Thursday, June 30

Day: May 9, 2022


Chongqing delivery: party building work and production and operation is deployed, the same implementation, the same as the assessment

  People's Network Chongqing on September 1 On August 30, Chongqing Administration Group held the 12th Party Committee in 2021, listening to the party's party committee members to fulfill the "one post and double responsibility" to grasp the party construction work and the party style and clean government construction. At the meeting, Zhang Guohua, the party committee and chairman of the Chongqing Administration Group, stressed that it is necessary to take the initiative, the measures are powerful, and it is strongly controlled, compacting the responsibility; adhere to both hands to catch two hands, put the party construction work and production operations with the same deployment, the same implementation, Inspection, the same appraisal; earnestly fulfilled the responsibility...