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He has a good voice.

Will her voice be as good as his?
She wanted to speak, but she opened her mouth and dared not make a sound.
"Kexin, come over for dinner!"
Is that her name?
It sounds very nice!
Her eyes fell off the table.
I don’t know why I feel very uncomfortable in my stomach after smelling these smells.
What happened to her?
Nanchen night pulled open a chair and sat down.
Perhaps knowing that she didn’t understand anything, he put the food on the table and then started to eat chopsticks by himself.
He showed her.
Kexin’s learning ability is very strong, and it soon became white.
She was afraid to go there.
She stared at her bright eyes and licked her purplish mouth.
This scene fell on Nan Chen’s eyes, and he was instantly tender.
Xu had unbearable kexin Bai Xi feet stretched out again want to.
"Don’t move!"
His sudden words made her shrink back again.
He got up and took out a pair of cotton slippers from the bathroom and went to her bed.
Half squat and stretch out your arms.
品茶论坛"Put your feet out!" His voice is as gentle as possible to make her feel that she is not a bad person.
She was afraid to reach out for fear that he would hurt herself!
Struggled for a long time before slowly testing out.
As soon as his generous palm grasped her little feet, he put on slippers for her.
Then the other one patted the floor and motioned for her, "Well, here we go!"
What did he wear for himself?
It’s so warm. I feel my feet are wrapped in warmth
She tiptoed first and then put her feet on the ground.
She smiled silly, and this time she couldn’t feel the coolness of the floor.
"Come and eat!" He straightened up and held out his hand like her.
Kexin looked at him with some cowardice, although she was not so afraid of him at first, but the strangeness made her afraid to approach him.
"Don’t be afraid that I won’t hurt you!" He’ll never hurt her again. Never!
She frowned and tried to think about the meaning of his words.
Suddenly he took her by the hand and led her to the dining table.
He carefully put chopsticks in her hand "eat!"
Kexin is so hungry, just like he just put it in his mouth, and it feels delicious. She eats so fast.
Nan Chen was afraid that she would swallow it. She didn’t take a few bites, so he asked her to stop for a drink and squeeze the juice first.
He quietly looked at the joy, and the more she looked at it, the more she thought she was so cute. He was greedy and kept looking at her mouth and evoked a radian.
How long has it been since he smiled like this?
After eating a lot, she couldn’t stop. Nanchen was afraid that she would eat bad chopsticks and take them out of her hand.
"You have eaten a lot today, and it will be uncomfortable to eat again."
Then he packed the table and went out with it.
Kexin touched the bulging face of happiness.
He opened the door and paused again. "My name is Nan Chenye. You can call me Ye!"
Kexin wait for a while looked at him and murmured about Nanchen Night? Night?
Who is he to her?
What are they?
A lot of questions are in front of her, and she wants to ask them but dares not.
Sit quietly on the bed. She looks out of the window.
Section 377
The scenery outside the window is beautiful!

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