Two people happen to coincide nodded and looked at the chairman’s office.

"Aunt Ji" said hello to Meixi’s intimacy.
"Oh, Meixi, you’re here. Sit down quickly." Jiyun bypassed the desk and walked to the sofa and sat next to Meixi.
"Aunt, your office is very big and beautiful, and there are more places than my father."
"You are too talkative, and the idea of a good family is different. You see, you are not only beautiful, but also comfortable to talk."
Meixi smiled shyly.
"Come on, I’ll take you to Hee." Jiyun got up and said to Meixi.
"Aunt, I’ve just been there." Meixi answered some unnatural questions.
"Well, I should come to visit you first, but" How can Meixi say that she can’t wait to see Wei Xi first?
桑拿会所"Ah, well, I haven’t seen you two for so many years. There must be a lot to say." Jiyun was so happy. This beautiful evening is already infatuated with Hee.
"Well, yes, Xi is getting better and better, or you should cultivate it well." Wei Xi Meixi doesn’t have some heartache.
"Where are you outstanding? Xi is the highs." Jiyun decided to test a beautiful evening.
"Aunt, don’t say that Hee is very good." It’s really hard for Meixi to say that she has been rejected.
"What’s the matter with hee?" Looking at Mei Xi’s expression, Jiyun’s heart is probably a little white, and it must be Gu Xiaomi’s trouble again.
"Let’s be good friends without Hee and me." Meixi tries to keep her ladylike posture.
"Meixi, to tell you the truth, I would have regarded you as my daughter-in-law. It must be very happy after they chose you and Ximen." How can Jiyun let Gu Xiaomi destroy her plans?
"But Auntie Xi already has someone she likes." Meixi’s eyes are red, and I still feel pity.
"It’s Hee telling you" Jiyun didn’t expect Hee to leave no room for refusing Meixi’s stupidity. You can compare Meixi and Gu Xiaomi, which is the best choice. This Wei Xi is simply a broken head.
"Well, he said the two of them were getting married."
"No way, I won’t let Hee marry anyone except you." Jiyun said firmly.
"Aunt, I don’t want to be reluctant to be happy." Meixi was surprised that Jiyun would support her.
"Only you can make Hee happy. He is confused by that man now because of his hot head." Gu Xiaomi Jiyun now wants to eat her.
"Aunt, have you seen her?"
"I’ve seen you." Jiyun narrowed his eyes and looked at Meixi.
"You mean that girl named Xiaomi you brought the other day?"
Jiyun nodded his head.
Meixi never dreamed that she would be defeated by a girl who looks ordinary, has a flat figure and doesn’t have a very bright head. If Wei Xike is with a very good person, she can still accept it, but now she is unwilling to die because she can’t compare with such an ordinary girl.
Jiyun could see that Meixi was tempted and went on to say that she was.
"Mei-hee, do you think they are a good match? Don’t you think Hee-hee will not regret it?"
Meixi was silent. Everyone can see that Gu Xiaomi is not a country with them. Since childhood, she should have been the right king before marriage, and she should have been with the princess. There should never be Cinderella.
"Meixi can see that you like Xi very much" Jiyun decided to open the skylight.
"But aunt, I can’t do anything that destroys other people’s feelings." Meixi is hard to say.
"How can this be regarded as destruction? The two of them are not married. You and Gu Xiaomi are now at the same starting line. You have the strength and the final victory must be you."
"But I" Meixi has been tempted, but some would. After all, she has always been sought after by people. Now she is going to pull her face to catch up.
"Mei-hee, even if you help your aunt and help Hee, don’t let him regret it. It’s good for two people who won’t have a result to end it early for Hee and that girl."
Meixi didn’t speak, but her eyes were already shining with fighting light.
"But aunt, what should I do?"
"It’s good if you make up your mind. I have my own arrangements for everything." Jiyun had a pair of answers.
Meixi nodded his head and regained confidence again.
"Thank you, aunt. Then I’ll be leaving now." Gracefully got up.
Jiyun took Meixi’s hand and patted her hand and said, "It’s family in the morning and evening. Come here often after you’re not so polite."
"Good aunt" Meixi holds Jiyun’s hand instead.
"Say hello to your father for me. I’ll visit him in person someday."

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