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Month: January 2022


The supervisory department’s door-to-door service is guided as a good policy for the three-party logistics enterprises in medical devices.

Original title: The supervisory department's door-to-door service guidance is August 15th, and the reporter learned from the Lanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. Combined with the actual supervision of the medical equipment in our city, the bureau is a joint food and drug safety monitoring and review The center intends to store, distributed medical equipment three-party logistics enterprises in the city, further support the development of medical equipment enterprises, optimize the business environment, and standardize the market order of medical equipment. The research firmly listened to the introduction of the corporate responsible person on the construction of the three-party logistics platform of the medical device, and learned about the production of corporate quality...

Policy continues to help work more powerful (achieve higher quality employment 5)

Original title: Policy continued to help work more power (achieve higher quality employment 5) Core reading in recent years, there have been a number of measures to highlight key employment groups: increasing security efforts, providing point-right Employment services; the introduction of preferential policies provide convenience to the flexible employment personnel; simplify the procedures, providing unemployment subsidies, social security subsidies for employment difficulties.   College graduates - special people to carry out employment guidelines in Beijing, Xiaoliang is a new graduate for Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Professional in Nanchang Aviation University. Mother is a disabled, father is security, Xiaoliang family conditions, after graduation, I hope to share some...

This wheel epidemic situation Beijing community spread has been fundamentally controlled

Original title: Beijing Community Communication has been fundamentally controlled this newspaper (Reporter Yang Xunjun Li Yao) Yesterday, the State Council's joint-defense mechanism held a press conference to further improve the external prevention input of new crown epidemic. Wu Liang, deputy director of the National Health and Control Authority, said that from January 17th to November 5th, 918 cases of new crown infected, the viral gene sequence and the stream traceability result show more It is not associated with an overseas input source. Wu Liang said that there is no new case, and the epidemic has been quickly and efficiently controlled in a short period of time. Zhejiang, Jiangsu recently appeared a sporadic case, but did not have a sign of community spread. The anti-c...

The member of the Party Group of Hainan Water Supply House, the director of the Provincial Sanfund Office, was "double open"

Original title: The party group of the Hainan Water Affairs Department, the director of the Provincial Sanfang Office, the Director of the Provincial Three Protection Office, was opened to the party or public office, and the Hainan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has conducted a serious violation of the party, the Director of the Provincial Department of Water, and the Director of the Sanfund Office.   After investigation, Ji Chun was in the director of the Provincial Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Survey, in violation of national laws and regulations, using the convenience of jobs, in the project bidding, for others, and receivable people's property, suspected of accepting bribes.   Instrumental Jun is the leading cadres of party members, the ide...

The US manufacturing giant is bitter, and the supply bottleneck affects the price increases to relieve stress.

On November 15th, the website recently reported that American large manufacturers such as General Motors, General Electric, 3M and Boeing are facing the cost of logistics problems and global supply bottlenecks, which may continue until next year. These companies have agreed that the supply of corporate profits can be alleviated by improving the product price. A few months ago, enterprises around the world ringed alarm clock, the former pushed the price of raw materials such as chemicals and steel. Investors further understand the situation of these issues in different companies from the recent announcement report. At the beginning, the price of raw materials is very high, and the General Auto Chairman and CEO Mary Bora say that our full-size truck and full-size sports mu...

Qing Yunfish Huangzhangfei Shanghai has a large number of listed allergies, the citizens are cautious

Original title: Qingzhang fish yellow urban fish, a large number of listed allergies, the public is cautious to use the news provided by Zhejiang Zhoushan Fisheries Department: This year, the Donghai has been fully open in mid-September, and the larger seafood is a seafood and yellow, followed. It is the third of the crab, such as horsefish, and lancing crabs. Qing, Huangzhang fish, have entered the Shanghai-Shanghai vegetable market and other sales, and its retail price fell 30% from the same period last year, 7-8 yuan per catty, Shanghai watched citizens. Directive experts, Director of the Quality and Safety and Processing Laboratory of the East China Sea Aquatic Research Institute reminded that allergies have eaten body red swollen, please take careful! This year, the fishing volume...