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Lu Shasha is a real social gold rose in darling daughter, Lujia. She is sweet, lovely, supple and clever. She is also a lovely girl in the eyes of several men’s dreams and elders. She and her second young master, Lu Jun, have been married to Lujia successfully by giving birth to the twins.

Tonight, Master Lu’s birthday party was held. This granddaughter took great pains to arrange the official appearance of Lu Shasha and her boyfriend Wu Tianyou, who had just returned from studying abroad, and let the guests remember the name Wu Tianyou by the way.
The cloud city circle is so big. With the identity of Lujia’s son-in-law, Wu Tianyou will be more likely to stand in the circle and get ahead. Who won’t give Lujia three points?
Wu Tianyou attracted admiration as soon as he appeared. He was handsome, tall and straight, with a refined temperament, but resolute and decisive. He was the type of dream lover of many girls. No wonder he was fascinated by the daughter of Lujia.
Lu Sasha contentedly snuggled up to Wu Tianyou’s arms and smiled happily-after all these years, she finally waited for this day!
"My granddaughter’s boyfriend, who has been studying finance and studying abroad for many years, has learned a lot of ink, but he wants to show his talents in Yuncheng. Everyone should take care of my old man. Thank you here!" Lu Lao made a polite bow at the guests, which attracted everyone to reciprocate.
"Lu Lao’s courtesy makes the dragon and phoenix among Sun Xu special someday!"
"Young talents are really good!"
Flattery is out of reach. At this moment, Li Zhenyu waited for a long time. Xia Xue couldn’t look back and found that she was in a daze among the guests.
Xia Xuezhi stared at the spotlight and held Lu Shasha’s handsome face, which was so familiar and profound and strange as a lifetime ago, that she felt trance. The original life was forever broken, but the mountains and rivers met again! Wu Tianyou once stung her even thinking about it once, and he came back to her in a dazzling way. This kind of impact was indeed borne by her.
She should bravely approach to snuggle up to Li Zhenyu and be indifferent to Wu Tianyou, but her legs don’t work, and a heart has long betrayed her, and she can’t help but ache repeatedly …
Li Zhenyu came to Xia Xue and found that she would rather hold her coat in her arms but kept shivering. He frowned and asked, "Why did you take off your coat?"
桑拿会所  title=Xia Xue looked up at her, but she recognized Li Zhenyu and muttered, "I want to go home!"
"…" Li Zhenyu narrowed his eyes and looked at Xia Xue repeatedly for a long time. He felt that she was like a poor abandoned puppy!
"I’m not comfortable! I feel cold all over and I want to go home! " Xia Xue’s face was pathetic and demanded.
Even though there are many questions in my heart, it is inconvenient for Li Zhenyu to ask more questions, so he caressed her sweet shoulders, and her tentacles were as slippery and cold as cold jade. He frowned more tightly and said, "I have to say hello to Lu Lao before I go!" "
"no!" Xia Xue refused to move. She really didn’t have the courage to go near that man.
Li Zhenyu’s black eyes flashed across a tree and asked, "Don’t … are you afraid to meet anyone?" Speaking of this, he suddenly remembered something. "By the way, I remember hearing you mention the name Wu Tianyou. Did you say that Wu Tianyou is the same person as him?"
Xia Xue almost jumped up to talk about her boyfriend. Don’t look for Tai Cong. This will make her hide at any time. "No … no … your imagination is too rich …" She finally couldn’t hold it and turned to be defeated and fled.
"Come back!" Li Zhenyu grabbed her wrist and pulled her back forcefully.
"What are you doing? Let me go! " Xia Xue didn’t expect Li Zhenyu to forcibly hold her, which made her angry and scared. "I’m leaving, do you hear!"
Li Zhenyu narrowed his eyes, and there was a growing danger. He suddenly picked her up and walked to the landing family.
"Li Zhenyu, you are crazy!" Xia Xue is going mad. She can’t believe that Li Zhenyu is so overbearing in his bones that he forced her to see her in the past. At the moment, she has the least courage to see people. "Let me go! You are crazy! "
Xia Xue was held in front of the Lu family by Li Zhenyu, and then he finally released her big hand but firmly buckled her wrist to prevent her from escaping. "Lu Lao Xia Xue said that she was not comfortable and I wanted to take her back early!"
Lu family obviously didn’t expect that Li Zhenyu would come with Xia Xue, which is even more striking! All eyes are focused on the two of them for a while, once again overshadowing Lu Shasha and Wu Tianyou.
Seeing each other at this moment is unexpected!
Lu Shasha’s water eyes can hold Wu Tianyou by her side in surprise, just like a child protecting his beloved toy for fear of being taken away. She looked at him with some confusion and bit her lip nervously.
Wu Tianyou stunned degree is not Lu Sasha is even more shocked. He looked at the pale and shrinking Li Zhenyu’s arms. It seems that some women can’t believe their eyes-Xia Xue!
