Thursday, October 6

Day: February 18, 2001


Li Huihe listened to the leaves of the leaves and the words are also a glimpse.。

Even him is some immediately understand the plan of the boy.。 After all, he has always been doing anything.。 Those other patterns,He is too lazy。 But it is obvious,Ye Shuangzhou is not ready to go positive,Instead, I want the sword.。 “Forehead,I naturally know,Just some things,I don't want to do it.,I always feel some”Li Hui's words did not finish,Ye Shuangzhou is connected。 “Hey-hey,Some is not so big bright? Some small people?” I heard the leaves of the river acknowledged,Li Hui is also sorry to nod.。 “Li brothers,What do you say,Is it a big bright way to play with you?? Don't say that this is done today.,Let you drill in it,I have been investigated before the other things.,You feel your justice,But have you ever thought about it?,The kind...