable and spacious bed and looking at his mobile phone.
"What?" Han Shao is looking at the file on the sofa and can’t help but look up at her when she hears this.
Because there was no one else in the room, he sat there with one long leg folded, and the other leg casually looked at it. The white shirt with black suit pants and his angular face were slightly eyebrow-raising, casual gestures and elegance.
Gao Xiaoxiao turned a deaf ear and looked at Balabala in the mouth of the mobile phone and began to say, "There is a post in the forum called’ Talking about raising a daughter like a rich one?’ I think these people’s posts are very reasonable. I have decided to send Xiaomo Mo to learn folk dance or ballet when she is four or five years old. If she has musical cells, she will be sent to learn sogeum or piano. She can also learn dancing when she is a child. When she grows up, her bones and muscles will be soft, her figure will be tall and straight, her manners will be beautiful, and her temperament will be improved … "
Han Dong "…"
He got up and went straight over, reached out and took a look at her mobile phone. Finally, he said, "Wife, didn’t you read the reply from this person inside?"
"Which one?" Gao Xiaoxiao leaned his head over.
"’Finding a genetically good partner is the most effective way for a mother to do it’" Han Yan picked her eyebrows and slid her eyes to the end of her eyes. "Congratulations, wife, you have done this most effective way, and you are not worried that my daughter will grow up with beautiful skin and long legs."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Have you praised your daughter so much and praised yourself again?
She disliked taking a look at him and then took the phone back to continue reading.
However, although her face is disgusted, she agrees with his words in her heart. After all, the "genetic heritage" is still very scientific
Han family genes are very good. Han Minzhi and Han Minxia are both beautiful women. Han Minzhi looks beautiful, while Han Minxia is exquisite and clever. Gao Xiaoxiao has seen their childhood photos as beautiful as dolls.
And Han Shu naturally stopped talking. Although it is a bit suspected that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", Gao Xiaoxiao feels that she has never seen a man who is more delicate than him.
Even those men in the big family are handsome men with different styles, but she still thinks Han Shan looks the best among them.
No matter who has more genes, he will definitely be a beautiful child, just like Xiaobai.
"What is a person secretly giggling about?" Han Shu couldn’t help but ask when she kept looking down and laughing.

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