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"Madam, wake up and have breakfast!" Pearl Krabs came out of the kitchen and handed me a bowl of thick soup.

Crab willow burger is my favorite. It’s delicious! "Did you eat? Who is light? "
"I just went out after eating. I made breakfast!" Pearl Krabs winked and didn’t forget to take credit for her grandfather.
I shrugged my shoulders to show my understanding.
I went out early in the morning. What are you busy with? I’m not too curious.
After breakfast, I hung a towel and walked along the beach. When I saw shells occasionally exposed in the sand, I picked them up exquisitely and specially. Pearl Krabs and Min took mozhu to sit on the beach mat and played with me to pick up shells, saying that they could be made into various bracelets and ornaments.
I didn’t think much about it, but it should be good to make ornaments.
The sun is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s still sunny in January. I sent Pearl Krabs and them back to the villa and walked a long way along the beach to sit on a coconut reef.
Looking at the surrounding scenery, I thought that this was the first time in many years that I had no troubles and stayed alone quietly to sigh what a wonderful life! I hope I can be so comfortable in the future.
And such a beautiful life is all given by Wei Qing, which I didn’t even dare to think about before. I am full of gratitude to him!
I dozed off against the coconut tree, and I felt that someone was sitting around me, and I was so excited that I scared away a sleepy person, but I was so embarrassed.
"awake?" Wei Qing raised an eyebrow and leaned in and kissed my lips lightly. "Go home when you wake up. It’s time for dinner."
I looked around my face instantly, but fortunately no one was there.
Why does this man always love to kiss people outside? Isn’t he ashamed at all?
"Don’t go to bed without eating", Wei declared in a domineering tone.
桑拿会所"Oh" means that I went to bed without eating last night.
Holding my bar in one hand and raising it, "Is the answer so perfunctory?" Wei Qing looked straight at me and looked at my nerves.
I pulled his hand away. "It’s Mr. Wei Da."
I told him that he was very satisfied. He dragged me to the villa. I lifted my legs with this man. My legs were long and wide. I had to run a little to follow him. After only a few steps, he realized that he had slowed down. His thoughtfulness made me very moved.
Pearl Krabs cooked a very rich lunch, but I like to eat all kinds of seafood. I am full of food from time to time.
I touched my belly and said that I would lose weight after giving birth. I’m afraid it’s difficult to eat like this
After eating, Pearl Krabs brought a cup of tea, saying that Xiaoshi Wei was lying on my garden lounge chair and told me about the follow-up of yesterday’s incident
It turned out that yesterday’s robbers were petty gangsters dressed up to give me trouble and vent my anger. Although I didn’t intend to do anything to me, I was really scared yesterday, especially Mozhu.
Wei Qing went out early in the morning to find Gong Yiwei. Brother Gong Yiwei said that he would take care of Gong Yiwei and wouldn’t let her mess around again.
Let me not care about what I have to care about. It’s understandable that girls like him and think my rival is a little crazy. It’s understandable that he also likes to tell me that I can give way!
"That’s it?" Seems a little too hasty, doesn’t it? I watched him and wanted to see something suspicious in his expression, but I found nothing. He still had a faint expression.
"I’m sorry, but I can’t put the official in charge for the time being. You have to be patient first." Wei Qingkui touched my hair and said apologetically.
Don’t apologize to me. It’s not your fault you’re handsome.
"It’s good for you to do it at will, regardless of me." I cut his collar for his sake. "I’m not bad-looking and like you so much …"
Wei got up lightly and the chairs fell down, which startled me and interrupted me.
He walked away with an ugly face and stopped at the gate. "Do you really think so?"
I laughed for a while and didn’t know how to answer him. His face was so smelly that I was afraid of saying something to make him unhappy.
Who looked at me and saw that I didn’t answer calmly and didn’t go back.
I touched my head. It’s not the first time I’ve said this. What kind of anger is this Wei Qingsheng?
No matter what he went to, I took a leisurely nap in the garden after drinking scented tea. Several landscape trees blocked the dazzling sunshine and I slept comfortably with the breeze.
When I woke up, I found that I was covered with a blanket. I smiled and said that it must be Pearl Krabs.
This girl is so sweet!
About things, I took out my sketchpad to draw pictures. It took me a few days to relax, and I didn’t know if I was still annoyed that I had disappeared for several days. I didn’t come back until I went to bed. I had already gone out when I got up early.
You’re not avoiding me, are you?
Staying indoors and not going out is also boring. After eating early in the morning, it is not to go shopping with Pearl Krabs Min, but to wander around.
I asked Pearl Krabs, "What has Wei Qingyi been doing all these days?"
Section 163
Min is sitting on the bench for pedestrians in Mozhu Pedestrian Street, and I am also sitting and resting. Pearl Krabs looked at it four times before saying, "I said he would personally tell his wife not to ask Pearl Krabs and Pearl Krabs."
You have to ask for nothing
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Reaching out and poking the round face of mozhu gently, "I am fat again!" Picked up mozhu, kissed her little face and put her head on her chest to make her laugh.
Giggle, giggle, giggle. It’s me. This little guy just looked up and asked her to laugh. It’s still early.
Just when I was immersed in my family time, a figure stood in front of me, and I looked up and saw the ceremonial micro-glare at me.
Pearl Krabs stands in front of me. She needs to be polite, but if anything changes, she needs to look good
"Mo Yanli, I didn’t expect you to be such a person!" The courtiers’ whispers are full of ridicule.
I raised my eyebrows and looked at her doubtfully.
"You are so deep in my heart that I promised not to bother you again and forced me to apologize to you. Don’t push your luck." It is gnashing your teeth.
My mouth is pumping. When did I become Brother Wei? I touched my arm with goose bumps and said, "I don’t know what you said. I didn’t expect you to apologize."
"Do you believe me if you say that?" The official said, "Brother Wei comes to see my brother every day these days. I don’t know what they are discussing, but they are afraid that I will break you up."
Wei Qingyi went to see Brother Gong Yiwei these days. "I really don’t know who is looking for your brother these days." I also thought that if it could help you two, how could I let Wei be ashamed to teach you a lesson?
"Hum, don’t be proud too early." Gong Yiwei turned his head and left at losing.
This ….. What is this? Why do you come to me to criticize me?
Besides, you don’t need to apologize to me. Wei Qing is handsome and rich, so she won the girl’s heart. If you don’t like that, you will like it. Can I stop it?
Is this who light embarrassing don’t really like her? It’s hard to guess Mr. Wei’s mind!

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