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Gareth Belmeacha scored the first hat-trick in the Champions League, but it was a glorious defeat.

Welsh genius Bell signed Mei Acha hat trick to make Inter fans applaud.
With the performance of this game, Bell has gained a lot of new fans in Europe and the world, and their value and fame have skyrocketed.
However, to be a real top superstar, Bell has to show continuous outstanding performance.
The accidental outbreak of a game is not powerful enough.
It happened that the away game was lost, but one was Tottenham’s home game.
Tottenham Hotspur will play Inter Milan at home in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage, which is the opportunity for Tottenham Hotspur and Bell to prove themselves again.
However, the first two teams still have their own national leagues to play.
January 24th Inter Milan vs Sampdoria in the first round of Serie A.
A strong dialogue between Tottenham Hotspur consumed a lot of energy from Inter Milan. Sati, Mai Kong, Lucio and others were rotated one after another.
In the end, with a goal from Lu Wenbin, Inter Milan shook hands at home in Sampdoria and scored six wins, one draw and one loss. Lazio tied for first place in the standings with 19 points.
Inter Milan has the advantage of goal difference, and the third place is 17 points A Milan.
A few days later, on January 29th, the 9th round of Serie A, Inter Milan played away against Genoa.
Genoa ranked ninth behind the front wheel, with average strength.
Although it was an away game, Inter Milan beat their opponents with better strength.
Lu Wenbin scored twice and scored the third goal. Inter Milan beat Genoa 31 away.
However, in another match in the same round, Lazio also beat Palermo 1 away, and continued to maintain the same points as Inter Milan, but ranked lower because of the goal difference.
After this league match, Inter Milan will prepare for the fourth round of Tottenham Hotspur Champions League group match.
On November 1st, Inter Milan flew to London.
At 2: 45pm on November 2nd, the match between Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan in the fourth round of the 21211 Champions League group stage officially started.
Bell’s hat trick failed to bring the team a draw in one round, and he was really humbled.
In this game, Bell, Tottenham Hotspur’s home court, continued to play well and scored twice to assist Crouch and pavlyuchenko to score goals respectively.
spa会所Tottenham scored three more goals at home, and the remaining goal was scored by van der Vaart.
However, Bell’s excellent performance did not bring Tottenham a home victory, but a 33-draw with Inter Milan.
Inter Milan’s Lu Wenbin shot Bibel one by one and performed even better. Finally, with three goals from Lu Wenbin, Eto ‘o and Lucio, the away game drew Tottenham 33.
Inter Milan also secured the first position in the group stage with two wins and two draws in four rounds of group stage, and Tottenham ranked second.
Twente and Panathinaikos can hardly threaten the qualifying situation of these two teams, and their greatest pursuit can also be to win the third place in the group to play in the Europa League knockout.
Although there is no victory brought by Tottenham Hotspur, his performance is not as good as Lu Wenbin’s, but Gareth Bell has scored three goals and two assists in two games. His outstanding performance has really made him famous and has attracted many giants’ attention.
Bell, with a big face, looks forward to a monthly pass
Chapter 49 Milan Derby
After Tottenham Hotspur’s Champions League match, Inter Milan returned to the national arena to continue their Serie A journey.
Because the Italian Cup system is the top of Serie A in the season, it will take half a season to directly enter the top 16.
Therefore, at present, Inter Milan does not have the Italian Cup, but the Champions League and Serie A.
On November 6, Inter Milan played against Brescia, the fifth-lowest weak team in the standings.
Due to a bitter expedition to England, Inter Milan continued to rotate and changed many starting players this time.
However, at home against the weak Brescia Inter Milan still easily defeated the opponent.
In the 17th minute, Lu Wenbin broke the goal of Brescia with a direct Italian ball, and Inter Milan led 1.
In the 44th minute before the end of the half-time, Lu Wenbin once again hit his opponent in a corner kick for the top, and two central defenders kept a close eye on it and jumped high to head the ball into the goal.
Lu Wenbin scored twice to help Inter Milan 2 lead opponents into the halftime.
Not long after halftime, in the 49th minute, Brescia scored a goal by their No.9 striker Caracciono and pulled back a point.
Brescia’s morale was boosted and he wanted to make persistent efforts to equalize the score. The result was 55 minutes.
Reading in sections 194
When Inter Milan played a quick counterattack.
Lu Wenbin’s long-distance attack with the ball from the backcourt attracted almost all Brescia defenders and then crossed the ball to the other side and Eto ‘o.
Eto’ o’s interference succeeded. Inter Milan led Brescia 31.
Then the average age was too high, and Inter Milan began to control the game and save physical fitness. Both sides slowed down in attack and defense.
However, a few minutes before the end, Inter Milan got another Italian goal and Lu Wenbin kicked it directly.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle of the game. Inter Milan beat Brescia 41 times at home and continued to lead the standings.
Rival Lazio lost 2 to Roma in this round of Rome Derby, and Inter Milan opened the gap.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick, including his second Italian goal in his career, and another assist once again dominated the game.
Lu Wenbin’s teammates are getting better and better, and the goals are getting better and better.
Four days later, on November 1st, the 11th round of Serie A, Inter Milan away to Lecce.
Lecce is also a weak team from the bottom.
However, the away game is always a little more difficult than the home game. Lecce, who tried his best to avoid relegation, also played very well at home.
Inter Milan might not have won if Lu Wenbin hadn’t continued to play steadily.
In this game, Lu Wenbin scored twice to help Inter Milan beat Lecce 21 away and take three points to lead the standings again.
After the first 11 rounds of Serie A, Inter Milan ranked first in the standings, A Milan ranked second and Lazio ranked third.
Milan duo occupy the top two places in Serie A standings, which makes a round of matches more gimmicky.
Because the 12th round of Serie A is Inter Milan vs A Milan derby for the top spot in Serie A.
Milan derby is the most famous in the world football, and there is no derby in the same city.

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