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Flower sweet took a big sum of money and was about to slip away, but Qin Miaomiao pulled her face with a very gentle smile.

"Do you want a girl to be popular overnight and attract people’s attention? Do you want to be a big star and a million dollars?"
Hua Tiantian looked at her with a wary face. "Sorry, sister, I don’t do insurance or sell Amway."
夜网论坛Qin miaomiao
Jin Jing said, Meng Yan, Song Li laughed, and the little girl has a good understanding and is worth cultivating.
Qin Miaomiao glared at the few people and continued to trick the little girl. "Have you ever heard of Yaoguang Entertainment? I’m Qin Miaomiao. This is my business card. If you want to be a star, please contact me. I promise I’ll make you famous. You consider it."
Hua Tiantian took the business card handed by her and went out dizzy. The business card was very elegant, with a name and a phone number.
Qin miaomiao
Hua Tiantian suddenly remembered something. Call it out.
Yaoguang Entertainment Qin Miaomiao Isn’t that the net is on fire with President Qin?
She also watched the domineering video of the angry scene. Don’t be too handsome. She even powdered her. Just now, the room lights were a little dark and I didn’t see it clearly
Did she just be touched by President Qin?
Ah, ah, ah, ah. Aidou touched her hand.
Qin Miao Miao Lu Qing said that several people continued to chat and drink, and the door was suddenly opened.
Flowers are sweet like a rabbit, and her face is flushed and her eyes are shining. She looks at Qin Miao Miao wait for a while coming towards her.
Others are dumbfounded. What’s wrong with this girl?
Hey, what are you doing looking at Qin Miaomiao without looking at so many beautiful men in the room?
She came up to her, blushing and boiling red shrimp.
"I’m a fan of President Qin. Can I hug you?"
Before I can react, Hua Tiantian has reached out and hugged her. Ah, ah, she finally hugged Aidou.
Although it was thrown out in a second, Meng Yan’s load happened to catch people.
Lu Qing’s face is covered with frost, and another woman who covets his wife wants to die.
Qin Miao Miao hurriedly shun Mao "husband, you calm down. Your wife finally has a fan. Don’t be so rude to my little friends."
Flower sweet stare big eyes old husband:
Chapter 411 I am your diehard fan
Isn’t President Qin married? Why does this man look a little familiar?
God, isn’t that Lord Lu Qing and Lu Shen?
Wait, isn’t he a minion? When did he become the husband of President Qin? What about the minion?
Hua Tian Tian was bombarded with so much information for a short time that people became confused.
I didn’t find that she was still being held, waiting for her to react, screaming and jumping from Meng Yan.
Meng Yan seems to have been rejected by people.
But spend sweet attention not Meng Yanshen her eyes looked at Qin Miaomiao red face and said
"President Qin, I am a die-hard fan of you. We also set up a support team to claim that I am the head of the harem group of the president."
Life loves beans, others are floating clouds, and adults such as Lu Shen and Xiao Ben are not as important as President Qin.
Resolutely defend life and love beans
Qin Miao Miao hooked her finger sounds more gentle and laughed
"Since you are a fan of mine, the signing is considered."
"I sign, I sign"
"You agreed without looking at the contract and asking for it."
Looking at Qin Miaomiao’s heart rate at such a close distance, Hua Tiantian is about to break through 12. She took a step back clutching her chest and gasped.
"I agree to whatever President Qin asks."
Jin Jing laughed. "This girl is silly. It is estimated that even if you want to sell her, she will be happy to count money for you."
Qin Miao Miao glanced at him and snorted. "I have always been gentle and considerate to my family. What’s your name?"
"Flowers are sweet," she answered obediently.
The more Qin Miao Miao looks at her, the more she likes it. She can’t help but stretch out her hand and touch her little head and say with smile, "Sweet and small can come to the company to sign the contract. In addition, I now officially announce that you are the heroine of our drama, and you are the very handsome guys in the room."
Hua Tian Tian was killed by her head, and she didn’t listen to anything she just said. Bean lover is really beautiful, noble and elegant, with a little domineering, especially those eyes are really beautiful.
She is so happy. She not only hugged Aidou Aidou, but also touched her head. She was about to faint.
She didn’t react until she walked out of the room in a daze.
Lying in the trough, she, she became the heroine.
Room Lu Qing Jin Jing Yan Law Meng Yan Song Li are depressed. The five of them are all extremely male gods outside. How many women chase and shout?
How did that girl just have Qin Miaomiao under her eyes? It’s not scientific.

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