Wednesday, December 2

Day: August 12, 2020


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[182] "'Name it.' "'I think it is a pirate,' said I, not moving a muscle. "'Ha!' he exclaimed, looking at me rather curiously. 'Are you not afraid to find yourself on board a pirate?' "'Why should I be?' I answered. 'But for you, I should have died on the hen-coop, and I suppose, if you had meant to take away my life, you wouldn't have taken the trouble to save me, since death was certain.' "'A bold fellow!' said the captain, aside, to the mate. He spoke in the Spanish language, but I had managed to pick up some odd phrases in that lingo, so I knew what he was driving at. The mate seemed to agree, and they talked a little more. I didn't understand, but guessed it was about me. "The pirate captain, after a short confab with the mate, turned round, and spoke to me. 'Well, m...