Friday, October 7

Day: February 27, 2001


He wants to wait until the day of hard work,Mountain River Testament,He is all,She married her home。

NS…… Blue Xin made breakfast next morning. ,Lu Hao Cheng has just got up,I heard the doorbell,He went to open the door。 The courier holds a big box standing outside the door.。 “gentlemen,Your courier。”Courier attitude is very friendly。 Lu Haozheng,I saw a carton in his arms.,He did not buy online,Thinking is blue,Just sign the home。 Some sink,Lu Haozheng asked in the living room:“Blue,What do you book??Stunned。” Blue Xin's breakfast,Watching the carton in the ground。 “No,I haven't booked anything recently.。” Lu Hao Cheng looked at her,Take the scissors on the coffee table cut the tape of the carton。 Entering an eye is a very beautiful pink letterpread paper,I also printed a touch of strawberry pattern on both sides.。 ...