Thursday, October 6

Day: February 22, 2001


Wooden board house,Floodly,There is also a half-half letter letter。Gao Biyi feels almost the same,Nothing is big。

Probably knowing that it will be captured at any time,So Zhou Jun did not repair this city,Also do anything mind to lay defense。 One day, a day! This makes Gao Baoyi see the point you don't know before.。 In addition to the 精 锐 府 府,Being responsible for the guardian guardian,The combat power is very suspicious,Moray is also scary。 In fact, it is not only the North Week.,Northern,There is also the same problem。In addition to the exception of pole,State-gun soldiers in other places,Not only the combat power is very bad,And there is no thoughtful battle at all。 Bias,Maintain local security,I have to rely on these people,When it is a headache。 So why do States of state-gun do not have any combat power?? Simple point,That is to p...