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Gao Xiaoxiao nodded and got up from the sofa and said, "Of course, sister."

"Great," Han Minzhi looked at Han Shao and added, "Don’t worry, O Shao, we will go to the small flower shop at the gate of Ruiyuan and come back soon."
Han Dong "…"
After the two left, Han looked at the carpet and was playing with jelly, so he simply got up and went upstairs.
It’s five o’clock in the afternoon, and it’s not yet dark garden. It covers a large area and has a wide distance. Trees and towering roads can be seen everywhere, such as pavilions, fountains and seats. The greening is very good and the scenery is beautiful. It’s a famous rich area in D city.
Gao Xiaoxiao and Han Minzhi walked slowly along the road, perhaps because they didn’t talk all the time. Isn’t it awkward?
Han Minzhi first asked a very safe question, "How old are you today, Xiaoxiao?"
She wears a beige Korean coat, black narrow-legged pants and a pair of black wedge shoes, and her long hair is loosely tied to her shoulders, which is neither too delicate nor sloppy.
"I just had my 23rd birthday," said Gao Xiaoxiao.
Uh ….. Han Minzhi has some accident "you are only 23 years old? The little white he … "
"Xiao Bai was born when I was ten years old." Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t think there was anything to avoid and naturally said it.
Han Minzhi’s eyes have a layer of similar appreciation and pity. "Xiaoxiao, it must be very hard for you to have a baby so young."
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled lightly, "Fortunately, it’s all over."
Section 161
"Alas, my younger brother must be such a jerk that you got pregnant with him at a young age. He has been loved by girls since childhood. He may not know what it means to be affectionate. You don’t know …" Maybe he suddenly realized what Han Minzhi suddenly stopped and changed another topic. "By the way, why haven’t you heard about your family? They all worship the city, right?"
Gao Xiaoxiao thought of the call from Gao Zhenning yesterday and blinked and said, "There are no relatives at home."
"…" Han Minzhi didn’t expect such an answer. Looking at Gao Xiaoxiao indifferently, he still looked immature and said with a sigh, "I’m really sorry for your sadness again."
Gao Xiaoxiao bent his lips "no"
There is no more explanation.
Call her selfish or cold-blooded, whether it’s Gao Zhenning or that menstruation, it’s just a stranger with whom she is related.
Han Minzhi secretly frowned. What’s the matter? Both questions have stepped on the thunder point.
So embarrassed, I came to a flower shop near the main entrance of Ruiyuan. Although it was already late, the flowers in the shop were still delicate and charming, like they had just arrived in the morning, and the general variety was also very rich.
There were not many people in the flower shop. Han Minzhi chose it for a long time and finally said with great frustration, "Forget it, I’ll buy lilies. This is Shi Jun’s favorite. Don’t be afraid that he won’t like it."
Gao Xiaoxiao was surprised that a man likes lily so feminine?
"By the way, Xiaoxiao, do you want to buy some, too? Anyway, you’re here," Han Minzhi said
When the clerk saw it, he sold it. "Two young ladies are just doing a promotion today. Buy five roses and get one for free. Would you like some?"
Han Minzhi glanced at it and was not interested in continuing to choose Lily.
Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but gather together in the past. "How much are roses?"
"Young lady, do you want to buy roses? Different numbers mean different things. Miss, how many flowers do you want to buy? "
Gao Xiaoxiao thought for a moment, "Give me thirty flowers."
"Thirty flowers, right?" The clerk’s consciousness was repeated
"Well" Gao Xiaoxiao nodded.
桑拿论坛"Who is the young lady going to give it to? Do you need to write a card?" The shop assistant quickly selects thirty flowers and is trimming the spikes with scissors.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao glanced at Han Minzhi’s face and turned a little red. "I can’t buy it for myself."
"Oh, I see." The clerk didn’t expect her to nod so directly and wrapped the flowers with pink wrapping paper.
It’s almost six o’clock when I go out from the flower shop. The street lights in the garden are already on. The soft yellow halo is bleak and warm in the early winter night wind.
Gao Xiaoxiao and Han Minxia walked slowly back with a big bunch of flowers, but they still had nothing to talk about. Fortunately, in a short time, Han Minzhi’s cell phone rang and she picked it up and pressed the answer "Hello Yuqiu".
"Your father is nothing but a scratch. Everything is fine in D city now, so you can rest assured."
"Uh, Yuqiu, why don’t you practice dancing first and we’ll go back later?"
Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t want to eavesdrop, but it was just the two of them, and there was no car passing by at night, and it was quiet. A young girl’s voice just entered her ear, and Wu Nong’s soft language was full of sweetness and coquetry.
Although I can’t hear clearly, I can guess from Han Minzhi’s expression and tone that they are very unusual.
After finally hanging up, Han Minzhi looked at Gao Xiaoxiao with a face of apology and said, "Sorry, Shijun’s daughter just called."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao strange LengShiJun daughter? What does this mean?
"You didn’t know, did you? She was an adopted child in Shi Jun’s former orphanage. We all got along well. Knowing that Shi Jun was injured today, she was particularly worried about coming to D City to see him." Han Minzhi explained.
Gao Xiaoxiao nodded his head and asked, "Will she come?"
Han Minzhi waved his hand. "The school is preparing to report the performance, and she is the lead dancer. Shijun will definitely not allow her to come over."
Looking at the big bouquet of roses in Gao Xiaoxiao’s hand, she changed the subject with a smile. "By the way, did you buy these roses for Ah Shu?"
Gao Xiaoxiao was a little embarrassed to nod, but Han Minzhi went on to say, "You have a heart. Thirty flowers have just passed on your birthday."
"Has his birthday passed?" Gao Xiaoxiao looked surprised.
"Yeah, don’t you know? Or have you forgotten? " Han Minzhi kindly woke her up. "Ah Shu’s birthday, that is, the 16th of this month, has just passed two days, and I have spent it alone in private."
Gao Xiaoxiao blinked. She bought flowers on a whim on his birthday. She really didn’t pay attention and didn’t listen to the Korean family … Even Han Shu didn’t show it herself.
Looking at the bouquet of delicate and charming roses in my arms, Gao Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and suddenly felt a little strange in my heart.

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