Thursday, October 6

Day: February 13, 2001


“I also heard it a long time.。”Summer look straight around the other party,“The ghost valley is the apprentice of Dazu。”

“Be right,indeed so,But this is also a secret。” Ear Junhao's appearance is complex,Oscillate,“Then you know,Why is the ghost valley like our ancestors?,Choose hidden world?,Everything is very vague about them.,It's like an invisible big hand.,Only those wild history will occasionally have some simply not rumors.。” He doesn't expect to answer in summer.,Pay attention,“In fact, this is also the secret that our ear wants to explore.,What is going on?,We are not clear,Just on the family,Have a blurred record,It seems at the time,Out of an extremely powerful enemy。” NS2430Chapter Secretin——Be unsolved Powerful enemy? Summer stunned。 With his current thinking,It's hard to imagine。 More than 2,000 years ago,The era of hundreds of homing Huan...