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Lu Wenbin, the first core of Hofenheim in the confrontation between the two armies, actually admitted that Pei Ibrahimovic sighed at Ibrahimovic’s dribbling skills.

Is this an admission that he is not as good as Ibrahim?
Although we all know this is a fact, we are still very excited to hear it from a European golden boot.
It was Hoffenheim’s adaptation training for the stadium in the morning and Barcelona in the afternoon.
After Barcelona players arrived at the stadium in the afternoon, Ibrahimovic was surrounded by reporters and conveyed Lu Wenbin’s words.
Hear the reporters
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Convey Lu Wenbin’s words. Ibrahimovic’s face is full of smiles.
Ibrahimovic said with a smile, "Lu is right. My idol and I are both Ronaldo. Although my dribbling skills are better than Lu’s, I also admire Lu’s scoring efficiency. I think Lu is the most efficient striker in the world today-but his dribbling skills are really terrible. If he is willing to learn, I don’t mind giving him some of my experience."
Reporters are listening to silly.
Arrogant Ibrahimovic sometimes admires others and is willing to make friends with Lu Wenbin and teach him dribbling skills.
It seems that Lu Wenbin’s goal efficiency really made Ibrahimovic unwilling to bow to the wind.
Of course, it may also be that Lu Wenbin took the lead in expressing his admiration for Ibrahimovic’s dribbling skills and expressing his admiration for Lu Wenbin’s goal efficiency.
I think Ibrahimovic won’t give a shit about Lu Wenbin if Lu Wenbin shows disdain for Ibrahimovic’s technology first.
Ibrahimovic, who has just moved to Barcelona for a while, actually cherishes some heroes with Lu Wenbin, the core opponent of Malaysia’s competition.
Teammates Messi and Henri Ibrahimovic didn’t talk about whether he announced that he was coming to Barcelona to lead Barcelona to win more championships and create greater glory.
桑拿按摩Ibrahimovic has to be the core wherever he goes, and he can’t do it if he wants to play with others.
If you want him to play the ball in the frontcourt, you have to give it to him. If you don’t give him words, he will lose his temper and go on strike.
I don’t know if Barcelona thought about this when they bought Ibrahimovic. Maybe their Champions League champion lured Ibrahimovic, who has never won the Champions League trophy, to change himself to play with Messi, the real core of Barcelona.
Lu Wenbin naturally didn’t expect that he could pay a few compliments to Ibrahimovic according to the coach’s instructions, and this effect would make Ibu, who has always been arrogant, admit that Lu Wenbin’s goal efficiency made him admire.
Lu Wenbin also some in distress situation.
I hope that my compliment can make Ibrahimovic Stadium more unique and achieve the coach’s preset goal.
It would be better if Ibrahimovic Stadium could abolish Barcelona’s offensive body because of the contradiction between the ball and Messi and Henry.
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Chapter 299 Flash goal
Lu Wenbin and Ibrahimovic’s "appreciate each other" soon came to the evening and the game began.
There are many fans in Barcelona this game.
Not only fans from Spain, but also fans from many countries in Europe and even other continents flocked to Monaco to watch the live game in Barcelona.
Barcelona has been a world-class giant fan, and Real Madrid’s Spanish national derby is the most watched football derby in the world.
The triple crown of Barcelona’s beautiful football and artistic football season has made Barcelona once again count the world.
Canada has always been in Barcelona and there is no shortage of superstars such as cruyff, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Henry and Messi. Barcelona has brought several foreign fans.
Therefore, although there are not many Spaniards coming from China to the European Super Cup today, there are indeed many fans from Morocco and other countries, so that Barcelona supporters account for at least half of the audience.
In comparison, the number of Hoffenheim fans is much smaller.
In addition to the more than 10 thousand fans who came from China, there may be thousands of local and foreign fans
The rest are purely neutral fans and a small number of celebrities and stars who use this platform to launch football diplomacy, politics and business.
Barcelona was cheered much higher than Hoffenheim at the entrance ceremony before the game started.
A typical war in which the rural poor challenge the giants and nobles.
When the two sides shook hands, Hoffenheim and all the players, including Lu Wenbin, followed Ralph’s orders.
When Ibrahimovic shook hands, everyone deliberately stepped up their efforts and smiled to show their respect for Ibrahimovic.
This naturally greatly satisfied Ibrahimovic’s vanity and his heart floated a little.
Glancing at the height of 1.7 meters, Messi Ibrahimovic said to himself, "Look at how much my opponents respect and attach importance to me as a person. Sure enough, I am the core of Barcelona."
At 2:3 pm local time on February 2nd, 2009, with the whistle of the referee, the 29-year European Super Cup kicked off at St. Louis II Stadium in Monaco.
The two sides are Barcelona, the champion of the 229-season European Champions League, and Hoffenheim, the champion of the last UEFA Cup.
Although Barcelona’s name and starting lineup put a lot of pressure on Ralph, Ralph didn’t flinch after much consideration and sent a 433 offensive football formation.
On the one hand, Hoffenheim is more familiar with the 433 players, and it is easy to play better on the spot.
On the other hand, it is difficult for Barcelona football to rely on general defensive counterattacks, otherwise Barcelona will not win the triple crown of the season.
It’s not that no team fought back against Barcelona, but most of them failed in the end, which proved that that tactic was very difficult for Barcelona to work.
Chelsea can be different from Barcelona with Mourinho, but Hoffenheim obviously doesn’t have the muscle jungle player configuration like Chelsea.
In this case, it’s not as good as your best offensive football tactics to fight with Barcelona.
Anyway, there is Lu Wenbin in Hoffenheim’s array, so the number of goals scored by European golden boots is not necessarily better than Barcelona.
After the official start of the game, although the Hoffenheim team predicted the difficulty of the game, no one expected that Hoffenheim would concede the goal in the first minute.
The reason for losing the goal was that Barcelona attacked too fast.
Barcelona got the kick-off in this game.
After the referee blew the opening whistle, Ibrahimovic kicked the ball to Henry, then Henry kicked it to Harvey, and Harvey kicked it to Yaya Toure.
It looks like an ordinary opening.
However, even Hoffenheim players and everyone thought so, Yaya Toure returned the ball to Javier in the file.

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