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Qin Miao Miao corners of the mouth evoked no smile in her eyes. "Don’t move this person, I’ll clean it up myself."

As Lu Qing expected, more than 50 minutes later, the inspection team traced the trail to find out what was behind the teenager.
Mo Wenwan saw the inspector looking for the door and knew that the teenager was arrested and calmly drank "What are you doing?"
The inspector showed his certificate and took Mo Wenwan away directly.
Qin Miao Miao’s client is not allowed to participate in the trial. Theoretically, Lu Qing can’t participate in the trial, but how can Lu Qing let go of the unstable factors that hurt Qin Miao Miao?
Lu Qing and the inspector led the team to watch the interrogation process in the surveillance video by sitting in the monitoring room.
Interrogators are composed of a man and a woman and two supervisors, one for questioning and one for recording.
Mo Wenwan admitted that she was associated with teenagers.
Qin Miaomiao’s new film and I hit the same schedule, and the film was similar. Although I won, I actually lost a lot of money. Qin Miaomiao’s situation is just the opposite of mine;
Chapter 117 You treat me as blind?
The interrogation asked "What do you hate?"
Mo Wenwan said, "I can’t say it’s dark hatred, just envy, jealousy and hate."
"Qin Miaomiao dare not make an affair because she has a family and children, and she is very embarrassed."
Interrogation leads to "You asked that little boy to seduce Qin Miaomiao, didn’t you poison Qin Miaomiao to make her addicted to drugs?"
Mo Wenwan looked surprised. "What poison is it? I’m just giving those children a fun medicine. I’m worried that there are fakes in the online medicine that I bought from trustworthy people."
Interrogation glances "Who can I trust?"
"Yin Xueer" Mo Wenwan said
The huge video in the interrogation room frames Mo Wen’s face.
Lu Qing has a voice in his heart telling himself that Mo Wen-wan is lying.
The trial will begin again in five minutes.
This trial changed people. Lu Qing knew that before the trial, she went to arrest Yin Xueer.
When asked to buy medicine from Yin Xueer, Mo Wenwan said, "Because I know that Yin Xueer has the goods and the goods are very good" and then sighed, "But how could she give it to me?"
The interrogation asked, "What is it?"
Mo Wenwan said, "Yin Xueer’s private life has always been unclean, so I want to hide her. She may hold a grudge and want to get back at me."
"Oh, by the way, when I bought medicine from her, I didn’t say it was for Qin Miaomiao. She may be me because she knows that my boyfriend and I have a rift."
The interrogation asked, "Are you sure she knows?"
Don’t be gentle and sigh. A woman with a broken heart is sad. "It’s not just her that many people know."
The trial lasted half an hour.
Before the trial, I came back with an evidence, a recording pen like a six-pointed diamond pendant.
There is some noise in front of the recorder, so I can’t hear the conversation between the two people behind.
Mo Wenwan said, "Cher, you are my hand-picked artist. It really hurts me to hide you, but I can’t come and see that 5.1 million points have been transferred to your account."
Yin Xueer said, "You are smart."
The interrogation asked, "What is this recording?"
Mo Wenwan said, "After all, she is an artist I have promoted. I hate to see her acting career destroy my hand, but I can’t help but transfer her a sum of compensation."
As the recorder came back, it was Yin Xueer who was arrested.
When asked about drug trafficking, Yin Xueer admitted to selling it to Mo Wen Wan Yu, but denied it.
"He and I are lovers. What happens to us is our private affair. What should I tell you?"
"Drug trafficking, my identity, do I need to sell drugs to make money? Are you blind?"
The interrogation asked Yin Xueer, "Are you sure you didn’t spill any poison from your hand?"
桑拿会所Yin Xueer thought for a moment, "No, I sold Mo Wenwan a poison, and she called me five million to collect bank transfers. You can find it."
The interrogation asked, "Isn’t this 5 million Mo Wenwan giving you compensation for feeling guilty for you?"
Yin Xueer smiled in amazement. "She felt guilty about me. If she really had the heart, she wouldn’t hide me. That’s a very blocking woman who bought poison from me just to harm Qin Miaomiao."
In the control room, Lu Qing’s face sank
It’s no accident that the Academy of Fine Arts was poisoned:
Chapter 11 Who can be trusted
Qin Miao Miao’s body should have been aware of what she said to her, leaving people to her.
Lu Qing rapped regularly against the armrest of the leather chair.
At the end of the trial, Mo Wenwan’s criminal evidence was insufficient, and a lawyer was released on bail. Yin Xueer’s criminal facts were conclusive, and she admitted everything.
Shi Yin Xueer still doesn’t believe that she is involved in drug abuse and drug trafficking. She has a powerful king and will definitely get her out of prison.
But she waited and waited until the trial judge sounded the gavel, and she was taken to the women’s prison to realize the reality. She was cheated. She was addicted to drugs and saw Wang hook her fingers high. She ran over like a pet dog, and the image of Wang disappeared like smoke.
The joint action of INTERPOL and local police has achieved good results. Although the biggest drug Lord has escaped, more than half of the drug lords’ dens have been destroyed, and it is difficult to mess up again in a short time.
Mo Wenwan came out of the police station and spent a lot of money to inquire about the people in the middle curtain. She told her that the police had plans to close the case, and that her situation and drug abuse and drug trafficking would be fine at most and she would be finished with two ideological and moral education.
Mo Wenwan breathed a sigh of relief. When she looked back, she found that entertainment was very bad for her.

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