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Barefoot went to the health room and hid the door. The lock was locked, panting and squatting slowly along the door.

Her brain is a paste. Damn it, why did she get entangled?
God knows, if she hadn’t borrowed Mrs. Lu’s identity, she would have stayed away from him. This man is too dangerous for her to be around every second.
I don’t know how long it took when she opened the door a crack. Lu Qing was dressed in a well-cut high-definition suit. When he looked at it from the side, he couldn’t find the slightest flaw. When he looked over, her heart could not help but thump.
She thought of the moment she woke up, her face pressed against his chest, and her thin lips almost brushed his face.
He looked at her, and his eyes could see through her heart as if they were real. He looked cold and spoke.
"I’ll give you ten minutes to clean up and see grandpa."
Qin Miao Miao’s heart is tight, so he should come at once. It’s ridiculous. What’s the trouble with her thinking? He’s still the high-ranking Lujia master.
And she is his nominal wife, and nothing has changed.
Say it’s ten minutes, that is, one minute and one second will not be given more:
Chapter 1 Who said I was kicked out?
I changed into a Gao Dingshu women’s dress and put on a demure and light makeup. Fortunately, her hair is not bad, and she is born with a little curl.
Even if it’s such a short time to clean up, when Lu Qing came out of health, he looked at it. From his eyes, Qin Miao Miao probably saw what he meant to be decent.
Two people go to the room together.
Master Lu seems to be in good spirits. Lu Qing expressed his intention to leave. Master Lu agreed and asked a few words, not because he hoped that the two of them would get along well and had better try to have a great-grandson.
Qin Miao Miao is very cooperative with shy smile.
Out of the Lujia compound, Lu Qing left in another car and threw her to the driver.
"Madam, please take the car."
The driver respectfully opened the door for her and looked at Lu Qing’s car and left without mercy. Qin Miao Miao wanted to directly compare with a middle finger.
After the profit, she just walked out of my old house without saying a word, so she went her separate ways.
She got out of the car and got a message on her cell phone.
"Simon, Simon, come back quickly."
This sound is very shrill, and before she can react, she hears it over there and goes on.
"You say how stupid you are to marry Lu Qing and become Mrs. Lu, but you don’t know how to catch a man’s heart at all. I think you are hopeless in this life. Come back soon and we’ll think of a countermeasure for you. That’s it."
Say that finish pa hangs up Qin Miaomiao listening to busy tone corners of the mouth slowly hook up over there.
After reading the words, the note is that my aunt Lin Fen Qin’s company is now in control of her uncle Qin Lin’s hand, and it is safe to rely on Lujia, but this Qin Lin is very ambitious and wants to take advantage of Lujia.
Although the original Qin Miao Miao is very soft, she believes that her uncle is almost obedient.
Even this suicide by cutting your wrist.
It’s good to think of this. It’s time to meet these good relatives.
"Turn around and go to the Imperial Forest Area"
Lin Fenzheng gave Qin Lin a shoulder to see him with a face of sorrow and asked
"Honey, what’s wrong with you and who made you unhappy?"
"It’s not just that the company’s broken capital chain has been unable to turn over tens of millions of holes. What can I do to make up for it?"
Lin Fen frowning tentatively asked
"Why don’t you ask Lujia for help?"
A lujia Qin Lin became more and more agitated and sighed
"You Lu family are stupid. You will literally take out tens of millions to fill the hole for me. Who is that Lu Qing? I dare not say more than half a word before him. Don’t Simon, that dead girl married him. He really treated me like an uncle. That dead girl didn’t fart. I didn’t see any reaction from Lu Qing this time. I estimate that Lu Qing is likely to divorce her after all this noise."
Lin Fen startled Lujia, but if Lu Qing divorced Qin Miaomiao, their big backer, they would really play.
"Do you mean Sister Simon? She’s going to be kicked out. What can I do?"
Qin Sishui, wearing a long white dress, came slowly from the stairs. She looks sweet and behaves well, and Lin Fenqin Lin’s only daughter has been holding hands and feeling distressed.
Lin Fen saw her hurriedly meet to tone cut way
"Shuishui, how do you sleep a little longer?"
Qin Sishui was worried and asked, "What happened to my sister? Is something wrong with her?":
Chapter 19 Bai Lianhua Bichi
A Qin Miao Miao Lin Fen then seem a little disdain complains.
"She’s just an idiot. She can’t hook a man’s heart and make herself a joke. If only Shuishui married Lu Qing, don’t say tens of millions, that is, hundreds of millions. He must be willing to pay it out, and we don’t expect her.
After what she said, Qin Sishui’s expression of eyes immediately lit up and a little blush appeared, which seemed a little shy and coquetry.
"Mom, what are you talking about? Lu Qing is my brother-in-law. How can I not do this?"
"What’s the matter? My daughter is much more beautiful than that idiot Qin Miaomiao. Your sex is so good. Lu Qing just didn’t see you. If he sees you, he will be fascinated. Where is her turn Qin Miaomiao?"
Qin Sishui blushed at the thought of Lu Qing. Although she had never seen Lu Qing, she had heard of his name. His news often appeared in both the Economic Times and entertainment newspapers. Unfortunately, no media had photographed his face, which was very mysterious. He was a real tycoon of the Lu family.
She also heard from her classmates that if Lujia could really marry Mrs. Lu Qing Cheng Lu, those female classmates would be jealous to death.
"Mom, don’t talk nonsense. Besides, we haven’t seen our brother-in-law yet."
Lin Fen also appears to be very resentful and cold-grunted. "It’s not strange that that idiot finally married Lu Qing. He doesn’t know anything about grasping a man’s heart and doesn’t understand it. We might as well expect a pig to plant Qin Lin. We have to do something. Otherwise, if Lu Qing divorced Qin Miao, we will draw water in a bamboo basket."
夜网论坛Qin Lin fidgety came over and sat on the sofa. She was so fat because of socializing and drinking that she was pregnant for six or seven months.
"What can we do? She just can’t help the wall with mud. Lu Qing hates her and can’t teach her any more."
Lin Fen glanced at one side and Qin Sishui’s eyes lit up and immediately moved his mind. He was quite excited and took Qin Sishui and said
"Don’t count on her, but you can count on our water and water. When you let water and water go to Lujia for a while, Lu Qing will be tempted to see our water and water."
Qin Lin seemed hesitant to "live in Lujia"
"Yes, we are so beautiful, and which man is indifferent to Lu Qing will certainly be no exception. Don’t say tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of Lu Qing will be willing to pay it out, and you will become Lu Qing’s father."
She was quite tempted when she listened to Qin Lin’s abacus, and Qin Sishui’s heart pounded up to go to Lujia?
"Who does my aunt want to live in?"
At this moment, a cold sound suddenly appeared at the door, and Qin Miaomiao suddenly appeared at the door with a smile on her mouth, just looking at them.
Lin Fen first return to absolute being face squeeze fake smile hurriedly walked towards her in the past, smiling and chin way
"How come you don’t say hello? I can pick you up at the door. Zhang Ma doesn’t know how to wake up."
I don’t know how much she heard. Although this girl has soft ears, she can really be heard. I’m afraid she will doubt something if she shouldn’t hear it.
Qin Miao Miao avoided her without a trace, and walked towards the light way "just arrived"

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