She is more beautiful after three years! A big red improved cheongsam-style embroidery tugged at the evening ceremony to outline her graceful figure. The makeup was a little flowery, but it didn’t damage her beauty. The light behind the big show was bright and clean, and the beautiful back was like suet jade, which led to crime. In the past, the green and fragrant gardenia had turned into a charming and colorful red rose, and she was enchanting in another man’s arms …
Wu Tianyou fixed his eyes and the wind stabbed Li Zhenyu like a knife. Although he had never met him before, he had heard of Li Zhenyu’s name, a big shot in Yuncheng. He turned out to be a new lover in Xia Xue! Kouga bit Wu Tianyou slightly and suddenly revealed a YinZhi smile. "Sasha, don’t you think this is our college alumnus Xia Xue?"
Lu Sasha scared to see Wu Tianyou take the initiative to pierce this layer of window paper and hurriedly agreed "Yes, yes! Sister Xia Xue is more beautiful and has become Jin Woo’s girlfriend! "
"I remember …" Wu Tianyou answered slightly with malicious intent. "In those days, she was with Hu Yijiang, the richest man in our school. It seems that she had a new boyfriend after only three years!"
This is an outstanding and discolored Xia Xue brought by Li Zhenyu. On her birth, everyone gave her my meager sensibilities. No one would have thought that Wu Tianyou, who had just arrived in Yuncheng and didn’t even have a firm heel, publicly insulted Xia Xue. This suspicion is not very good for Li Zhenyu!
Xia Xue hit his heart with a deep dull pain, which spread from his chest to the bones of his limbs. He was almost unstable. She hid her past feelings in the snow and was stripped out of her heart. The wound was so painful that she could not breathe. Wu Tianyou was so cruel that he still hated her!
"God bless her is Jin Woo’s girlfriend …" Lu Sasha seems to have some scruples and quietly tugs at Wu Tianyou’s sleeves and winks at him to let him not openly difficult to Xia Xue.
However, Lu Shasha’s "exhortation" completely ignited Wu Tianyou’s repressed anger and resentment. He turned a blind eye to Li Zhenyu beside Xia Xue and stared at Xia Xue’s mouth in a provocative way. "This man looks much better than Hu Yijiang! You are getting stronger and stronger in catching men. Congratulations! "
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"This man looks much better than Hu Yijiang. You are getting stronger and stronger in catching men. Congratulations!"
Love words plunged into Xia Xue’s heart like a knife, so that she almost twitched. If Li Zhenyu hadn’t supported her, she would have been unstable. She opened her mouth like a fish and didn’t make a sound.
Li Zhenyu took a sip of his thin lips. He held Xia Xue in one hand and picked up Wu Tianyou’s tie in the other. He dragged the other side dangerously to narrow his eyes and warned, "See clearly that she is my woman! Don’t blame me if you speak ill of her again! Believe it or not, I told you to go back and stay where you came from! "
"Jin Woo, don’t lie!" Lu Yuanhang quickly came over to persuade him to fight a round field. "Young people are so angry that they don’t say anything. We don’t argue with Mao Xiao!"
This made Li Zhenyu depressed and angry at Lu Yuanhang. "You mean I am very old!"
"Cough" Lu Yuanhang was almost choked by his own saliva. Come on, Li Zhenyu is also entangled in age? This is not like his usual style!
Two elders, Liu Jingyuan and Liu Siyuan, also came to persuade Lu Yuanhang’s mother, Chen Jingyun, to keep asking what was going on.
Then Xia Wanzhen came over.
Seeing the chaotic scene, Xia Wanzhen knew that the scene she was most afraid of finally happened! Beautiful eyes flashed a bit angry and resentful. What Xia Xue just refused to listen to her! If we had avoided it earlier, we wouldn’t have made trouble! "God bless you feel relieved! Aren’t you and Sasha very good now? I will struggle with myself! "
"I am not entangled!" Wu Tianyou categorically denied that the cold eyes turned to Xia Xue again "because I don’t want to see those hypocritical women confuse koo men again!"
Every word he uttered was poisoned with emotion, because he was about to be burned by jealousy and died for many years. He worked hard for years, and one day he wanted to show her his talent and ability, which made her regret that he chose Hu Yijiang for a moment. But he just came back and didn’t stand firm when he saw her next to the most awesome man in Yuncheng. Is this to piss him off?
"Little you make it clear that Li Zhenyu is not a fool to see women better than you!" Li Zhenyu stared at the hot-blooded rival in front of him and measured the strength of the other side. "My woman doesn’t allow you to judge that you don’t deserve it!"
"Stop arguing!" Lu Lao said with a gloomy face, "Tonight is my birthday at least. Are you two going to have a fight in front of my old man as my birthday present?"

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